How to Make Magnetic Stamped Forks (Photo Display)

How to Make Magnetic Stamped Forks - perfect photo display for the fridge!

Stick a fork in it …

it’s done.


I’ve been stamping the heck out of spoons – making the cutest keychains – but all of my vintage forks were feeling neglected.

I think they were even planning a revolt against me if I kept ignoring them.

What to do to remedy this situation?

Make stamped magnet forks - such a cute way to display pictures

How to Make Magnetic Stamped Forks – Photo Holders

1) Find vintage silver plate forks at the thrift store or on ebay (stamping won’t work on stainless steel)

2) Stamp the forks using my How to Stamp Silver method

3) Use E-6000 to glue two heavy duty magnets like these onto the back of each fork

Let dry for 24 hours

Make magnetic fork photo holders

4) Bend the outer two tines up a bit by putting something flat (like a butter knife) under the outer tines and pushing up

Stamped silver photo holder

5) Hang on the fridge or somewhere magnetic and add your fave photos, recipes or art

Stamped Silver Forks - see how to make these cute magnets!

Now my forks feel just as important as my spoons.

Whew – I was worried they would attack me in my sleep.

How to make Stamped Forks Photo Holders - perfect for the fridge!


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  1. This is super sweet! I need magnets that are cute for my fridge – have for a long time – this takes out two birds with one stone – magnets and a great way to display the stuff that gets taped to the fridge!

  2. I tried using a fork to hold a recipe card once and just managed to mangle my recipe. It never even occurred to me to bend the fork tines. Doh! You’re so smart! I love your magnetic fork idea. Inspired.

  3. I just love the look of silver stamping. Using forks and adding magnets is such a cool idea to get the vintage look with functionality. What pretty photos of the girls, it looks like they’re having a ball 🙂

  4. Love this! Great idea. I’ve been on the lookout for old forks. Now I know to make sure they are silver plate and not stainless steel:) Thanks.

  5. What a great idea to put magnets on the back! I made the mistake of trying to bend one of my metal forks from Ikea, craft fail. Definitely need vintage, lighter weight metal.

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