Make It: Doodle Lightbulbs Pop Art

I’m turning plain lightbulbs into works of art! Sharpie crafts are all the rage and I used my Sharpie to doodle on lightbulbs.

#Doodle Lightbulbs #Sharpie Crafts Tutorial - such graphic pop art for any light!


The garden state …

yes, I mean New Jersey.

NJ – home to the Statue of Liberty (no, it’s not in New York!), beautiful beaches (we say “going down the shore”), skiing, farmland, history …

take it from me – it’s amazing (once you get past the factories by Newark airport) and …


New Jersey (Menlo Park) is also the place where Thomas Edison invented the light bulb.


I had a real light bulb moment – literally – when deciding how to show off my state pride.

So here’s my tribute to Edison and NJ.

Make your own doodle lightbulbs - with this simple tutorial!

How to Make Doodle Lightbulbs

Lightbulb Doodles - from boring to pop art! (click to see how cool they look in a light fixture)

1) Choose your favorite lightbulbs – I like white bulbs

2) Channel your inner 4 year old and start doodling with a Sharpie marker (any color will do – I like black)

3) Doodle a section at a time so you don’t smudge your work (I rested the bulb on a small container until it was dry – a few minutes)

Doodle Lightbulbs - these look so cool in a light fixture!

4) Go crazy – add a few large doodles and fill in with swirls, dots, dashes, x’s and o’s …

Tip: If your bulbs have writing on them (wattage) – just doodle right over it (I covered it with a big black circle – the center of a flower)!

5) Screw into your favorite light – or just display in a bowl for instant pop art

Lightbulb Doodles - see how to make these to add some pop art to your lights!

Doodle Lightbulbs - instant pop art for display for any light fixture

Sharpie Lightbulbs - instant pop art (click to see how cool they look in light fixtures)!

They really light up my life.

No they don’t project images on the wall – but they do look cool lit up!

Doodle Lightbulb at Night - make your own for a cool look!

P.S. If you’re ever driving through scenic New Jersey, stop by the world’s biggest lightbulb (13 feet) that towers atop a monument where Edison’s laboratory once stood.

World's Biggest Lightbulb to honor Thomas Edison - 13 feet tall on a monument in NJ


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  1. So…. do you know Snookie? HA! Just kidding. My aunt lived in New Jersey for many years and always talked about how absolutely gorgeous it is! Can’t wait to visit, gotta see a 13′ lightbulb!!! Love your doodlebulb. How cute is that?

  2. This is beyond a light bulb moment. I am sharing on my FB page later today. So cool. I am not letting my kids in on this or everything in our house will be doodled.

  3. What a fun party! I love the theme, state pride. This is going to be fun to follow.
    Your lightbulbs look so cute, and talk about super easy!
    Debbie 🙂

  4. This is such a cool party and what a neat idea. From one Jersey girl to another, you did us proud, girl!!! Love the way this came out, however, if I tried this, with my luck the bulb would have broken. I am a bull in a china shop, LOL!! I love how this looks.


  5. This is a brilliant light bulb moment, what an excellent idea! I think someone who can not draw at all (like me) could come up with a design to enhance a bulb or two. Thinking the bulbs in the ceiling fans will likely get some sort of treatment to spiff them up. Dots, diamonds, perhaps some swirls, I will be pondering those questions in the coming days? Thanks again for a fantastic, easy and original idea!

  6. I’m a Jersey Girl by proxy (having married a Jersey boy). I lived there for 6 months (ten years in the surrounding Philly area) and did possess a Jersey drivers license. It is also my most favorite place in the world to go to the shore. Ocean Beach anyone? We just returned from a weeks vacation in Jersey and I am missing it. (Nowhere else have I ever found the Jersey pizza that you can fold, and proper boardwalk fries.)

    I like the lightbulbs. That’s a creative idea. Do you have any issues when you turn them on? Like a smell from the Sharpie?

  7. I grew up in Edison, NJ and frequented the Menlo Park Mall =) This is an absolutely adorable craft and I’m going to try it.. Thanks!! Saw you over at IC and had to message you =)

  8. Rick and I are now arguing over weather or not he knew the Statue of Liberty was in NJ. I know he didn’t Kelly!! This is very clever…I need one over my doodled bench lol.

  9. From one “jersey girl” to another – FABULOUS! Edison didn’t know what he was starting!
    Love your pinspirational project! I have pinned this and also blogged it for my Walkabout Wednesday series. Sharpie Inspirations post here
    Hugs, Antonella 🙂
    Sorry if this is a duplicate, didn’t mean for that to happen…

  10. I am in the uk. I am a tetraplegic of 17yrs. So I had to learn to write ,draw ,everything again So i was glad to find you i will give this a go.
    Many Thanks
    MisT in the UK

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