How to Make a Bling Plastic Pumpkin Planter

See how to make a bling plastic pumpkin planter using paint!

Plastic #Pumpkin Planter - great ideas to transform ugly plastic pumpkins!

It all started with my music sheet plastic pumpkin planters.

Now I’m on a personal mission to rid the world of ugly plastic pumpkins.

I saw a dozen yesterday at the thrift shop.

Cast aside …

shunned …


Plastic Pumpkin Planter for Fall - two unique ideas to transform them.

There is hope for those ugly little guys.

A desperate need for a makeover like that show The Swan …

the full treatment from weight loss, to veneers, to a stunning new wardrobe …

the swan emerges looking fabulous (and hardly recognizable).

Make a Bling Pumpkin Planter

Supplies:  ugly plastic pumpkin, white spray paint, gilding liquid in copper (or any craft paint – but you know I like bling), pencil

1) Spray paint the ugly pumpkin with a few coats of white spray paint and let dry

2) Dip the pencil eraser into the gilding liquid and dot it onto the ugly plastic pumpkin

(I gradually made less dots as I went up the planter)

3) Put your favorite flower in and watch as the ugly plastic pumpkin emerges as the swan that she always knew she was

Pumpkin Planter Tutorial - see 2 fun ways to turn those ugly plastic pumpkins into beauties!

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  1. Excellent idea for those ugly plastic pumpkins and keeps them out of landfills too. They look really nice on your steps! Fall is my favorite time of year! Great job Kelly! Thanks for your inspiration.

    1. Thank you so much, I live in Cairns Australia and we can only buy Ugly Plastic Pumpkins so now I can have lovely white pumpkins that I have been yearning for and searching the net to no avail. Oh we do have the nice “real” pumpkins available but they are $25.00 each!! So I am off to buy ugly plastic ones in the morning! Blessings, Amanda

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