When I Meet Martha Stewart Tomorrow, Will She Judge Me?

My girls have been begging for a dog for years.

I have been saying no for years.

Well, except for that one time we gave it a go and adopted a rescue dog.

After he bit the rescue worker’s face, giving her 11 stitches, we were once again dog-less.

But we do have fish!

Two simple goldfish that have survived in our home for over two years!

And they are easy …

they can be left alone for days and don’t require much attention.

The perfect pet!

You see, while I usually show you my house in it’s best light …

you haven’t seen my deep, dark secret.

If you’re squeamish, I implore you to avert your eyes right now.

Help Me!

Shame is washing over me – don’t judge!

So I cleaned up the tank (those fish were writing “help me” in the algae – so I knew it was time).

Will it get to drought level proportions before I change the water again?

Most likely.

Do you see why we don’t have a dog?!

I can see clearly now, the algae is gone ...

I’m off to BlogHer in New York City tomorrow where I plan on becoming BFF’s with

Martha Stewart, Katie Couric and Solidad O’Brien (they’re speakers)!

I'll be wearing cute shoes to BlogHer '12

Don’t let them know about my dirty little fish bowl secret …

you know they’ll judge me!


I plan on partying the weekend away NYC style so follow me on Twitter to stay up on all the action!

I’ll tell my new BFF Martha that you said hi …

now that’s a good thing!

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  1. Well… it’s good to know your fish will be able to see you wave from TV when your new BFF has you on her show. LOL

    Have a super great time 🙂 Travel safe!!

  2. That is horrible about the dog!!!! Scary too! Scary how closely that story about the fish hit home, except I actually killled two fish this way. As an adult!!!! Have so much fun at the Blogher convention! Say hi to Martha and Katie and all my other BFF’s. P.S. I hear that Martha has a nasty potty mouth, so don’t make her mad!

  3. 2 years! Wow that amazing, really impressive. Our fish lasted 3 months. My son cried to hard when it died. Hope you had a wonderful time in NYC.

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