Fab Friday Finds – Ode to an Antique Wallpaper Pasting Table

Lordy, Lordy hear my call

Please don’t let the wallpaper fall.

A century ago, men would try

But sometimes paste refused to dry?

They carried this folding table full of supplies

And prayed while they pasted and applied.

The table top folds neatly in half

Next the legs fold under, these men weren’t daft.

A portable case with a place for their tools

Now their profession is considered old school.

With the technology of today

These men would shout hip, hip hooray!

The wallpaper is hung all neat and straight

Wish they invented pre-pasted paper in 1898!

Lordy, Lordy hear my call

Please don’t let the wallpaper fall.

Thanks for letting me get my poet on today!
Can you believe the table was less than $100?!
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      1. I also have an antique wall paper table with the legs and the zinc that the paper was cut on. My grandfather was a paper hanger and a painter.

  1. Kelly–
    My grandpa Harlow used to be a painting and papering contractor in his retirement. He had a wallpapering table, but it “disappeared” when he passed away. If I ever find out who scoffed it up….

      1. Thank you so much for sharing – I have had a wallpaper pasting table like this with all supplies inside for years but did not know what to do with it – I am hoping I will be able to find a place in the house that I can use it.

  2. Kelly, this is amazing. I didn’t know there were wallpaper pasting portable tables. Now say that three times fast. And you are a very very clever poet, too!!

  3. I swear Kell, If we lived in the same area there would be a beat down for this table…I am in AWE!! That is the coolest freaking thing I have seen in a long time…Now its on my never ending wish (envy) list….I am pretty sure I turned 5 shades of green while looking at it!!
    You are a poet and I didn’t know it!! 🙂

  4. You may be surprised to know that there still are some old school walllpaper-ers out there … like my brother … who has his very own wallpaper business and mostly does commercial work throughout NYC …

    I’m pretty sure his wallpaper never falls … and he’s not a religious guy so I don’t think he’s praying for it to stay up!

    Love the table. It truly is a fab find …



  5. What a fantastic find! Looks amazing with your books and silver. I have rolls and rolls of vintage wallpaper I’m not sure what to do with and I think what I really need is a table like this.. 😉

  6. Nah, it’s a console table! Look how perfect it looks there? HAD to be what they originally had in mind 😉

    ANOTHER great score. You are on fire with finding COOL. STUFF.

  7. When I think you got the most awesome find! I come here a week later to find out that it’s been surpassed by something else!!! Wow! That table is amazing!!! I didn’t even know they existed!! Love love love it!! That first pic is insane!

  8. I so love this table, it folds, so it can come with you when you visit! You got your poet on darn good day. There is no way in all my efforts, I could say, a better poet is on the blogosphere today.

  9. Wow an awesome picker for a neighbor, now that’s one feature that should be on an MLS listing. Lol seriously great find. I love it.

  10. You don’t have enough enviable qualities, now I have to add poet? Or maybe limerist? Spell check says I just made up that word for one who writes limericks. I think making up words maybe my big talent. Too funny, Kelly. And you arranged your antique wallpapering table beautifully, of course. 🙂

  11. So incredibly cool! Perfect for showing off those awesome vintage trophies!! Are you intentionally trying to make me jealous? Oh, and then you add that your neighbor is a skilled picker and has an annual sale? Gah!!

    Lucky, lucky!

    Seriously, I am thrilled for you and your good fortune!! Just wish the finds were as great out here on the west coast! 🙂


  12. I once met a great Decorator,
    Viewing her home; I was a a Spectator.
    She wrote of her table;
    To make rhyme she was able-
    Now the rest of us want to Imitate ‘er!

    The table is cool. I like the patina and wear on the wood.
    Looks great in your home.

  13. OH my gosh!! I am in love with that table!!! I betcha the men who used that table long ago would laugh hysterically if they saw it in a home used as a table…. 😛

  14. That would have been super-handy when I was hanging wallpaper! And so cute! But in entire fairness…I’ve hung pre-pasted, un-pasted expanding, and un-pasted non-expanding (none of them perfectly). And I think pre-pasted is at least as much of a pain as un-pasted! But I’ve only hung vinyl. I can only imagine the added difficulties of real paper.

  15. I love it. Super charming- and the character of the wood is and your poetry are perfect! Thanks for linking up at Feathered Nest Friday!

  16. Hmm….I had a feeling this was your table when I saw the little thumbnail picture. I wonder why!!?? Love it. You and I would have a great time going out and looking for treasures. Well, maybe not. We’d probably get into a cat fight because we would want the same things. Scratch that idea 😉

  17. I don’t know about a century ago but I’m a carpenter, I’ve got one of these and use it daily. I set my chop saw up on it.

  18. Love your poem and use of this wallpaper table! I have my grandfather’s wallpaper table from the early 1900s and am just beginning to research its value since I’m thinking about selling it. I remember using this table with my own father putting up wallpaper with him. Memories….. I live in the northwest suburbs of IChicago if anyone is interested.

  19. I have the antique wallpaper board, legs and the zinc for sale. My grandfather was a professional painter and paperhanger in the early 1900’s. Some people use these as a desk.

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