Love Birds – Making Simple Birdseed Ornaments

I’m making simple birdseed ornaments and I’m sharing the how to. Birds will flock to your yard if you hang these. Get the easy recipe below.

Birdseed ornaments recipe - the birds will flock to your yard!

Spotting a bright red cardinal on a dreary winter day makes my day.

So of course we encourage birds to drop by our yard with a few tasty treats to tempt them our way.

How to make birdseed ornaments without gelatin.

Whip up this simple birdseed ornaments recipe and be ready to watch the birds flock to your yard too.

Simple Birdseed Ornament Recipe

3/4 cup flour
1/2 cup water
3  T corn syrup
4  cups birdseed
wax paper
cookie cutters
twine or ribbon for hanging

* Line a cookie sheet with wax paper
* Pour flour, water and corn syrup into a bowl and mix together until combined
* Add birdseed until combined
* Pour mixture onto wax paper lined cookie sheet
* Press the mixture with your hands until it’s compact (about 1/2″ – 3/4″ thick)
* Press cookie cutters into birdseed mixture and leave to dry for about 8 hours
* Remove birdseed ornaments from cookie cutters, turn them upside down and let them continue to dry until hard
* Twist jute twine around ornaments and hang from a branch
* Watch the birds flock to your yard and your kids eyes light up

Don’t waste a bit.  Toss the broken, leftover chunks of seed into a bowl and set under a tree.

Make your own simple birdseed ornaments - the birds will flock to your yard!

The other benefit of whipping up these treats is sharing some time with my girls as we dip our hands into the gooey mixture!

P.S. February is National Bird Feeding Month – so let’s get in on the action and show some love to our feathered friends.

Make your own birdseed ornaments - the birds will flock to your yard!

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  1. I love these Kelly! Can it be that Spring is almost here:)? Shane made one a while back & we both got a kick out of seeing the birds devour it. Thanks for the recipe, Jen

  2. I have all the ingredients I need to make these, how sweet they are! We have loads of birds and these will compliment the suet we have out. Now I just have to make a path through the 3 feet of snow we got, lol!

  3. thanks for the recipe.
    Besides hanging in trees, we put our bird treats like this in suet feeders, old muffin tins or just lay in tray feeders.
    Also great to suff mixture an empty orange or grapefuit shell

  4. Kelly we just made ones like these in my Sunday school class! The kids had a great time and the parents thought they were neat! This week they are going to tell me what kinds of birds they attracted. I am in love with your chalk board! Occasionally my husband and I will pick a little town we’ve never been to and ….escape for the day. We check out all the thrift stores, antique shops and garage sales. You never know what you’ll find! My latest was a 1950’s Buddo rocking horse. $20.00! The woman I bought it from was so sweet! It was her first ride she said! I bet we talked for an hour! She was thrilled “he” was going to a home where he’d be admired and respected. Such a wonderful way to spend the afternoon. You are always welcome to join us Kelly! I think we’d have a blast!

  5. This is just the neatest idea! My mother-in-law has lots of bird feeders and the store bought hanging ones like this. I just made the list of material and gonna make her some for a “happy” to give her when we get the chance to go home again. She will love it! Thanks for sharing this.

  6. I saw this post when you put it on Folk around Christmas time and my family had a very fun Christmas Crafternoon making them. My family consists of me, my husband, to boys 19 and 24 and one girlfriend to the 24 yr. old. I try to come up with activities to keep them away from the TV or the computer. They act disinterested because you know it would be all too un-cool to act like this might be something fun… it was easy to see they loved it. Everyone had a ball. We made gingerbread men, trees, stars and candy canes. Thank you for the idea. I love your style point of view.

  7. This is a very different recipe for bird ‘suet’ than you normally see, but easier, too. I love the cookie cutter shaping idea! I’ve done my own suet and have many outside, I love watching all the birds enjoy the home made treats.
    Debbie 🙂

  8. Oh Kelly, I’m such a bird lover and these are so cute cut out like Cookie cutters ornaments, I know the birdies from miles around must love you. I’ll be featuring this post tomorrow on Be Inspired. thanks so much for joining in on the party!

  9. How far in advance can the bird seed ornaments be made? It’s November 16 and I want to give them as Christmas gifts. Do you think they’ll be ok till Christmas?

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