Fab Friday Finds – Crates & Buckets Oh My!

Gotta love a good estate sale!

My tip – hit garages and basements first.  It’s where I find the best and cheapest stuff!

Here’s my recent haul from a day at two sales.

Two milk crates will make great storage for magazines or I may hang them as shelves.

I have a few of these old galvanized mop buckets but this is the biggest and first I’ve found on casters (oh, how I love casters)!

It was shoved behind some rubble in the basement that reeked of bad wine because someone had broken a bottle of hooch!

Before I let the vapors intoxicate me, I fought through the rubble and came back with my trophy in hand.

I picture it filled with flowers on my patio.
It would even look great inside holding umbrellas, towels, toys …

As I was leaving, I spotted these three framed silhouettes among mounds of junk in the garage.

Did I let the bugs and crud under the glass deter me?
No self respecting estate sale gal would so I just cleaned it up and reattached the sad little girl in the middle and it’s good as new (well, almost)!

Another yardstick find for my collection – still need more before I can do something cool with them.

What’s the most disgusting thing you’ve ever brought home?

Did people look at your like you had two heads?
Come on, your secret’s safe with me!

Don’t forget about the It’s a Cinch party on March 27.  Grab a button on the sidebar, spread the word and join the party!

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  1. My first couch was a a curbside pickup. Granted, it was white and gorgeous! The guys across the street put it out and my mom and I grabbed it about 2 minutes later for my first apartment. It was a pc to a sectional that did not fit I guess? Gross… hmm… super dirty old fence boards is all that comes to mind. Made bird houses out of them. Oh, and that aqua bench!

  2. Great finds! I love this time of year….when the signs of spring started popping up everywhere. And I’m talking about the signs that say….Estate Sale….this way….LOL!


  3. Those are some FABULOUS finds. Yes, I think estate sales are cool. I’ve been to a lot of yard sales masquerading as “estate sales”…but when you go to a real one, there’s lots of good stuff to be had. I’m not sure if I’ve ever brought anything ugly home….but I’ve found things in hidden spots that no one else wnated and I’m like “What? You let this sl ip through your fingers?” So I happily snapped it up 🙂 🙂

    That “It’s a Cinch” party sounds interesting. I definitely like easy-n-peasy. Have you written a post about that party? Maybe I”ll participate!!!

    Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather 🙂

  4. Hi Kelly! I haven’t been to too many estate sales, but have gone to a lot of country auctions and church bazaars, where I have picked up a lot of nice stuff. Who cares about spiderwebs, dirt and dust??? When you get it home and give it some luv then its alllllll good!!!! Love the yardstick!! Thanks for sharing!! Hope you have a great week 🙂
    Heather @ settingforfour.blogspot.com

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