I’ve Got Your Number – Kitchen Cabinets


I have a love for numbers.

Weird since I never loved math.

But I can add up the tax in my head in seconds on anything.  Trust me, I’m the girl you want with you when you go shopping.


So when I got my Silhouette machine, the first thing I thought of was numbering something.  But what?

My kitchen cabinets were my guinea pig.

Eclectically Vintage vinyl numbers

Peel and stick.

No commitment – just peel off when you need a change.

Eclectically Vintage kitchen

Now I can say, Olivia, please get me some cereal from #1, peanut butter from #4 and some Thin Mints from #5.

No more, “where is it?” or “I can’t find it”.

I’ll have the most organized pantry – from the outside anyway!  The inside is a whole ‘nother story!


Hmmm, what can I number next?

Tour my kitchen here!

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  1. Terrible confession: I got a Silhouette for Christmas and it’s still in the box. *Gasp!* I don’t know why but I’m so intimidated by it! I need a long weekend to sit down and just play with it… maybe this summer… 🙂
    xo Heidi

  2. Ummmm Kelly- I see you have cleverly hidden he number 5 cabinet that holds the thin mint cookies. You are a smart girl! Those are really cute!!!! xo Diana

  3. Yay, Kelly! Love your cabinets. Does this mean that you will be postng some Silhouette Tutorials?! Just like Heidi posted above, I too got my Silhouette for Christmas and I had not use mine, until last week. I fianlly got the guts and just jumped in, head first. I was squeeling with pride. I was quite intimidated at first, but after following a Pinterest Tutorial on “How to Cut Flowers”, I realized it was fairly simple and my flowers were awesome. The Cameo cuts such intricate detail. It’s amazing!

  4. The whole word knows I’m bad at math too, but put a dollar sign in front of the calculations and I’m on task. Wonder why? Probably because I can eat a whole box of thin mints myself in a day. I believe the $ sign is attached to the chocolate side of the brain.


  5. I personally have never used one, but I saw a friend’s and it’s really cool…
    saves on those hand muscles!

  6. This is an awesome idea Kelly!!!!! Love it! you can someday change it into cook, bake, snack, drink! Quick question, how do you like your latches so far? I’m thinking of latches or the ice box latch from RH for mine. Thanks!

  7. I’m really bummed! I went to buy the Portrait, and the promo code doesn’t work! I was going to buy myself a present (something I NEVER do, as there’s always something doing on with the money pit). *sigh*

  8. I love numbers too. I just redid a cabinet in my guest room and I have a glass container full of numbers.

    I love your crisp white cabinets with the black numbers.

    I might just have to get a Silhouette.

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