Make It: Vintage Bottle Wall Vase


Bottle Crafts - DIY Bottle Wall Vase Tutorial

Remember the free vintage soda crates and bottles I scored from Craigslist?

What to do with all those goodies – what bottle crafts idea would do?

First project – make a bottle wall vase of course!

Bottle Crafts Idea - make your own vintage bottle vase!  This is so cute!


How to make a vintage bottle wall vase

How to Make a Bottle Wall Vase

Vintage bottle (or a new one)
Piece of wood (I chose a piece of moulding from Home Depot and had them cut it a few inches larger than my bottle)
Paint (I used white)
Sand paper
2 – screws (mine are 1 1/4″ – depending on how thick your wood is, you may have to use a different size)
1 – two hole pipe strap (mine is 3/4 but depending on the size of the lip of the bottle, you may need a different size)
2 – 1″ pvc tubes (cut a pvc tube into desired length – found in plumbing section)
Sawtooth picture hanger

Supplies for bottle wall vase

1) Paint your piece of wood and sand it a bit to give it some character

2) Cut pvc tube so that it fits over the screw so the bottle lies flat against wood

3) Thread the screws through the 2 hole pipe strap and pvc tube spacers

4) Slip bottle underneath pipe strap and adjust so that the lip of the bottle rests on pipe strap

5) Add sawtooth picture hanger on the back

6) Add water and a flower!

How to make your own bottle wall vase

Now what to do with all those soda crates?

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  1. Kelly, I absolutely LOVE this! Such a simple project with big impact – I totally have to make one for my kitchen! I am so envious of your soda crates and am hoping to stumble upon one some day! Thanks for sharing and pinning! Have a happy Monday!

  2. Only YOU kelly can come up with something ingenius like this! So cute and quirky! I have 2 crates of my own too, used as trays of course but I’ve seen a couple used as an outdoor drawer cart!

  3. The possibilities are endless! I can’t wait to make one of my own. Better hurry while my Hydrangeas are still blooming! Sharing and Pinning too. This is fab.

  4. I knew you’d come up with something great to do with those bottles. And of course, you did. Lovely with the blue hydrangeas (my fave).

  5. Fantastic! While I am a Coca-Cola girl all the way, I must say the Pepsi bottle is so perfect for this project. The blue picks up the blue in the hydrangea. And, I, along with hundreds of others have ‘pinned’ this to my ‘to-do’ pinterest board. I have some great Christmas design coke bottles that will be perfect at Christmas time with a poinsettia bloom or some narcissus blooms….my mind is whirring now. Thanks for the great tutorial.


  6. Beautiful job! I saw the dresser/planter in Flea Market Gardens and just loved it! You are very talented and have given me several great ideas. (hope my projects turn out as well).

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