How to Dress a Bed & Updating My Bedroom (Finally)!

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How to Dress a Bed - such great tips!

I have a deep, dark, shameful secret that I need to confess because I know (or hope!) you won’t judge me.

I’ve had the same comforter for 18 years – that’s 6,570 days with a few extra thrown in for leap years.


After I walked down the aisle, we bought bedroom furniture from a four poster bed to a couple of two tone night stands to glass lamps to the comforter and shams.

And it’s remained, unchanged for 18 long years.

Mind you, we don’t actually use the comforter for sleeping – we roll it down to the foot of the bed and use a duvet (which had also seen better days).

How to Dress a Bed - great tips!
So what better time to refresh my stale bedroom than spring when the snow is finally melting, buds are sprouting, and my comforter is being packed away in a giant green garbage bag and making it’s way to the thrift shop.

I’ve always loved the look of cloud like white bedding.

It’s the perfect choice for a fickle girl who likes change (me)!


When I spotted this fluffy white duvet set at Wayfair, I knew my 18 year old comforter was soon getting kicked to the curb.

Beautiful blue and white bedding and tips to get the look

How to Dress a Bed

1) Box springs – cover them in fitted sheets (great alternative to a bedskirt)

2) Sheets – go with the highest thread count cotton sheets you can afford

3) Blanket – add a comfy cotton blanket for warmth

4) Quilt – choose a fun pattern or color and layer over the blanket

5) Duvet – I like a down insert (or you can choose hypoallergenic) that I love resting at the foot of the bed and can pull up when it’s extra chilly

6) Duvet Cover and Shams – White goes with anything so you can change out your quilt, sheets and pillows on a whim (I got this 4 piece duvet set)

7) Euro Shams – I like three square Euro shams for a king bed – 2 for a queen (I got these shams in white)

8) Throw Pillows – go wild and change them seasonally if you like


I think my new bedding is just dreamy …

but I do hope it doesn’t stick around for another 18 years.

How to Dress a Bed - great tips and tricks!

We’re thinking spring …

Bunny hop over to my fabulous friends to see what puts a spring in their step.

Spring Decorating Tips & Tricks


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Sources:  Capiz shell chandelier, blue quilt, blue throw pillows – HomeGoods

Disclosure:  Thanks Wayfair for letting me choose this fabulous bedding.  I only speak the truth.

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  1. Oh your bed is certainly dreamy!…I thought I held the world record for having a comforter for 10 years!…it was really like new…a Ralph Lauren design back in the day that I lusted for and had to buy it at a higher end store…Now I love changing out the bedding throughout the years!….I so love the colors you chose and the pattern on the pillows…Happy Spring!…Great “partying” with you!

  2. Wonderful look! I love your bedding as it looks so fresh and comfy, just like this time of year. Thanks for sharing with us. It’s got me thinking about a few things I need to be getting busy changing out now. Ahhh, the list never ends. : )

  3. I love your bed and your new bedding. Can’t go wrong with navy and white. Now, promise you won’t wait 18 years again.

  4. Oh Kelly we share the same secret. My bedding is so old! I need to update and hope to do a little refresh this summer. LOVE the navy…and the mirror…and the chandy!

  5. Your new bedding does look like a cloud! The navy sets off the crisp white. You have much more patience than me waiting for 18 years to change it! Beautiful!

  6. Just dreamy is right! It looks like a cloud hanging out at the bottom of your beautiful bed! I’m going to change my bedroom from gold and white to blue and white… and you have really inspired me! Thanks so much!

  7. Well, your pretty and versatile comforter certainly doesn’t *look* 6,570+ days old … I’m impressed! Love all of your bedding, and, of course, your fabulous chandie!

  8. I really like the blue and white you chose and I am amazed at the fluff from that comforter! We have a dog, a cat, and 4 grandkids, so I don’t see white in my future but I love what you have done with it 🙂 I have a lovely modern floral for winter and then a solid orange for spring and summer. I can’t tell you how many I have had over the years, I don’t know how you waited so long. I have finally found what I could live with for 18 years though if I want to 🙂 Enjoy your new room!

  9. I have this same exact bedding that I bought last Spring when we listed our house! I love, love it! It’s so billowy and pretty 🙂 Your bedroom looks great and feels like Spring… I need to get that bedding back out after seeing yours 🙂

  10. I really love your new bedding! And I can SO relate to keeping bedding for that long , I’m in the same boat! I find it so difficult to find bedding that I love, so I just keep hanging on to the same duvet. However, I have a question about your rug. I just love the neutral muted colors in the rug and am looking for something similar. Do you mind revealing the material it’s made from and also where you got it? Thanks so much!

  11. Very simple & pretty I love blue & white!! Love the tips. I honestly would love to use them but at moment ( we moved 3 months ago) our queen size mattress is still on the floor! We had intended to buy a king sized platform bed & mattress when we moved but other things happened that took priority. SO meanwhile we are stuck on the floor! I will so love it when we get our new bed! I can’t wait to dress it up. I do the best I can for now while its on the floor.

  12. I love the styling of the bed. I have a white quilt and grey duvet. I think I need to switch the color patterns. Both are old.
    Did you by chance have that bed made from Leonards???? We bought almost the identical bed 10 years ago. Sink twin, check, twin twins, check. Bed twin???

      1. Thanks Kelly! I was afraid you were going to say that. The nearest Home Goods is about 3.5 hours from me. Darn it all! 🙂

  13. Very good info. Lucky me I found your blog by
    chance (stumbleupon). I’ve bookmarked it for later!

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