My Latest Obsession – Vintage Bling

You know I love all things vintage for my house.

But did you know I have a weakness for vintage jewelry too?

Hand Made Vintage Bracelet using vintage finds

Not the kind you can buy from the local jewelry store.

The kind that tells a story.

The kind that makes people stop you when you’re walking down the street and ask, “Where did you get that?”

Stunning Vintage Bracelet

Vintage cuff bracelet

The kind ofย jewelry with a past.

The kind your grandmother may have worn.

White vintage bracelet - stunning for a wedding

The kind a 1940’s bride would treasure as she walked down the aisle with something borrowed and something blue.

Vintage Miner's Tag Necklace

So I hope Santa baby hurries down my chimney and brings me some vintage bling this year.

If not, hey, I think this vintage loving girl may just have to give herself a little gift.


The amazingly talented Lucy from Bel Monili takes vintage baubles and beads and turns them into fabulous jewelry for today.

Bel Monili Etsy


I love my sponsors and believe in promoting only products I truly love. ย 


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  1. vintage bling like the kind you photographed is just the kind my Nana used to wear when we went “uptown” to the Brown-Duncan store. She would buy whatever it was she wanted and then we got to go to the candy counter where a man in a white chef’s hat would stand surrounded by huge glass cases filled with every different kind of chocolate candy you can imagine. I could choose 2. her jewelry, perfume, red lipstick, and that hankie up her sleeves with those white gloves she wore will forever be in my memory of the good things in life. Those blue earrings you have that is now a bracelet – are just like a pair I still own that she used to wear with her blue dress and hat with that netting in front. Thanks for the memory Kelly. Kelli

  2. I love vintage jewelry and have a couple of pieces of my great aunt’s that I wear on occasion. I love that red bracelet on the sheet music – gorgeous. Thanks for sharing Kelly!

  3. Beautiful! I’ve loved vintage jewelry for years and so miss the days when I could find magnificent pieces at rummage sales for no money…it’s a rare find now. I sure do hope Santa brings you your wish for vintage bling though (maybe he’ll drop a piece or two by my house too ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I love vintage bling too. Unfortunately, my house was just robbed and all my great vintage pieces are gone including the family heirlooms. I had amassed such a great collection of items I had picked up on vacation that reminded me of where I was and who I was with. It stinks, but they are only things. I have already started rebuilding my collection one piece at a time.

    Great post.

  5. Oh you and me both!!! My mom had a giant jewelery drawer full of beautiful pieces. Some of them outrageous costume jewelery, cocktail rings, etc. Some of them just beautiful things that you don’t see today. My favorite thing to do, (even as a teen) was to go through her giant drawer and try it all on. Hope you got something vintagey gorgeous to wear yesterday. Happy New Year! -K

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