I Scored at the Thrift Store – Shuffleboard Anyone?

My dad used to take my sister and I to Puss n’ Boots some Saturdays.

It was the Cheers of the neighborhood and everyone really did know my dad’s name.

He was aptly named Cuban Joe and there was also Lefty (who had no left hand) and many other colorful nicknames.

My sis and I happily whiled away the time, sipping Shirley Temples and having a shuffleboard showdown.

So when I came upon this beauty at a 70’s throwback estate sale, I snapped it up.

You can still see the players names – wonder if Jerry was any good?

I only wish the shuffleboard they were selling could have come home with me too.

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  1. That is such an awesome piece!!!!! It would make a great wall piece for sure! Now for some reason I want to grab that bottle of grenadine in the fridge and make myself a shirley temple!!! I used to enjoy one with my diner at the Clifton Casino…a place where everyone knew my dads name and i had my own seat where i was served endless shirleys and had a great time as dad “baby sat” me!!! lol!!!! however i don’t think he was having shirley temples 🙂 hugs…thanks for sharing over at Junkin Joe…your rock!

  2. I love this feature. I always check to see what you have found! Your eclectic finds get me thinking about a road trip to Jersey! Can’t wait to see where you will put that cool shuffleboard!

  3. I used to play a mean game of shuffle board myself. And you know what? I just decided to add that to the list of things to make around here.


  4. I am hearing the Love Board them song playing when you mention Shuffle Board. I love yours. Shirley Temples!!! Being that I don’t drink, I still (seriously) order these once in a while when we are out, much to the dismay of my Mark…..My grandfather used to take each of the grandkids to lunch when it was our birthday. We always went to the same place. Barclay Jack’s in Oakland. He would have a Scotch and Soda and a Steak. We would have Shirley Temples and whatever we wanted for lunch. Haven’t thought about that in years! What a very fun find!

  5. Oh, why did I have to see this!? Now I can’t unsee it and I want one! Dang! I hate that there are so many fabulous old treasures to be had, but who in the world would have thought you’d come across this! It’s the good old days right there in black and white! So where will you put it?

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