Fall on My Front Porch


Simple Fall Porch Decorating Ideas kellyelko.com

Finally …

the smell of burning wood …

leaves crunching beneath my Frye boots …

apple pie …

chunky sweaters …

fall porch decorating ideas!

Pinecone Wreath and more simple fall decorating ideas kellyelko.com

And a different look than last year’s fall porch.


This pinecone wreath needed a little pizazz so I added a few pieces of faux berry garland from HomeGoods.

I love tennis too …

it’s Love-Love with my ball hopper plant stand.

Fabulous idea - a tennis ball hopper #planter!  See more of this #fall porch kellyelko.com

Pinecones in a vintage crate - see more of this fall porch kellyelko.com

Remember when I turned an ugly plastic pumpkin into a fabulous planter with music sheets?

Well, the ugly plastic pumpkin got another transformation.

See how to make your own bling pumpkin planter.

#Pumpkin Planter - see more of this fun #fall porch kellyelko.com

Fall Porch Decorating Ideas - love the eclectic look kellyelko.com

Again, I wrapped HomeGoods berry garland around my topiary but last year, my DIY pumpkin topiary had a completely different look.

Make a #pumpkin topiary and see the rest of this #fall porch kellyelko.com

#Fall Porch filled with great ideas like this pumpkin topiary kellyelko.com

Horrors – my friend was tossing this old toolbox.

I saved it from an untimely death.

Vintage finds on a #fall porch kellyelko.com

So start looking at what you have in a whole new light.

A little paint here, a little garland there and you’ll have a whole new look.


Happy fall y’all!

(does that sound weird coming from a Jersey girl)?

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  1. You and your transformations! All of the “ugly plastic pumpkins” of the land are going to appear at your front door, begging for one of your awesome transformations! Love the ball hopper turned plant stand (only *you* would think of something so creative), and your pumpkin topiaries are divine. Happy Fall!

  2. Your orange ball hopper makes such a happy & creative fall plant stand! Love that old tool box you saved and the patina on the bucket of mums!

  3. Your porch is such a great mix of color, vintage and natural elements. I adore the kale! That wood box with the pine cones is amazing. I’ve been looking for one of those galvanized buckets. Wish there was one in my dad’s garage or the neighbor’s trash!

  4. Love love your ideas! I had a nice pumpkin pile going in the front and my dogs decided to rearrange it so I’m rethinking. And yes you can say Happy Fall Y’all.. This Texas girl living in Holland loves it! Just don’t be fixin to carve your pumpkin any time soon. From my side of the pond to yours.. Happy Fall Y’all!

  5. Kelly…..Your porch is a show stopper and I am sure a “car stopper” as cars must slow down to a stop to see the gorgeous front porch of yours…I love how you give ordinary items new life in re-creating a new purpose for them…you are a master of that!…Just a beautiful Kelly…must say I love the ball hopper planter!!! Great idea!!!

  6. This was very lovely. I especially LOVE the wreath. I am so inspired. I love the vintage rack stand used too. I’m a huge vintage fan having written a vintage fiction novel girlinthejitterbugdress.com. I am going to attempt to make the wreath 🙂 and hare on pinterest! Happy Halloween!

  7. Can’r believe that plant stand is a ball hopper! Genius again! Love all the pinecones, have tons on our backyard, but have yet to put them to good use someday, your giving me ideas, hehehe! Happy Fall !!!

  8. Kelly, You hit a home run with your porch! How creative and it sure gives a warm fall welcome! And what a creative way to use your ball hopper! I am so inspired by your Fall Into Home fall decor. Now I have to get out on my porch and plant some fall out there!

  9. It’s very cool you say y’all. Love the porch. The white pumpkins, the old bucket, the mums all give it your special Kelly touch. Olive

  10. LOVE the Fall porch (tennis reference) Everything looks like Fall and makes me feel cozy. I want to hear more about your Frye boots though. Enough about Pumpkins, let’s talk Fall wardrobes!

  11. Thanks for all those great ideas, my front porch is really small, but I have an old metal plant holder that would look fabulous painted orange, just like yours! I will pin it for next year, I’m going away for a couple of weeks and when I get back the snow will soon be flying.
    I love all of your fall decor, though, those pumpkins are fabulous.

  12. Hi Kelly, I love how you’ve used pine cones for fall. I always thought of them as a winter item, especially after the holidays because they aren’t Christmas, but nice and cozy-like. But you’ve convinced me to bring them out now. I adore the square wreath!

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