I Scored at the Thrift Store – Vintage Portraits


You’ve seen my loving cups, my Pyrex, my globes, my … well the list goes on and on.


Since it takes three to form a collection, it’s official!

I am the proud owner of three, count em three, vintage portraits.



Eclectically Vintage


Isn’t she lovely …

or is she strangely disturbing?



Eclectically Vintage


I can’t quite figure out which?



Eclectically Vintage



Of course the 80’s mauve frame has got to go and I think she should totally donate her braids to Locks of Love don’t you?


The bigger question is should I hang them on my hubs side of the bed?

Or will it give him nightmares?


Would you pass by these ladies at the thrift store?

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  1. They have this “Mona Lisa” no smile look to them….as you gaze at the portraits they are the type that wonder what they were thinking…were they sad, meditating?….Is there an artist you can research?….Hey, they could fund one college education?!!…Now as far as the side of the bed…your side…as the first “lady” looks as though she has a look of “disapproval”….not something I think your hubby would want to see!! LOL!

  2. They are beaitiful! If you love them then that is all that matters. Maybe keep them on your side though:). I think I may need to go thrifty this weekend, feely like a need a project. Have a great weekend Kelly!!!Jen

  3. I have decided that we have more than our first names in common! Our bedroom is completely done in female art. Put it on his side and let it scare him in the middle of the night.

  4. I would only have bought them to use the canvas to repaint…and re-do the frames. Sorry, bad art is bad art but as they say, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” However, since you see them in a positive way, they belong on your side of the room.

  5. Hi Kelly!y
    I think they are outstanding and creepy all at the same time. I also think you have an amazing eye and should be extremely proud of yourself.
    Check out my find at the thrift shop last week on my site… they are gorgeous and I think you’ll be impressed.

    LOVE your blog!

  6. Kelly, I love your thrift store find posts. This one was really interesting. I have to say personally, I have to agree with sue. Reuse the canvas, get ride of the mauve frame and re-purpose the other. The art on the other hand is different for everyone and to me I hope you just paid for the canvas and the frame. However, please let us all know how you do use these frame, pictures or not. That is all part of the fun of finding unique stuff at thrift stores isn’t it?

  7. I think I would’ve bought them too! I collect amateur paintings but I have always collected barn-centered landscapes or floral still-lifes. I would have liked finding something a little different. Great finds!

  8. Art appreciation is always subject to the viewer so if you love them and have a place for them, that’s what counts! To me, the red head looks rather zombie-ish!

  9. I wouldn’t buy them, but they’re yours, and you like them (I’m not that artsy). If your husband isn’t bothered by them in the room maybe closer to a reading area or a vanity. I could see them in a hallway or den like room before a bedroom. 🙂

  10. I like them! The one in the mauve frame, not as much, but I think the others are very nice. I would hang them as part of my art collection!

  11. Honestly – I would have passed on those at the store – BUT the way you have them grouped in the picture looks pretty nice. I can see how (with the right frames) they could make a nice art collection. Do you have any information on the artist(s) – I wonder if it was the same person??

  12. I like the braided lady, but the others, sort of, kinda creeps me out a little too. Maybe hang it there when your angry at him! 🙂

  13. I would have passed on them but only because I’m not interested in portraits of people I don’t know. If theya re what you were looking for, then I’m happy that you found them! They are very mysterious looking, especially the first two. I always wonder who these people are and why they ended up in a thrift store. I have picked up a couple of beach/island themed paintings to go in my beach-themed family room. They go nicely with my aunt’s sea painting and an old family friend of my mom’s who painted a lighthouse theme years ago. Not sure that you should hang them over your husband’s side of the bed – unless you can work out a nice trade for moving them afterwards! LOL! Enjoy your new finds! Hugs, Leena

  14. Well I love me a lady portrait! I have to find a photo of one that I scored at a church thrift sale a couple of years ago (when the blog was still active so she’s in there somewhere). “Mrs. Johnson” (written on the back) was $2 and while I was on line to pay people were offering me money for her. (If only they had crawled around on their hands and knees to find her like I did, lol.). And, turns out the artist is a listed artist! So….you never know.

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