Gallery Wall Options – What Would You Choose?

While I sit on my sofa eating popcorn and watching The Crown, I’ve been secretly plotting and planning the gallery wall of my dreams.

The problem – I’m stumped on what to hang.

So here my wall sits, pretty bare and blah. I’m tired of waiting – I’m ready to take action and make a decision.

Here’s what the wall looks like now. It’s ok but it can be better!

Cozy family room with eclectic furniture

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Here are four gallery wall ideas that I’m contemplating.

Option 1 – Baby Animals

I fell in love with the baby animal series at Minted but I’m not sure if they would be more at home in a kids room?

Here are just some in the series – aren’t they the cutest!

I like this option because all of the art is the same size and I could get a nice symmetrical arrangement.

little deer / baby bunny / lamb / zebra

Gallery Wall Ideas - Love these baby animals

Option 2 – Beach Art

If I can’t live on the water, I can surround myself with it at home.

This is just a small sampling of beach art.

I like this option because it’s bright and colorful but because the art comes in different sizes – landscape, portrait and square, I wouldn’t get a symmetrical look around the tv.

Bridge Beach / Beach Huts / Cliffside Village / Yellow Van / Blue Surf / Dock

Gallery Wall Ideas - Beach Art

Option 3 – Black and White

 I like the idea of using classic black and white photos and think it would help the tv blend and not stick out like a sore thumb.

Rowboat / Typewriter / Central Park / Storm / Horse / Lifeguard Stand

Gallery Wall Ideas - Black and White Photography

Option 4 – Anything Goes

I love the idea of going with an eclectic gallery wall filled with favorite images.

This would give me the freedom to choose whatever floats my boat without having to stick to a theme. With this option, it would be fun to mix up the frame colors too.

Motel / Boston Terrier / Paris / Vacancy / Swimmer / Ferris Wheel

Gallery Wall Ideas - Eclectic Anything Goes

Do you have a favorite?

I’d love your opinion!

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  1. I love them all but I think for your space, the “Anything goes” would be the best. It has some of the reds and goes along with what you already have in the room. And it has a casual fun feeling to it which I feel that your room has too.
    The black and white would be my second choice for your room because black and white goes with anything. I love the beachy stuff but I don’t think it goes with the reds in your room. The animal stuff is adorable but I think it would seem out of place in your room. 😀 HTH

    1. I hear you – but guess what, I’m going more blue and getting rid of the red! I do like anything goes but don’t want it to feel like a mish mash in this small room. Thanks for chiming in!

  2. I actually like your wall as is, but if you are wanting change, the black and white or anything goes would be my choice as I feel they leave more room for adding in special items which aren’t pictures and you are not limiting yourself to a particular theme.

  3. I like the black and white. If you tire of the pics, you can easily rotate them, and it will be easy to keep it looking great! Plus, Black and white photography is classic, and goes with every style. I think it would be a gorgeous choice.

  4. Kelly, I can definitely see the chippy motel sign in your space. The red and blue would tie in well with the other colors and furniture. It would make you feel like checking into this cozy space and stay awhile.

  5. Clearly in the minority, but I like the animals. Simple yet adds color. Also, as I look around the room (in what I can see in the small shot) I see animals. The animals just make me smile.

  6. Well I prefer the black and white option! I’m having same problem with my gallery wall. What to use and what not to use and only option is choosing from stuff that I already have! What a conundrum! Really, I’d like to start with all new stuff. Since I really don’t do well unless I actually SEE it up on the wall, using what I have is best for now!

    1. I like to measure the wall then lay everything out on the floor. You can cut out pieces of brown paper in the shape of each piece of art and tape them to the wall to see how you like the arrangement before you commit

  7. I always think of gallery walls as photos/ things collected over time and mean something to you. That’s why I stumped on what to hang over my sofa.

    1. I love a collected look too Sue but want something simple and clean for this small space. Have you thought of hanging architectural pieces like old windows and mix them in with family photos or favorite art?

  8. I like the beach art and black and white, but I can’t make the decision for you. Did your family have a preference? Good luck!

  9. I love the Black and Whites which I am always drawn to but also like the eclectic collection… the feris wheel and motel sign. Whatever you choise will look great!!

  10. Love the beach theme. I like the sea scape and bus ones. The ones without people. Nothing more relaxing and inspiring than the beach. I also Iove the black and white. My daughter has been in that park in the picture. I believe it is one in Vienna and she has one she took, but in the fall. It is very relaxing and inspiring also. I am sure what ever you do, it will beautiful!

  11. I love Option 4 – has a very retro vibe! I agree with Pat Schwab that you should use one of your own of Sushi 🙂

  12. I love anything goes but it may be too much with the tv on. I like the black and white next.
    Love your wall paint color ? Please?

  13. Love the baby animal prints, but think they’d look best in a kids room or play room. I’m also attracted to beach prints, but don’t think they’d mix well with the reds/rusts you have in that room. I think the black and white prints would look great in your room. The eclectic look would also look awesome!! Just my opinion….hope it helps. ?

    1. Thank you Denise – I agree – I do love the baby animals but don’t want it to look like Romper Room in here! I’m leaning towards black and white – we shall see!

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