Fab Friday Finds – The Stocking Were Stretched …

The stockings were stretched …

by the chimney with care …

ah, the good old days.

When you needed these flat footed wooden shapes to dry your stockings – or they might shrink!

What would Mr. Darcy think if his socks bagged around his ankles?

Remember My Epic Trip to Brimfield where I shopped til I literally dropped?

Well, these finds came home with me.

And I’m thinking something needs to happen to them by Christmas.

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Let’s take a moment …

to revel in the fact that we have electric dryers

and no longer need to spend our days drying socks!

I mean, a girl’s got better things to do.

Sorry Mr. Darcy …

but you’re on your own.

Check out all of my finds – I’m on a roll!

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  1. I’ve never seen these, what a great find. I would have snatched them up too! Now you’ve given me sometime to be on the look-out for.

  2. Poor Mr Darcy! I never knew socks needed stretching that bad. Mine are just fine in the washer – even if I hang em up to dry!! lol

    What are you going to do with them????

  3. oh kelly, these are such a cool item. i can’t wait to see what you do with them.

    bouckville is just a few weeks away…can’t wait to see what the fields will behold! i’m making my list of what to look for in the journey…i might just need some sock stretchers!

  4. Wow, those are really interesting. I’ve heard of darning eggs and seen special gadgets to dry pants but never saw a wooden sock stretcher before. Great score!

  5. What a fun find. Next time I am at my sister’s I will have to check my parent’s garage because I seem to remember something like this.

  6. Oh the list could be very long indeed of all the modern conveniences I would die without. Just this morning, curling my daughters hair with an uber sophisticated curling iron. Hello, hot irons pulled from the fire in your hair? Rags tied in them at night? Not to mention my washer and drier that practically does everything short of folding the laundry for me. I would not survive these days pre modern conveniences. Not for more than a day!

  7. Great find but I can see there are no knitters here. These are sock or stocking “blockers”, used by knitters to shape their socks once they are knitted. New versions are still available today.

  8. Knitters all over the world are dying from envy. Lots of people (myself included) knit fabulous wool socks that can’t be machine dried & these are the answer. Color me jealous! If you google sock blockers you can see plenty of modern versions, but I’ve never seen vintage ones.

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