My Fall Table and a Giveaway!


How to Set an Eclectic #Tablescape - great tips and tricks to make your table unique!

I didn’t put fine china on my bridal registry.

I’m not a formal china kind of gal.

I mean, I love checking out the lavish table settings on Downton Abbey but prefer a simpler look …

oh and I’m still shocked over poor Matthew’s untimely demise in that car accident.

Eclectic Table Decorating - forget matchy matchy!

That’s why I love white plates.  They really make the food the star and they are perfect for mixing in fun finds like my vintage silverware, mid century glasses and vibrant mismatched napkins.

Thanksgiving, Christmas, family dinners, potlucks … they can be used for any occasion and are always in style.

Colorful Tablescape for Fall - love the eclectic look

So when I spotted these Pfaltzgraff dishes, I knew they had my name written all over them.

Bonus – they come in both Pfaltzgraff Filigree Round which can be found at Kohl’s and Pfaltzgraff Filigree square that’s available online – perfect for my mixing and matching ways.

Half the table gets round dinner plates under square salad plates with the cute bowl off to the side …

Fall Table Decorating - love the centerpiece!

the other half gets the reverse with square dinner plates on the bottom.

Hydrangea Centerpiece - see how to dry them to last all year long

Everything sits atop vintage clipboards.

Eclectic Tablescape Ideas - love this look!

Mix and match that old vintage silver for an even more eclectic look …

don’t have vintage – just use a few different sets of new.
Gorgeous Fall Table - love the way she mixed styles

Remember when I showed you how to dry hydrangeas

my dining room table was covered in pitchers of water brimming with flowers.

Now they make the perfect centerpiece.

Pfaltzgraff Filigree Dinnerware - love the classic look of white plates

Here’s to showing off your eclectic style at the dinner table.

White China - can be formal or informal.  See this eclectic table.

So are you feeling lucky?

Enter this #giveaway to Win a 32 Piece Dinnerware Set (service for 8)!


Update – Giveaway has ended

Disclaimer:  Thanks Pfaltzgraff for sending me this fabulous dinnerware but I only speak the truth.

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  1. I could go either way — but I’m pretty sure my family would prefer the round dishes. Both are simple and beautiful! (When I got married, I registered for the “Grapevine” pattern which is basically Filigree with grapes.)

  2. The square are so fun! I love white dishes! Can add different printed plates to constantly change the look of your table without spending a fortune!

  3. I love white dishes but still don’t have any. Keep saying I’m going to buy some……maybe I should head to Kohls. Love the round and square. Thanks for the chance to win a set!

  4. I would love the square plates! I think in would have to give them to my daughter
    who just got her first place.

  5. I love white dishes! And Pfaltzgraff is near and dear to my heart because that is what my mom always had when I was growing up! They last forever. I do have one question, where did you find your napkins? I am a huge napkin girl and I love these!

  6. I love the dishes, but I really love the hydrangeas. I have some drying right now, following your directions.

  7. Awesome table! Love the paint swatch table runner…You didn’t mention it. Did you just lay them next to each other or connect them some way?

  8. I L-O-V-E the square plates! And i too am a sucker for white plates. I have a dark wood table top with a white bottom, and i love white plates on my table!

  9. Your table looks AMAZING! 🙂 I am keeping my fingers crossed that I win this giveaway…I need dishes sooooo bad! Mine are chipped and have missing pieces….it is time for new dishes & I LOVE Pfaltzgraff dishes!

  10. I love the unusual shape of these dishes! Something different. Plus, I’ve never had white dishes. Seems like you can do a lot with them!

  11. LOVE the white on white dishes and the square plates are just beautiful. They make such a statement on the table. I think the square plates would look great on my table.

  12. Kelly, your table is gorgeous. Love the apple in the bowl, the clip board charger idea, and your dishes are beautiful! l Love the square ones but if I had to choose a set for my table, I would have the round set. I am traditional girl. The white Pfaltzgraff dishes are so gorgeous! I’d be thrilled to set my Holiday table with them.

  13. BEAUTIFUL! Love the square and round together…would choose round if I win and buy me a set of square!

  14. Hi
    Love the table setting, I love white dishes, they are my favorite. I would love the know what the napkins rings are. They are just beautiful. Hope I win

  15. I’ve been looking for white everyday dishes and this just might be the “one”. I have owned Pfaltzgraff before and loved them. Cute setting, and really like how you used the square with the round! These go well with vintage accessories too! Love it!

  16. Love the white dinner ware…wish I had thought about getting white 36 years ago….oh well just have to make do with what I have unless of course I win these!

  17. Kelly, I’ve been married nearly 30 years and have used the same dishes that I had purchased for my hope chest before I even met my husband. It’s time for something new ! Especially since some of my original set no longer exist, thanks to a hubby who isn’t very careful. I really like the square design. Thank you for hosting this fantastic giveaway!

  18. I like the round plates better…I guess I’m a tad traditional. I have a plate wall with vintage white ironstone…it’s classic and beautiful, and I love it!

  19. I love white dinner ware. There is just so many possibilities when white is the base and it makes a beautiful table either formal or casual. I love them both and would love to be able to add them to the ones I already have!

  20. My daughter has the Pfaltzgraff Filigree round style for her everyday dishes. They are easy to dress up for a more formal look. I like how the square and round look together on your table.

  21. I LOVE the round white dishes! I registered for plain white round dishes for our wedding (6 years ago already!) and got them as a gift. We don’t use them as everyday dishes, we use them for dinner parties and as backup to our everyday Pfaltzgraff dishes. Our white set is Pier 1 (which is awesome because if any of them break it’s easy & cheap to go buy more) and our everyday Pfaltzgraff dishes in RIO style that my husband got years before we even started dating. Anyways….I love the round white ones because they go well with the white dishes we already have. And we could use more! We hosted a dinner party this past Saturday (Julia Child theme!) and I had to borrow dishes from my mom 🙂

  22. Definitely the square plates. I wanted square everyday plates when I got married (43 years ago), but everyone said they were too “out there”.

  23. you have no idea how much I need these dishes. we just noticed yet another crack in our remaining 5 dishes…so now we are down to 4 that match, and 4 that don’t. ugh! these round ones would work with the white round set I have.

  24. I love the square! And so easy to mix and match with white which I love to do! My hydrangeas are currently drying and I can’t wait to decorate with them:)

  25. I love the square dishes. I have 4 different sets of white plates but none of them are square. The square plates would be so much fun to mix and match. Thanks for the opportunity to enter to win these wonderful dishes.

  26. I love the white dishes, so pretty and versatile! They look even better the way you mix and matched the square and round sets. Oh the clipboards… once again something so simple used in an unexpected way for fantastic results! Thanks for sharing this design and opportunity to win!

  27. I have a set of white Pfaltzgraff dishes that I use every day…they are over 20 years old and still going strong…Love your table Kelly!!!…the clipboards are a great use for a placemat…love are so creative!
    Just love those square Filigree dishes…great giveaway!

  28. I’m in love with the square dishes!! Unfortunately, the white dishes I currently have are very plain and round.

  29. Love the round and square together. I would love to get these…it would be great to be able to use them for any occasion…by adding themed napkins.

  30. Lovely, Just amazing. I agree about the while plates. I would love to win some. I also am so so sad about Matthews death on Downton. That really threw us here lol. Lets see what next season shall hold! I can’t wait.

  31. I’ve been thinking about a set of white/neutral dishes to mix and match with my colorful ones and I love the square shape of the larger plate!

  32. Your table is just beautiful! I’m so in love with the old clipboards! Wonderful idea. I’m going to pass that one around to all my fellow teachers. Pfalzgraff has always been part of our family. My Mom buys us a piece every year for Christmas. Each of us girls has a different pattern. Honestly I thought having a “formal” set of dishes was a waist. But ours our very casual and…I love to see what she’s going to give us. Could be anything from gravy boats to glasses! Thank you for such a fun giveaway!

  33. My favorite is the square, however, I love the square and round together. All are very pretty and I also love those napkins.

  34. I have correlle white dishes. And I prefer plain, white dishes, for the same reason you said, to let the food get the attention. But I also have simple tastes. I think I prefer the round dishes. But I don’t have any square ones, and that might be an interesting change. I do like what you did, using both together. 🙂

  35. I have white dishes too but I like these better! I got mine at the thrift store – a set of 16 place settings for $10.00. I don’t know the pattern name but it has a fruit design.

  36. Like most of the readers, I love both, but… if I had to pick one it would be the square. Maybe because it just fits my personality.

  37. So so so……….excited to see your tool carrier with hydrangeas in it!! I got this super one from a high school sale. I don’t know if it was from shop class or the janitor actually used it but it has “West” painted on the side and it was West High School………I am totally going to put flowers in it and put it on my dining room table!!

  38. Would love to win these dishes. Love the idea of the white and you can mix and accessorize with anything!!!!!!!!

  39. I love white dishes and would love to win a set for m daughter who is getting married November 30th. I’ve never used square plates but would love to add some to my collection……..1

  40. I love white dishes and would love to win a set for my daughter who is getting married November 30th. I’ve never used square plates but would love to add some to my collection!

  41. I adore the white place settings. I inherited china that is blue. It does not go with Thanksgiving nor Christmas theme table decorations. The white would go with anything! I really love the square plates!

  42. Mixing the shapes keeps that setting fresh. I’ve always wanted white dinnerware but they seem to find themselves at the bottom of the spending list. Love this post. Got the hydrangeas drying now!

  43. I do love a well set table, hence the reason I pinned your table setting:

    Everything about it speaks to me. The chairs, the dried hydrangeas, the white place setting and all the warm wood. Just lovely. I do love my white Pfaltzgraff dishes for the same reasons, casual, homey and not to be worried about. And yes, I also pair mine with fine crystal and silver on occasion and it looks fabulous!

  44. You set a mighty fine table. I’m a sucker for accent plates; love your mix-and-match look. And that paint swatch runner; so clever. How did you ever make it out of the home improvement store with that stash?

  45. I love the square mix and match plates. I love the bright colors…I wouldn’t think to add those but it brings a pot of unexpected color!!!

  46. I agree Kelly, this pattern is so you!!!! Hope I win one too!
    BTW, Congratulations on getting into the Color chellenge on AT, I voted already!!!!Good luck dear!

  47. Any decorator worth his/her salt will tell you that a set of white dishes is one of the most versatile items you can have in your china cabinet- can be mixed and matched with any accent color, and are perfect for any special holiday table setting! These are especially beautiful, and I love how you have mixed the square with the round! (If I could only have one, I’d have to choose the square.) And clipboards as chargers! Who knew! My daughter is a teacher… I’ll be “borrowing” that idea, if you don’t mind! Beautiful table!

  48. Well they’re both lovely. I guess I prefer the round ones for handling purposes. It’s easier to chip square dishes.

  49. We are in desperate need of a new set of dishes. After almost 8 years of marriage our set is finally starting to fall apart. I’ve been wanting to but a plain white set since its timeless so this giveaway is perfect. Thanks so much.

  50. I’ve always wanted a set of square dishes but couldn’t justify the extra expense in my budget. These are just beautiful. How fun it would be to mix and match. They’re perfect!

  51. Love the all white dishes, they really do make food ‘pop’. I would choose the square dishes if I had to pick one.

  52. This plates are just my kind of style. I love them both and I already have some white everyday stoneware dishes that they would mix in so nicely with. I do love you hydrangea arrangement. Doesn’t everything look better with hydrangeas? The place settings was so cute the clip board was a cute touch but how neat of to use paint chip card(not sure what they are called) under your silverware.

    A great giveaway and a very nice post. Thanks for sharing your ideas with us all.

  53. I really like the looks of the white square plates,( something that is different to me) . I didn’t see the versatility of all the different additives of colors and arrangements that I could use with them until i looked at your website, Wow!!!! I can have so much fun. Thanks a bunch for sharing your creative flair.

  54. I love the look of using both style together! What a beautiful table! I have a wooden tool box like yours that my dad made me. It may be too large for my table but I love seeing how others style their home!
    Happy Autumn!

  55. I love them both….but the square is my favorite. Hoping to win…. have always used hand-me-down plates that have seen their better days (: I am having trouble registering for the drawing… hoping I figure it out. Love your page.

  56. Love the settings with both, but if I had to pick one, I would pick the round. I have been collecting vintage plates and I think they would look lovely layered on these!

  57. I LOVE your tool box filled with gorgeous Hydrangeas! The clipboards as placemats is such a brilliant idea. I also love to mix and match, so your table really spoke to me. Well done! laurie

  58. i love the square plates! And i am going outside to cut the last of the hydrangeas now before they are pruned next week.

  59. I’m loving the square! It’s just a little different than a normal, everyday white plate, and would contrast with a lot of my existing (round) decor.

  60. Love the square dishes. I own the round ones. We also own other white dishes because I love that ability to mix and match. Of course, that’s when I’m not using the vintage Luray we’ve found, or the vinrtage Fostoria given to us on our wedding day. We love having people over and setting a beautiful table for them to enjoy, as they enjoy their meal.

  61. I love both of these shapes; mixing is a great idea. have lots of antique dishes from rustic to crystal; these would mix right in.

  62. I collect white dishes, ironstone and milk glass. So, these are just perfect. I love the mix of square and round. And, your tablescape looks lovely. Loving the clipboard 🙂

  63. I love white dishes for the same reason…colors just stand out like on no other color and things always look new and exciting when used with them…Yes please enter me in the giveaway!

  64. I prefer the square because most of the dishes that I have (dining as well as serving) are round! It would be nice to shake things up a little. 🙂

  65. I love you site!!!! The dishes would be fabulous if I were the winner. I can imagine several beautiful holiday tables set for my family. And Hydrangeas are my favorite next to sunflowers.
    Good Luck Everyone and Best Wishes throughout the Holiday Season.

  66. I love me some white dishes…you can change the look and feel of your place setting with every season by changing the centerpieces, napkins, and glassware. Also, it’s (still) hip top be square. 🙂

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