How to Make the World’s Easiest Bird’s Nest (and Vintage Eggs)


Eclectically Vintage


It’s beyond simple.

Easier than buying nests from the dollar store (which I did with my Butterfly Branch Centerpiece).


Eclectically Vintage


How to Make the World’s Easiest Bird’s Nest

1) Buy a bag of Spanish moss (I got mine at the dollar store)

2) Pull off a handful and form it into a ball


Eclectically Vintage


3) Push the middle of the ball in with your fist and shape the nest til it’s just to your liking


Eclectically Vintage


4) Insert mama bird and some doorknob “eggs”


Eclectically Vintage


5) Exclaim, “Wow, that was the world’s easiest bird’s nest!”


Eclectically Vintage


The sun was shining yesterday and the thermometer read 57 so I’m thinking spring.


Eclectically Vintage


What’s your favorite simple spring decorating tip?

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  1. I have two big bags of Spanish moss in the freezer (to kill the creepy crawlers) that I “borrowed” from the neighbor’s tree. Planning on making mini nests for a shelf project for our daughter. Printed lots of fun graphics with bird sayings, etc.- she’s having 3rd baby in July…. retiring from Navy after 20 years in Aug. This is a great Easter project too. No shortage of sm here.

  2. I got you beat–I just collect mine from our autumn clematis after they’ve been abandoned. Put it in a ziploc bag for a few days so that any bugs get smothered, and voila!

  3. That is such a fun idea! I am totally filing this under…..”Why didn’t I think of that?” LOL!

    And I LOVE those door knobs! They would look great with my first aid kit!

    🙂 me

  4. I found my Spanish Moss when I cleaned my craft room. I KNEW I had some. LOL.
    Love that bird, my gramma had a set and they remind me of her when I see them at your place 🙂

  5. Love love birds and nests–as a matter of fact my Etsy store is Feather My Nest Decor and I have a few homemade bird things there! Really cute and easy–love the alabaster bird–I have a set when I got married, they were so pretty

  6. Now that’s fast and beautiful! It’s almost as fast as the christmas ball that I found on the side of the road and plopped into a statue in the garden. A one minute gazing ball! I’m so ready for spring. Mother Nature has been messing with us folks in Michigan. A few days ago it was 47 degrees and today it is 9 degrees. Last night it was -15 with the wind chill! I’m so ready for spring! I often wonder how all the birds at my feeder survive these cold winters because I’m a wimp.

  7. Awesome tip and tutorial, Kelly … beautiful bird and eggs, too! I love splashing eggs, birds and bunnies around for Spring … just wish the weather wasn’t freeeeeezing outside today!

  8. What a cute idea! I love the door knob eggs,….very clever! I have a few old door knobs so now I know just what I am going to use them for!!!!

  9. A great idea! I don’t have any porcelain doorknobs laying around but there is a dollar store nearby where I can maybe get some Spanish moss, and I’ve got a pair of birds that look much like the mama bird you used in your nest vignette. Maybe I can do something to jazz up some of my cheap colored plastic eggs from last Easter/spring’s display 🙂 Visiting from Savvy Southern Style.

  10. Such a great idea, one of those “why didn’t I think of that”. Love it, so easy and so cute. This project is definitely something to chirp about!

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