Mission Organization

Resolutions, goals, fingers crossed, wishful thinking …

whatever you call it, I need to get organized and 2013 is going to by my year!

For what looks like a gorgeous Asian armoire hides a dark secret …

Eclectically Vintage

prepare yourselves for …

my cluttered shame!

Before - Battling the Clutter

So I’ve got 12 months to get this girl in tip top shape – I’m talking good enough to bounce a quarter on.

And now that I’ve shared my secret with you, I have to do it – that’s one great motivator.


Hopefully, I’ll accomplish as much as I did last year – check out my favorite projects of 2012.


What are you hoping to accomplish this year – share with me and we can hold each other accountable.

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  1. The built in shelves in the office are atrocious! That is my goal for this week…and what a wonderful idea to document what needs doing so you have to get it done. That’s my goal for today, photograph the bad spots that I want to tackle…maybe one per week?
    Debbie 🙂

  2. Kelly, I have a closet that makes your armoire look like its after picture! It was horrible and I’ve spent the last few days cleaning it out. My goal is to keep it clean all year long – here’s hoping we both are successful! Happy New Year

  3. Aww, Kelly, you’ve got plenty of room in that armoire for even more clutter!

    Actually, clutter is a constant challenge in our house, as well. I tackled my pantry and butler pantry last week, and I started today working on my son’s room.

    I think the key to keeping organized is to quit buying stuff. But that’s kinda hard for stuff lovers like us!

  4. Kelly, that’s not a mess! It’s just a little jumbled LOL! You should see my work space – yikes! I really want to get it organized so I can work more efficiently. Clutter makes me insane and I can’t concentrate. Thank you for sharing your wonderful blog! I ahve enjoyed all of the last year’s posts and am looking forward to more in 2013! Happy New Year to you and your family! Hugs, Leena

  5. Gorgeous piece of furniture. I wish that was all the clutter I had to deal with! I’ve got a whole room I’m trying to clear out and use as a craft room. You can come help me if you need more to organize! Happy new year!

  6. Actually Kelly, that does not look so bad…at least nothing fell out and toppled all over the floor!….I still have those roll out shelving to put in my pantry…they have been sitting in the garage for months and months!!….
    Happy New Year!….the armoire is beautiful!!

  7. I scoff at your cluttered cabinet! Take that cabinet, multiply by ten or so, and you have the third section of our three car garage. In my defense, we don’t have basements here, so that’s where all of our “stuff” lives. But it’s also where all of my crafting stuff goes. And let’s just say that I’m not quite ready to share a picture 😉

    Happy New Year, Kelly!

  8. Actually we have a two car garage and only one car can fit in one side because the other side is a mess! I hope to tackle getting ride of “stuff” this year. I have had it with all the stuff I don’t use, it’s driving me crazy!
    Good luck with your organization. I think it’s a battle some of us will always be challenged with due to “it just to good to part with because I might use this some day.” 🙂

  9. can’t wait to see your end result! My goal this year is to tackle the garage & the hoard of vintage finds that lie within. I’m hoping to make a realistic work space out of it – but first I have to get to what’s lurking in the back {besides cobwebs}!!!

  10. My cluttered craft closet would put yours to shame – I’d take a picture but I’d be at the bottom of a pile of junk slowly suffocating if I opened it 🙂 I gotta get organized this year too!

  11. Hi Kelly – I so love your home! Thanks for sharing. I don’t really make New Year’s resolutions, per se, but I’m always trying to be more organized. I think it’s a journey, not a destination, don’t you? Much luck with the armoire. Can’t wait to see the finished product! Happy New Year!

  12. Ummmm…well if that is what you consider disorganized then don’t come over to my house Kelly! LOL! How about I come tackle your armoire and you can come over and tackle our closets? 😉

  13. My goal is to finish my goal from 2012. ha! Want to totally get my studio/grandgirl’s guest room looking good by June. The bones are there, now I just have to make it pretty. 🙂 Happy New Year Kelly. xo

  14. Reducing, decluttering and organizing are definitely on the top of my resolution list – right after loose weight, but that doesn’t count because that makes the top of the list every year. Happy New Year Kelly!

  15. You can do it! I’m going to tackle my bathroom cabinets which were my first thought when I wanted to start a blog last year. Well, 258 posts later, my bathroom hasn’t been touched once! 2013 is going to be a good year.

    btw- love your new site design, this is what I get for reading on my reader instead of actually visiting for the last few months!


  16. You call *that* cluttered shame?! Girl, you’re way more organized than you thought, soooo kick back and create, instead! 😉 Happy New Year!

  17. That is the worst you have to share!!!! Wait until you see what my house looked like during the office DIY overhaul, that is coming to a conclusion……soon!

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