Guest Bedroom Refresh!

My guest room got a refresh and I’m loving it so much, I’m thinking about moving in! Colorful accessories breathed much needed life into this neglected room. Now I can’t wait for friends and family to stay over in style and hope they enjoy my guest bedroom decor as much as I do.

Guest bedroom decor - love the vintage style metal bed, exposed brick wall and boho bedding #bedroom #bedrooms #bedroomdecor #bedroomfurniture #interiordesign #interiordecor

By the way, you can see my full home tour HERE.

My 1903 house has three stories and this guest bedroom is in the cozy third floor attic. My favorite thing about the room besides the amazing light that pours in is the bit of brick wall that I kept exposed when we renovated.

The space itself is great but the room was in desperate need of personality. It starts before you even enter the room with this “welcome mat” for my guests.  I couldn’t resist this colorful rug with huge wool tassels.

Guest Bedroom Decor - love this colorful rug with huge tassels #bedroom #bedroomdecor #bedroomfurniture #bedroomdecorating #guestbedroom #rugs #loloi #bohodecor

My number one tip when decorating a guest bedroom is to put yourself in your guests shoes. What necessities will they need and what extra touches can you add to make their stay more comfortable (but not too comfortable because you know what they say about guests and fish)!

Who wouldn’t love to sink into this vintage looking black metal bed now that I’ve added new sheets with the cutest little ruffle detail and colorful pillows and throw.

Guest Bedroom Decor - love the exposed brick wall and black iron bed and white bedding with lots of fun pillows #bedroom #bedroomdecor #bedroomfurniture #bedroomdecorating #guestbedroom

Guest Bedroom Decor - love the iron bed and white bedding with lots of fun, colorful pillows #bedroom #bedroomdecor #bedroomfurniture #bedroomdecorating #guestbedroom #bedding

Good reading lights are a must as well as a selection of books. A candle is a little luxury and a carafe of water with drinking glass is a thoughtful gesture.

Guest Bedroom Decor - love the iron bed and white bedding with lots of fun pillows and throw #bedroom #bedroomdecor #bedroomfurniture #bedroomdecorating #guestbedroom #bohodecor #boho

Guest bedroom nightstand necessities #guestbedroom #bedroomdecor #bedroomaccessories #interiordecor #trays

I can’t say enough good things about having plants throughout the house. Easy to care for plants like this snake plant don’t need much attention but they bring so much life into the room and help purify the air.

Snake plants are low maintenance and look great in a colorful basket #plants #houseplants #bohodecor #bedroomdecor #baskets

If anyone misses their dog, they can pet this little guy.

Guest Bedroom Decor - love the exposed brick wall and white bedding #bedroom #bedroomdecor #bedroomfurniture #bedroomdecorating #guestbedroom

Because nobody should ever miss happy hour! I’m having fun changing out the sayings for each guest on this new letter board.

Little details in this guest bedroom include a letter board for adding fun notes #letterboard #guestbedroom #bedroomdecor #hydrangeas

Love this cozy attic bedroom with room for a chair and a cute bench #bedroomdecor #bedroomfurniture

Another tip I have is although it’s tempting, make sure not to fill every square inch of space with stuff.  Guests need a place to put their suitcase and their personal items and this little woven rope bench is perfect for that.

Love this woven rope bench tucked under a window - perfect plant stand #bohodecor #benches #plants #houseplants

I may need to move into my guest room – it’s so much nicer than my bedroom!

Come on in! Take my full home tour here.

Metal Bed
Bedding, pillows, throw, tassel rug, nightstand, basket, woven bench, accessories – HomeGoods
Metallic Cowhide Rug
Lamps – Ikea
Mirror – vintage

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  1. Very nice and relaxing. Love the rug before entering the room. Looking at your sources, you scored at Home Goods!

  2. The Guest room is tastefully decorated getting even the finest’ details of guests missing their dogs! Lovely that you concern that much about your guests. And I like the Hey Gorgeous tray on the table…

    Ramya Srinivas

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