My Foyer’s Rocking, Please Come Knocking! – The Reveal

Yes, my foyer is rocking …

hope you’ll come a knocking!

Fabulous foyer ideas - love the rug, collections and lighting!

Brace yourself for the before!!

Before Foyer - you've got to see the after!

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My little $50 Danish modern chair made my heart beat faster
when I spotted it at my neighbor Patty’s yearly antique sale.
This gal shops flea markets and estate sales til she drops, stores it all in her fabulous barn
(it’s okay to have feelings of jealously now) then throws a wine infused party
where perfectly coiffed ladies scoop up her finds like it’s a 90% off sale at Neiman’s!
And who could forget the sad state of my silhouettes when I found them?

Amazing entry and foyer renovation in this 100 year old home -

Mid century chair in a beautiful foyer -

Gotta love estate sales.

Where else would I meet the cutest 95 year old man (can you say hoarder)

who was (with nudging from his daughter) selling off some of his stash.

I scooped up this skinny woven wood console …

and my 95 year old BFF even threw in an alarm that will wake the dead if someone tries to break into my hotel room!

Amazing vintage green glass collection in this beautiful entryway -

My vintage green glass collection is happy at last.

Mid century green glass collection -

Vintage watercolor

Schoolhouse light in a fabulous foyer -

A peek intoΒ My Dining Room, have you seen it?

Gorgeous foyer leading into colorful dining room -

So remember,

don’t be frightened by a little rocking …

please come knocking!

I’ll even hand you a cocktail when you walk through the door.

Want to see myΒ Whole House Tour?

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  1. Another amazing space! Love that rug and the green glass collection is right up my alley. I would have pounced on that danish chair also! Got any ugly rooms? If so, I wanna see it!

  2. LOOOOOVE! i am totally diggin’ the vintage modern edgy feel! SO chic! if i walked in your entry now i would say “wow, someone freakin’ awesome lives here, yo.”

  3. Stop!! Just stop! I can’t take it anymore! If you decorating skills and “finds” get anymore awesome I will just give up in hopelessness. Where do you find such wonderfulness? Although…I think only you would look at that console and think to give it a home.
    I’m coming out to see you and going shopping. That’s just it.

  4. Ok, Kelly!! I’m a’knocking, and a’banging with love for your rockin’ foyer (and dining room!). You have such an amazing eye and ability to put all these lovely pieces together in such a clever way! Officially jealous now that you have a neighbour that stores estate sale finds in a barn and sells them off in a yearly antique sale and does it with a wine filled party!!! Whoah – stop…my brain is blowing up at the awesomeness of all of it! Thanks for sharing your pics!! Love how you added the hide to the floor – really a wow piece! That mirror is also killer!!! Off to go mosey through your house tour again!!! Have a great week πŸ™‚ Heather

  5. You were so right about the chair! I LOVE it! I’ll think I’ll just have my drink in the foyer, please!

    πŸ™‚ me

    PS Love the house tour!

  6. That is such a welcoming foyer. Everything is beautiful! What a way to justify a love of all things antique by buying them just to turn around and sale them later on. I bet she has so much fun and enjoys keeping up with people who purchase pieces from her.

  7. My Dear Kelly….You have a way of making my days with your posts!!! This space is magnificent…I’m so jealous…but in the good way of course….I could only imagine that beautiful rug in my foyer getting shred to pieces by my lovely kittens, Tango & Cash which had already destroyed all the fibers on my stair’s carpet. I can only dream of having that stunning green glass collection just to have my recently (yesterday) turned 4 toddler run, literally run into it with his “Fireman Sam” truck! and a white chair….sure!!! When you have a 2black cats who love to sleep on every piece of white fabric left in my house and a teenager with dirty clothes who sits everywhere he can to take off his muddy boots from dirt biking!! Yes my dear…You really make my days because I could only dream of someday having a place like this….my retired assisted living apartment, LOL (all respect to the ladies living in these places, I mean nothing wrong by it )

  8. Oh my god. Once again you blow me away with your amazing home! Seriously. I just love everything about it. I’m stammering here because I don’t know how to even express how much your home inspires me! And sometimes trying to express serious thoughts can be so much harder than a quick clip …

    So (1) I’m so proud of you and your hubby for not doing the easy tear down thing and instead lovingly restoring such an old treasure. I’m envying all the moulding and details and the newel post and those doors! All those amazing doors! With their amazing crystal knobs!

    And (2) good thing you don’t have twin boys because your vintage glass wouldn’t stand a chance as they come flying down those gorgeous stairs!

    Okay, I’m done gushing … for now …



  9. What a great vibe you’ve got going Kelly! That rug is fabulous and the glass DOES look great there. I’ll miss it on the mantel though πŸ˜‰ Wonderfully done. Looks like a schmancey mag shoot. Mahvelous πŸ˜‰

  10. Love it! I have a very similar chair in storage, and I’m so anxious to get it out and restore it. You do such a good job at putting all of your flea market and garage sale finds together in a way that looks upscale and refined. Great job!

  11. you’re such a decorating stud! Love the foyer as a location for the glass collection. Did you have to rec over the chair, or was the vinyl in that good a condition? I’ll have red wine please…..

  12. I see so many things that I was going to steal, until you mentioned alarm πŸ˜‰ But if you want to send me the rug and mirror, I’ll pay for shipping. Girl, it’s beautiful! Thanks for inviting me in!

  13. Um, please don’t take this the wrong way, but…this is so NOT Jersey! Did you have to get a special dispensation to have a cool house?

  14. You pulled another room together with style. Wonder if the animal police will leave you a comment like they did for me on my toilet post?


  15. Seriously? You this is beautiful!! That vintage green glass collection is gorgeous and I want it. In my foyer. Kindly.

    I just bought a cowhide for my family room and now that I see yours…well, I feel like I might could one day be in the cool crowd πŸ˜‰

    I’m pinning/FBing/tweeting. All that.

  16. And then you open the doors to the dining room and there is RASPBERRY in there!? Nothing could have made me happier. So inviting, all of it. Time to brace myself for some more fabulousness and take the tour. Woohoo!

  17. You are really good at mixing these different period pieces together! I love the display with the green glassware. That looks great! Your foyer is rockin for sure! The chair is perfectly sized for your spot! Love the peak into your dining room. Your mix of elements are perfect! Love the pictures, and the floor rug. Your lamps are awesome too. Lots of eye candy here!

  18. AWESOME Kelly! I love your eclectic vintage mix!~ It truly is a fun foyer!~The green vintage glass is a wonderful collection, and the new danish chair is super. I will take my bloody mary now. It is still morning~

  19. Love the foyer!
    That chair looks fabulous!!!
    I’m taken by the green glass. Taken I tell you.
    What makes us collect such things? I have some colored glass, but I’ve not displayed it in such a way! You’ve got me really doing some thinking now.

  20. Oh I absolutely love it all. That little 95 year old man had a great console and yes your glass looks fabulous on it. Love that rug, it is the star of the show for me. I think everything is fabulous, great job. Thanks tons for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  21. Yes, your entry does ROCK! It’s just fabulous and wish I could pay you an actual visit! Everything you do is amazing!

    Thanks for welcoming me back. I look forward to seeing you for Potpourri Friday!

  22. Yes, your entry does ROCK! It’s just fabulous and wish I could pay you an actual visit! Everything you do is amazing!

    Thanks for welcoming me back. I look forward to seeing you for Potpourri Friday!

    1. The chair looks perfect….so glad it went to a “good” home!!! Thanks for the mention and look forward to catching up with you after the summer and comparing treasures!

  23. I’m totally in LOVE with your chair. I have it’s broken sister and need to get her in shape. And the school house light? Fabulous!

    I don’t know that I’ve done the tour… I’ll be back so I can take my time and sip my way through it…

  24. I LOVE your foyer, and everything as far as the eye can see! You’ve done such an amazing job of featuring cool pieces and vintage charm. Lucky you to have a 95 year old BFF – they have the very best ‘stuff’ and the greatest stories to go with them πŸ˜‰

  25. Your foyer is defintely rockin…..I wish I lived closer so I could come knockin!!!!!!!
    Simply gorgeous foyer……

  26. That rug would look great in our cabin!!!!! Love your colors. Wish I had your neighbor. I’m having my Simple Wednesday Link Party tomorrow, so if you can come on over and link up.

  27. Oh- how I adore your home!
    That rug adds the perfect amount of “funk” to your space, I think! Is it from Ikea?
    I love that 1st pic with the rug and the glass! SO pretty!
    xo Becca

  28. OMG…I am knocking loudly right now because this transformation is gorgeous. This is the cutest post and very inspirational. I would love it if you would link this to our What’s It Wednesday blog party. Hope you can join us!


  29. Your foyer looks beautiful! Love that skinny table–what a unique shape and so many shelves! Thanks so much for linking up to Share the Love Wednesday!

  30. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL! And I am loving your vintage green glass collection – I’m a glass junky and I’m seeing more green then just the beautiful hues of those vases (just a little envy – LOL!) I’m off to see some more of your fabby rooms πŸ™‚

  31. What a transformation. Love your entry, especially the placement of that gorgeous hide! I also really like the last image also showing a peak into your dining room… those two spaces are so unexpected together, yet work so well. Thanks for sharing.

  32. Your entry is rocking for sure!! I want that cowhide. Adding it my list. Love, love, love your Vintage Green glass collection. Love that chair. I am secretly cringing. Many years ago, I had a client who had one, the leather upholstery was in very poor condition, and she didn’t like the wood. Being a completely uncultured furniture gal at the time, redid the upholstery, (which needed it), but didn’t stop there, I did a…..crackle finish on the chair. Oh how I wish I could call her and tell her I need the chair back, that the furniture police called and if I don’t fix this crime, I will be cited severely for this abuse. This is the equivalent of walking around with a giant perm in 2012. This is how awkward I feel.

  33. The glass pieces on the console shelving unit is an unusual display for a foyer, but I like it. Cute chair in the corner, too. And, yes, I have seen your dining room. I think I pinned it one time, because I’m a fan of hanging art in multiples, and I’m also a big fan of color, so your wall installation caught my eye. Now off to check out the rest of your house tour!

  34. Okay, now I’ve completed your house tour, and I like what I see! I remember your kitchen reveal from a few months back, too. I have to say that I love the charm of your home’s cottagey exterior, and I also love your trim, doors, and cabinetry inside. My husband and I couldn’t find an older cottage in the school district we desired, so we built a new 1920s-inspired Craftsman bungalow instead. But we picked era-appropriate trim, windows, doors, cabinetry, etc. There was nothing technically wrong with our old house, but the builder-grade details, and especially all the skinny trim and hollow-core doors drove me nuts. Cottage all the way for me, baby! P.S. Have you considered allowing comments on your house tour page? I would have left this comment there if you did!

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