I Scored at the Thrift Store – Window to My Soul

I told you my sad saga about not getting to keep any of the fabulous, old, vintage, chippy, cool attached hardware, windows when we redid our house.

Can you tell I’m still bitter!

Anyway, finding this little beauty has helped make my bitterness go away (well, not completely but it’s a start)!

Eclectically Vintage Thrift Finds

I mean, just look at her.

She’s got a sparkling personality …

a round, angelic face …

Eclectically Vintage thrifting

and anyone that can make me forget about the ones that got away is a keeper.

Best part – she was a mere $5!

Are you still bitter about the one that got away?

Check out all of my Scored from the Thrift Store scores.

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  1. that window is gorgeous! i’d love to have your kind of thrift stores around where i live! they never have anything but someone else’s discarded junk, and i mean j.u.n.k. not the kind that can be renewed, repurposed or recreated. can’t wait to see where it finds its place in your home.

  2. That is such a great window! Here in Australia we have a kids TV show called Play School and when I was a kid they always had a segment where they looked through a window and it flicked to a little film of something like going shopping or to the park or visiting the dentist etc. and your window just reminded me of the round window (they also had a square window and an arched window)

  3. Can’t believe you found that beauty at a thrift store. Our stores around here just don’t carry that kind of wonderful stuff. I do understand the one that got away. And, the bitterness that comes with it. A few years back, my father-in-law demolished an 1890s farmhouse he owned without telling us in advance. He salvaged absolutely nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Bitter? Me?

  4. I want to say I hate you, but I can’t…I want to say that I get so excited for you when you find such great deals!!…You are a deal magnet!!…That window is AMAZING!!…You may as well have said that you got it for free…as $5 is practically free!!…

  5. I am totally regretting not picking up the ceramic rooster lamp the other day, but hopefully another will cross myasthenia another day! P.S. I would have my Hubby cut a hole in the wall for that beaut!

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