Let Them Eat Cake! How to Etch Glass


How to Etch Glass tutorial - makes the perfect gift!  kellyelko.com

Less than three weeks until Mother’s Day!  If I want to remain happily married for another 17 years, I know what I’ve got to do.

Come up with a fabulous gift to show my mother in law what an amazing wife her son chose!

Simple craft idea to the rescue – how to etch glass!

How to etch glass - DIY etched glass cake cover - so simple and great gifts!  kellyelko.com

There’s nothing my mother in law loves more than cake.

Growing up, my hubs told me there were trips to the bakery …

every single day!


So what better to give my mom in law for Mother’s Day than a cake cover etched with the words …

Let Them Eat Cake!

How to etch glass - so simple and great gifts!  kellyelko.com

Diamond pendants, Coach purses, mani/pedis?

That won’t impress her.

I know the way to my mother in law’s heart and it’s through her stomach.

How do you think I’ve managed to stay peacefully married for so many years?


Etched Glass Cake Cover

1) Clean glass cake cover (found mine at HomeGoods)
2) Apply Martha Stewart Self Adhesive Stencils to the glass (I did each word separately)
3) Brush on a thick coat of Martha Stewart Glass Etching Cream
4) Wait 15 minutes and wash off
5) Peel off stencils
6) Bake a cake, put under dome and get ready for dessert

How to etch glass - so simple and great gifts!  kellyelko.com

How to etch glass - so simple and great gifts!  kellyelko.com

How to etch glass - so simple and great gifts!  kellyelko.com

So I’ll fill a plate with cakes, brownies, cookies and pastries and she’ll look lovingly upon me and say, “we are so lucky to have you in our family”.

She’ll probably just say thanks and then start devouring the goodies but a girl can dream can’t she.


P.S. I love this almost as much as I love my stamped silver spoons – I’m sharing how to stamp silver.

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  1. What a great idea Kelly! My son is getting married next month and going to showers over and over again, I’m running out of gifts (not to mention money) and this will fit the bill! I already have the etching kit so all I need is a cake plate cover – wonder if my mom will give her’s up?!?!?

  2. I’ve got the glass cake dome. I’ve got the metal bottom. I could make a cake. So I think I will pin this then keep it for myself since around here I’m the one who’s heart is via stomach. Better yet… perhaps I should send this link to my daughter in law?


  3. Adhesive stencils? Holy Moly! Are they reusable? I’ve got to google those babies. My husband has one of those sandblasting machines in the garage that can etch glass, clean up car parts, etc. Time for him to give me a lesson! Let them eat cake… One of my favorite queenly sayings! xoxo jules

  4. Marie Antoinette would have been proud! I just got a gift for a bridal shower yesterday….a toaster oven….LOL! This would have been so much cuter!

    Have a great day rock star!

  5. I so love this idea! I found a cake cover at the Goodwill and I can’t wait to add some personality to it. Thanks so much for sharing and blessings to you, Patti@OldThingsNew

  6. Wow, Kelly! If I had another son I would want you to marry him. You must be a wonderful daughter-in-law. Oh-wait- I do have another son- but the timing is probably not right-plus you’re married so I guess it’s a No Go! She will love it!!! xo Diana

  7. This is fabulous! Thanks for sharing how to do this. I’ve never tried glass etching, but it’s been on my mental to-do list for a long time! Now, I think I could be brave enough to try it!

  8. I have seen this product but never tried it. Will be trying now! My mother in law lives closer to you than me. Mother’s day is all about me around here. Me, me, me, me, me, me. My kids asked me what I wanted. I told them a day to do nothing, with no one bothering me.

  9. I LOVE it! I’ve been trying to find a way to personalize glasses for each member of the family so that we can have “all day cups” around here without getting them mixed up. This is perfect!

      1. Thanks, Kelly! Can’t wait to try several fun things from your site…love it and thanks for the fast response!

  10. Hi, I want to do this project but the stencils that are linked are about 1\2 inch tall. Yours look bigger, can you tell me if you have a different size?

  11. These two crafts sound great. Can’t wait to try them. I do lots of different things and go to crafts sales to sell them. I’ve done all kinds of bird feeders, bird houses and birdbaths. It’s time to try something different.

  12. Kelly Kelly Kelly wow fist of all I want to start shopping with you. 5 dollar table are you kidding me. Wtg I’m bowing at this time. I ju.st love how you itch that on the pie/cupcake plate top. I’m not sure but must of missed the degree cooking time on this. Love the saying on it too.

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