I Scored at the Thrift Store – Vintage First Aid Kit

Doctor, Doctor give me the news, I’ve got an old fashioned case of …


Eclectically Vintage


Wound – pour powdered cayenne straight into the wound to stop bleeding.


Eclectically Vintage


Upset stomach – put ½ teaspoon baking soda in a cup of warm water and drink.


Eclectcially Vintage


Cough – Mix equal parts oil of peppermint, friars balsam and tincture of red lavender and use drop by drop on a tsp. of sugar to alleviate the condition.


Eclectically Vintage


Sunburn – sprinkle area with vinegar.


Eclectically Vintage


Foreign object in the eye – drop a flax seed into the eye. The particle in the eye will stick to the flax seed and the flax seed is easy to see and remove.


I think I’ll just hang my 1940’s first aid kit and stick with 21st century cures.

See all of my thrift shop scores.


And since I know this gal is going to beg me for this, I’m putting it out there right now – sorry but no you can’t!


Thanks Suzy at Worthing Court for featuring my home today!  Stop by and say hi to my North Carolina friend!


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  1. I say loan it to Karianne, I want to read her blog post when she reports back on how flax seed got something out of her eye. And is that band aid mama wearing pearls? It says “Wood’s” first aid kit, what does it do for wood?


  2. Don’t you know it! I totally need that! And then I need a shopping trip to Jersey….
    Our thrift stores can’t even hold a candle!!!!!


    Have a great day rock star!

  3. What a great find! So cool. I loved reading all those old cures too! Never know some of them might even work. Though I’d be hard put to drop a flax seed in my eye! LOL!

  4. I just found a first aid kit too, aren’t they fun. Your came with a booklet with really great advice…right? Good finds, Di

  5. I have one of these kits. It went through my childhood with me. My uncle was the keeper of it and was the first one called to treat those childhood scrapes and bumps. Since I was the more clumsy one, I saw that first aid kit much more then my siblings or cousins. Several years ago when my uncle passed away I was given this kit. My cousin painted it, he doesn’t understand that lovely vintage look. But his intentions were good, he wanted it to look pretty. It still had that old snake bite treatment in it too! You never know when out on a hike I guess. Painted or not, I treasure this box. It not only fixed the bruises and cuts, but its a symbol of the love my uncle had for us.

  6. Kelly! I thought for SURE you must have been talking about ME! wanting that FIrst Aid Kit. My downstairs bathroom REVEAL is coming up SOON and I’m using several of these pieces on the walls in there. And here is my first one:
    I’ve gotten a couple more for gifts, too. I adore them! I would have picked yours up in a shop in a HEART BEAT!

  7. How fun is this find? Where do you get red lavender these days anyhow? Flax seed in your eye? Pardon me, but those things have sharp ends on them! I will stick with the sty in my eye thanks.

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