Day Tripping – Industrial Antique Paradise

Nothing better hopping in the car with The Hubs, sun roof open, wind whipping through my hair …

and heading off for a drive.

Destination: Lambertville, NJ

Mission: Antiquing and a leisurely lunch on the river.

Lambertville is a cute little town on the Delaware River half way between New York and Philly that’s filled with antique shops and restaurants.

My favorite new find is Zinc, a shop filled with vintage industrial goodness!

Hello – with this amazing porch display – wouldn’t you be drawn in too?!

I met Tracey, who owns the shop with her hubby.

Makes sense now – they both styled for Anthropologie and Restoration Hardware

before they left to start their own biz.

Love me some ladders (remember my Ladder Christmas “Tree”Β and my Step Ladder Bird Bath?).

The shop has an exclusive to sell these super cute metal oinkers – they’ve sold thousands!

I wanted to hop on this bike and tool around town in style.

After I drooled over the goods at Zinc

while the Hubs basked in the sunshine outside (hey, shopping is definitely not his thing!) …

we headed off to lunch here.

Where I saw this …

An old sink used as a wine cooler!

My idea of heaven – vintage shopping and wine!

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  1. Kelly,
    First the photography is great! Second, how could you even begin to pick what to buy? (Remember I am trying to stay junk sober – I have only slipped once!) Third, is that an industrial baker’s rack filled with baking pans? I’m thinking about tying my watering cans across my porch. Love that idea! Thanks for sharing your trip.

    Distressed Donna down Home

  2. Are those light bulbs painted? Shall I buy every old sink I see? I have a couple small ones from the barber shop now I know what to do with them….. Serve wine on my deck!


  3. An old sink for a wine cooler.


    I zinc I am in love with those metal baskets πŸ™‚ (okay was that terrible or what πŸ™‚

    πŸ™‚ me

  4. Thank you sooo much for all the amazing things you’ve said about our shop!!! We are constantly changing our displays, and fortunately, our merchandise goes quickly too!!!! Can’t wait for you to check out all the new stuff we have and the cool new display we did on the porch with an industrial ladder and geraniums!!!! We ship, so let everyone know they can call us and we’ll be glad to send them whatever their hearts desire!!!! See you all soon!!! Tracey and Rod

  5. OK, I’m like Grinch green right now–just a tad jealous. Any my hubs would love that kind of shopping, the mall, no, antiquing, oh yeah. We often say “when pigs fly” but those don’t have wings. Darn. Glad you had such a great day.

  6. See, and people always make fun of New Jersey. Thanks for showing the fun and flirty side of Jersey. You’d never catch those housewives or Snookie at Zinc. They wouldn’t know what to do with vintage and chippy stuff! The only chips they concern themselves are in their manicures …



  7. It’s so fun when you are out and about and find a fab new store! The kind you go “ooohhhh” when you walk in, and your heart beats a little faster! Looks like a great day =)

  8. Your day trip sounds like a blast! Love the vintage bike and the sink! Love your blog. I think I’ll become a frequent visitor.

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