I Almost Scored – the Craigslist Find That Got Away


FREE Vintage Theatre Seats!

Vintage theatre seats - the Free find that got away!  kellyelko.com

So into my car I hopped to take the 1/2 hour drive to find them cast off behind a building.

The sun was shining, my sunroof was open, the tunes were blaring and I was picturing the perfect place to put those theatre seats.


Until reality struck.

Flimsy metal, blonde wood, a “made in China” sticker stuck to the bottom of one, and the kicker …

someone had beaten me to the punch and pried off the only cool thing about the seats – the metal numbers!

Vintage theatre seats - the Free find that got away!  kellyelko.com

Back into my car I hopped.

Sad, wishing I had rushed there sooner, and annoyed that my car was empty and the theatre seats of my dreams were left behind like a scary movie.


Do you have a “one that got away” story?

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And don’t worry – I had a fabulous FREE find this week – will share soon!

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  1. I think you should retitle your post to The Craigslist Find that I Ran Away From! That’s the worst… trekking far from home for what you think is going to be a great find, only to realize that it’s not. But at least you had the strength to walk away when you knew they weren’t worth your time… I’ve brought home projects that I later put on the curb for someone because I couldn’t say no. Have a great weekend!

  2. Nope, not me – I see beauty in pretty much anything that is free..
    and my internal hoarder would not have allowed me to drive away without anything.
    I might have just taken one row and recovered the seats in some posh, mod feeling fabric and painted the sides in something fitting…
    are they still there?

  3. Honestly, the “Made in China” would make me steer clear of pretty much anything, lol. Kelly, what a fabulous feature over at Cottage of the Month!! I had not seen your whole house, and it is just gorgeous!! I love the aqua folding stool especially. I have a pink one that needs some restoration. Beautiful tour!!

  4. My mantra is, if it’s free bring it home, I can burn it later if I change my mind. That bright light you see over the Northern Hemisphere….. just my husband burning my free pile.


  5. Depending on how big your fireplace is, those sides make great “covers” for the opening over the summer. Also great magnetic boards for kids to play with………can ya tell I’ve had some in my life? 🙂

  6. I have LOTS of those stories….and ones that I should have RUN AWAY from only to stick them on the end of my driveway with a free sign…:) Like the others said..the internal hoarder in me probably would have taken a few and bought metal buckets and stuck them in my garden…love rusty stuff in the garden:)

  7. Girl you have willpower! I’ve had a few wouldda, couldda, shouldda moments…usually at auctions and garage sales. Oh well. There’s always another thrift store or yard sale somewhere! Have a wonderful weekend Kelly!

  8. Oh that is a sad tale!!! Been there, lost out on that. Once I saw a huge pile of furniture free on Craigslist, 2miles from my home. I ran out on kids and homework to get it before anyone else. I got there, it wax even better in person. I wanted to savor the moment and took a picture to send to my friend. Then I went to survey it, this is when I noticed another car out of the corner of my eye. A skinny teen got out and said he got there 1st and was waiting for his dad to come with the truck. The evil part of me considered telling him”too bad, so sad” and throwing it all in my van. I could have held him off if it came to that. Luckily, my humanity kicked in. I may have said a bad word or two in the way home. Yeah, that day sucked!

    1. Kelly,

      My daughter is looking for 2 Wooden Soda Crates and I was hoping that you might have a couple or know of where she could get a hold of then. I remember when I was a kid my father and his brothers owned an elevator and had the old pepsi metal pop machine that you would have to work the bottle through a maze to get the bottles out. Also all the crates that went through thqt elevator each week and how I wished I’d kept some of them. They were Pepsi, Grapette, Orangette, and Root Beer. Thank You for your time.

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