Memory Keeping & DIY Envelopes

Sister Celine would be so proud of me.

I’m practicing the art of letter writing and breaking out my grade school penmanship because …


Eclectically Vintage


I blinked and my twins turned 13.

Time flies so I’m determined to write things down to remember special moments.

I just started writing letters to my girls so they will have a pile full of my words to comb through one day and remember how much I adore them.


Eclectically Vintage


Every good letter needs a cute envelope and I’m sharing how I made these Simple DIY Envelopes on the FOLK Blog.

I teared up while writing it – but don’t worry, there’s comic relief involving a sock monkey!


Like these?  See how I made gift bags from maps & music sheets!

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  1. I have this scrapbook paper! Okay, so I have a LOT of scrapbook paper. I use my Cricut to make envelopes when I run out of my yard sale stash! I love the letters to your kids. We do encouragement notes where I write to them short notes during the year and then their dad writes to them before Christmas. Then they grow up and leave home 🙁

  2. what a very sweet idea. Something they will most definitely treasure. I have been keeping a journal for each of my kids, but I think the letter writing is better. I am going to try the switch. Love those envelopes.

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