I Scored at the Thrift Store – Off With Her Head!

Off with her head!

Today, I am officially granting myself the title of  …

Kelly, Queen of Hearts.

The power went right to my diamond encrusted crowned head after finding this fabulous old croquet set.

Another Thrift Shop Find

1953 to be exact.

Complete with instructions which would come in handy if I ever decide to throw a rousing garden party for all of my royal subjects.

South Bend Croquet Set

Now if only I could get my girls to load the dishwasher and my hubs to fold the laundry…

I’d really feel like a Queen.

I’ve got a Queen’s ransom of thrift store finds and you’re welcome to explore them all.

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  1. Well,I was hoping to hear some ideas for what to do with these! 🙂 I have a set that I found in my garage and I’ve been wondering what fun thing I could DIY with them. So I’m no use to you either!

  2. Kelly, if you ever decide to part with this fabulous find, I hope you’ll contact me. Believe it or not, my son is an international croquet player! He spent a year as a croquet pro at the National Croquet Center (it’s in W.Palm Beach, FL)! This would be great!

  3. Our family has a long history with croquet — we always had a tournament each time the extended family got together. Cheating and tattling were always a big part… and that was the adults! 🙂 I’d love to have a well-loved croquet set for display and/or play. Nice score, Your Highness!

  4. Hi Kelly!!Great find! I just got one last week only without the instructions, but that’s ok at this house we make our own rules anyways :o) Also I found a Wooden Bingo Board, have you ever seen one…my husband just told me he feels a “theme coming” lol…me…I just looked at him all innocent and say…really?? NOOOOO..=0)

  5. Love old croquet sets, but is 1953 really old!?! That’s when i was born! If you would like I live just three blocks from a regulation croquet court where teams from all over the world play – all dressed in white! I will have them install a throne for you to sit upon while viewing the matches.

  6. I l.o.v.e. croquet! That set you found is by far a terrific vintage find! I picked one up years ago, and can’t get anyone to play with me! Mine isn’t vintage, but it will be soon enough…

  7. Great find! How cool that it included the instructions. Our 13 year old son likes to yard sale with me and always keeps an eye open on ‘big garbage day’. This summer he wheeled home a vintage croquet set knowing Mom would love it.

  8. If you’re the queen, I’m the green eyed monster, jealous over your find. My 1969 music case may indeed belong to you, and if so, I think it fair that this set belong to me. I’ll make the swap in my mind. I’m still on the lookout for a croquet set. My day will come, although I doubt it will come with instructions. Love the rolling cart it came with. Nice!

  9. That set is really a good find. Hard to find a complete set in good condition. I collect the croquet balls and display them in wooden bowls or trays. So fun to see the difference in the balls. Seems older ones are larger … being a solid color or a color strip around the middle. Some have gotten a little out-of-round over time … . Newer ones are bright solid colors or stripes and some are ribbed around the middle. I planned to make a footstool or riser using the mallets for the legs and handles for the rungs, but never got them put together.
    Audrey Z.
    Timeless Treasures

  10. you and I always seem to be attracted to the same stuff!! LOL I have a vintage croquet set too! picked up at a thrift store last summer. And I was scrolling through my blog roll and saw your newer post about the vintage fan. I have one similar to that too! got it at a rummage sale years ago. :o)

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