Fab Friday Finds – It’s Not Too Sweet

It’s not too sweet
It’s refreshing, crisp and neat
Canada Dry ginger ale,
It’s not too sweet.

Remember that song from the 70’s?

Hope it’s not stuck in your head now.

Found in the garage of an estate sale (the first place I head), I gasped, grabbed it, lugged it to my car and happily cleaned off all the spider sacks.

I think I’ve got the perfect spot for it.

Ain’t she sweet?

I see a running theme with my recent finds – from my Peter Max 7-Up Sign to my Coke Crate to these Canada Dry shelves!

Now all I need is a Fanta sign and I’ll be set.

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  1. don’t forget tab- you need some sort of tab product! love the rack- it would be super cool in a kitchen as open shelving or in a bathroom, too!

  2. What a find, Kelly! I have been looking for a Lance rack because I’ve had a collection of Lance cookie jars since the 80s. Perhaps I should do a post about them!

  3. Totally dig it! The garage is always the first place I head in a sale, also. Always the BEST stuff at the best prices in the gay-rage! If you like soda memorabilia, remind me NOT to let you into my basement! Some day I’ll do a post on all the soda signs I have down there.

  4. Kelly-I think that green rack I got was a soda display too. This one is even bigger! Great find. Ours is doing show rack duty right now. It’s a perfect fit 🙂

    YAY for thrifting :))))

  5. Now I have that Dr. Pepper song stuck in my head…..thanks Kirby 🙂

    Awesome find….I am totally wishing I lived where people had yard sales with great stuff…..but I live in the land of the Hooter’s t-shirts.

    🙂 me

  6. This is the second post I’ve read IN.A.ROW. TONITE!!!! that had an item from my Mom’s and Dad’s garage– we cleared it out after Mom died–and Dad hauled it away!
    You don’t know how many times I wished I’d held onto that Canada Dry Cola Rack!

    ~True Story! Pat

  7. Kelly Great find! I think I would cut some rustic or dark stained wood to fit on each of those shelves, it would make it easier to hold things…. I love it!

  8. Super cute! I have a Wonder Bread rack to hold all my cookbooks. I once saw a Raid (Kills Bugs Dead!) shelf that I thought would be hilarious in the kitchen. Out of my price range, though.

  9. Gosh, I can’t believe it, but I hadn’t thought of that song in forever. I won’t mind a bit that it’s stuck in my head now! Love this and your running theme!

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