We Are Family (Room) – Get Up Everybody and (See the Tour)

The dust bunnies have been swept away – whew!

If you see a stray bunny, please avert your eyes.

I love open shelves – what better way to show off all my vintage finds!

Gorgeous kitchen nook with warm colors and great layout kellyelko.com

This was once a dilapidated screened-in porch that was separated by a solid wall with one window.

Brace yourself, here’s what it looked like before!

Before porch turned family room - you've got to see the after!  kellyelko.com

French doors now flow right into the new family room.

Beautiful family room decor - love the layout and colors kellyelko.com

Red stimulates the appetite – so maybe the Asian console isn’t the best choice next to my kitchen table!

Maybe if I get rid of it, I’ll drop a few lbs!

Fun family room with a pop of red!  kellyelko.com

The Hubs boyhood silhouette surrounded by our girls.

Why oh why didn’t my parents have a silhouette made of me?

Wasn’t I good enough …

sorry – will seek therapy for these issues – now back to the post.

Family room decor - love how it's open to the kitchen kellyelko.com

Family room and kitchen - love the open layout kellyelko.com

Beautiful family room and kitchen - love the built in desk cubbies kellyelko.com
Kitchen nook - love the map chandelier!  kellyelko.com
Antique wooden coat hook kellyelko.com
I wish I could change my lighting as often as I wash my hair!
This Pottery Barn clip chandelier is the next best thing.
From vintage map pages (thanks to that old atlas I found at the Rummage Sale from Heaven),
to birthday balloons to Christmas cards to old book pages …
this chandelier has seen it all.
Map chandelier kellyelko.com
Random & useless factoid:  my girls are allergic to tree nuts but
the desk top is walnut!
Built in desk - love the cubbies kellyelko.com
The little red chair was a yard sale find from my stylin’ friend (thanks Lisa)!
Vintage desk chair - this house is stunning!  kellyelko.com
It’s all in the details.
Two old typewriters – one from the Hubs’ aunt and one found at the $20 Epic Yard Sale.
How to style bookshelves kellyelko.com
I did a happy dance when I found the ginormous feather shadowbox for $95 at a consignment shop.
Can you believe it sells for over $1,000 retail … I pity the fool!
Beautiful family room - great layout and use of space kellyelko.com
Feather shadowbox kellyelko.com
I don’t want to be a chicken, I don’t want to be a duck,
so kiss my …
Found this vintage rooster from Chile at a store closing sale.
Vintage rooster needlepoint from Chile kellyelko.com
Picture me wrapped in that furry white throw engrossed in Downton Abbey.
Why did Lavinia have to die?  Will Matthew & Lady Mary be together?  Will the yellow lab ever be found?
Cozy reading nook kellyelko.com
Beachy accessories kellyelko.com
If I haven’t killed you with too many pics,

Click here to see my whole house tour.

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  1. Beautiful kelly! I have so many favorites – the old wood trim above the doors (what did that used to be??), the rooster picture, and that little red chair! Just to name a few…
    And i love the old silverware in cute little jars (candlewick?)on your desk!!!

    1. Kelly, I LOVE IT ALL~The spritzer bottles are STILL awesome! The colors are gorgeous in your house! I love that you are eclectic rather than rigid with one dimension! Thank you for sharing your home!~

  2. You are on my list today. I went from having We Are Family stuck in my head to singing the Chicken Dance. Curse you, but love all your stuff. Especially the red sideboard, and I swear it’s white and wood that stimulate the appetite.


  3. This is a great spce. I really love the colors and the rustic feel your accessories give the room. Thank you for sharing. You have incoparated some awesome ideas!

  4. I love the reveal. Okay…..here are my favorites….in no particular order:

    (1) That rooster from Chile….love the colors.
    (2) The old silver stacked in milk glass.
    (3) The feathers under glass.
    (4) The map chandelier….I NEED one 🙂
    (5) And the chair….with the throw….and the Downton Abbey…..oh….if I only lived closer 🙂


  5. Soooo much to love about your place and your style Kelly! The chande is fun, and I love your windows, and all the fun things you have found to decorate your home. Have a great week!

    1. I thought of you when I was taking the rooster pics! I actually have a collection of roosters – took some to the consignment shop but still have a few others in my basement! My collections keep changing and don’t have room for that one anymore.

  6. Hi, Kelly,

    I came over from BNOTP. Your room looks great (and your post title is clever!) I like the way you styled the open shelves. I am helping my mom redecorate her living/kitchen area, and one of the things she asked for was to keep books to a minimum. She also likes an eclectic look, so I’ll show her your room for inspiration!


  7. I absolutely LOVE that feather shadow box. The map chandelier is also really neat (as well as many other things). Can I also ask about the paint colour you used? It looks great, but depending on the angle, it’s hard to say if it’s grey, blue, or greenish-grey.

  8. what a warm and happy place! and i love the asian console, so if you decide to get rid of it, i will drive 7 hrs to you. 😉

  9. I love your home! It’s so cool! That chandelier is really neat, and so is the crib spring memo board! great how you can change things up for different occasions and seasons Your console table is a great piece of furniture and display area . The living room looks beautiful and very comfy. I’m glad you showed your eclectic vintagey home with us! have a great week and special Memorial Day!
    Linda @ Grandmalay’s Daydreams

  10. Wow! You have once again pulled out all the stops and have blown me away with your beautiful home! It’s so gorgeous that I don’t think I’d let the family ever step foot in there! I’d rope it off and they could all wave at me and we’d blow air kisses as I snuggled under that throw and read a book and watch a Smash marathon!

    I fully expect to see this room plastered all over blog land …



  11. I am so coming for a visit, and soon. I love the pops of red, those chairs that flank the French Doors, oh that feather shadow box……Love, love it all. You will see no such home tour on my blog. Each room is artfully done with a pile of unfinished projects somewhere in it. My kitchen table is map of the 100’s of paint projects I have done, and well, even though we have a no eat on zone on my big red couch, someone has managed to get some good greasy finger stains on the fabric that only fade with washing. Maybe you better not come here to visit. Best I come see you in first. 😉

    1. What you didn’t see were the piles of stuff I moved into the other rooms so I could take the pics. Within a few days, the clutter will be back full force!! But of course, I’d love you to come visit me any time!

  12. Just WOW! The box, the french doors, the clip chandelier, it’s all just so inviting and cozy and cool! I’m gonna have to hang around now and click over to see what’s going on in the rest of the house!


  13. Kelly – WOW!! I love your home – you have done such an amazing job decorating it! It looks so warm, inviting and cozy!! Can I come over for coffee and you can show me in person all your finds??? 😀 Heather (Have a fab week!)

  14. your home is lovely. I think my favorite (s) are the green arm chairs holding back the french doors. ARGH!!! and could I just have that sofa table? Hint….find a profile picture of your self from childhood and make or have made a silhouette made from that.

  15. Kelly!!! It all looks incredible! You have done an amazing job putting this room together and it has that wonderfuly layered look of a space that has been lovingly added to over the years. There are so man beautiful details and I just love how it captures the essence of “eclectic vintage”. Well done girl!

  16. So many pretty things – chandy, red console, feather shadowbox. I will start my feather collection now ($1000 – crazy!) Visiting from TTT …

  17. Kelly,
    Your house is beautiful. I am in love with your map chandelier and that red chair! I’m also smitten with your feather shadow box. Did you make it? I think I need to knock it off if you don’t mind! where did you find that case?

  18. Oh my word- too funny! I read every word of that post and enjoyed each minute of it! I love all your vintage finds so much! Your desk area looks awesome. I don’t think you’ve shown us that before? The PB chandy does look perfect in your space- though the old atlas maps look so perfect, I don’t know if I’d ever change them!
    xo Becca
    PS I heard Downtown was just now filming the next season. I think we will have to wait forever for the next one! ;-[

  19. I love this space…such a cozy, eclectic, welcoming vibe. I can’t decide on a favorite element, but the red chair at the desk, the hobnail milkglass, and the vintage cosco (?) chair all make me smile. That toile chair is gorgeous too. Thanks for the tour. Now I’m inspired to go home and start redecorating our family room!

  20. What a fun tour! Love seeing all the nooks & crannies =) The gorgeous French slider, the chandy, the peek of tufted ottoman and all the treasures!! It’s such a lively, vibrant room =)

    Downtown Abbey? Hmm… have to check that out!

  21. Kelly,
    Amazingly gorgeous! Love all the details, the chandy, the framed feathers, the red chair, the coral, I could go on and on!! Beautiful! You are one talented woman-that’s for sure!

  22. Kelly,
    When are long-term guests invited? I want to put my name on the list. I could really put down roots in this room. I will hang a picture of it up to remind me what a clean, well-organized house looks like!
    P.S. I don’t know if you like images, but The Graphics Fairy has a loving cup trophy image on her site tonight. Perfect for your collection!

  23. Love your room! and that Asian sideboard especially, wow!! Sorry about the silhouette thing, maybe you could buy one and pretend it’s you…


  24. I love how you mix vintage with new. I love doing the same. The rooster is great and I love the color of the walls. Thanks for sharing!

  25. Oh my! The amazing details, it’s like a place you have to keep coming back to because you’ll miss something. What a truly unique and and beautifuI space you’ve created, Kelly!

  26. What a beautiful family room! I love everything! My favorite thing though is the blue patina wood piece over the doorway. Amazing design! Trying to follow you through Google. Having trouble but I’ll keep trying.

  27. So flippin’ fabulous! Gorgeousness in every nook and cranny! Love the way you have displayed your silver and vintage items in the walnut hutch! Love the chandy with the maps, love the old wood piece over the doors… love the little vignette with the crate and the shells. *sigh*
    There are NEVER too many pictures for me! Especially when they are all so gorgeous!!

    Whoa. Love it all!


  28. Fabulous! I love the eclectic look…my favorite. The rooster, the french doors, feathers, red whatevers ~ just perfection. It looks so welcoming and a fun space to be in.


  29. Fabulous! I love the eclectic look…my favorite. The rooster, the french doors, feathers, red whatevers ~ just perfection. It looks so welcoming and a fun space to be in.


  30. What a great room! I love all the details! You’re featured at Very Merry Vintage Style this week. Thanks for linking this great post up to the party–stop by and grab a feature button.

  31. I just came over from STL Wednesday. I loved your feature there and LOVED seeing the entire room. Everything is just perfect! You’ve done a beautiful job!

  32. Oh wow! There are just so many amazing things to be found in your “we are family” room that I wouldn’t even know where to start! Love the clippy light! What a fabulous idea and I’m just plain jealous of your sliding glass door! When we built our house 3 years ago I described wanting something just like that to my builder to which he replied “that doesn’t exist”. Ugh. dumb builder. Is it new? Old? Did you build it yourself?

  33. You’ve created such a gorgeous space. I love everything about it. Good find on the shadow box!

  34. I just now looked at the house tour and I am truly smitten with the clip chandelier! Did you buy this or make it? My daughter-in-law would love one of these. Your room is beautiful and truly inviting.

  35. Those typewriters, swoon! I’ve been searching for one forever (that I can afford anyway!) I love your floors. Just thinking about all the history the rooms have seen…

  36. Hello, love your house, and blog post. Did you paint the green armchairs by the french doors? If so, what color? I need it in my house!

  37. I love the vintage map chandelier! Does anyone know if PB still sells it? Looked briefly at their website, but I didn’t see it. I would love to have something like this!

  38. I am loving your home! It is so inviting. We are almost done renovating after our home was flooded at the end of April and I’m considering a sofa table but worried about the distance between the back of the sofa and the bar area of our island… How much space is between your sofa back (with and without table, please) and your dining table? And how do you feel about the distance? I appreciate your thoughts on this!

  39. I know this is old, but last sunday I found the same rooster embroidery at a flea market in Milan, Italy. On the bottom it says something like Herrera or Henera Chili (it’s a bit blurred). Looking for infos on the web I found this! Amazing! btw YOu obviously have such good taste 😉

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