Why Didn’t I Think of That? Paint Touch Ups Made Easy

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My Paint Saint - no mess way to touch up paint in your home kellyelko.com

Picture me smacking myself on the forehead!

Why didn’t I think of that?  My Paint Saint is my new BFF.

This handy dandy invention makes touching up walls and trim a breeze.  No mess, no drips, no leaks, no searching for a brush, no clean up – count me in.

Just pour your paint into the My Paint Saint can and write the color and room on the back.  Touch ups have never been easier.

My Paint Saint - no mess way to keep paint handy for touch ups kellyelko.com

The paint brush is part of the cap which has a silicone gasket that seals the paint inside.  The metal ring on the cap screws onto the bottom of the can while you work so you can’t lose it.

My Paint Saint - genius solution for touch up painting - no mess or clean up! kellyelko.com

The inventor of this brilliant product is Mark Lacy and I was thrilled when he asked me and the bHome app bloggers to test out My Paint Saint.  They’re not available to the public yet but you can be one of the first people to own your own …

buy My Paint Saints here.

A Kickstarter campaign has begun to sell My Paint Saints to the public and guess what – it’s already fully funded and then some which means that Mark has already raised more than enough money to begin producing them.

Now I’m off to touch up all those little dings in the walls from my kids racing around the house … or maybe they’re from my pup Sushi?


Thanks Mark for sending me these My Paint Saints – my walls have never looked better!

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  1. Brilliant! It’s about time someone came up with that. I’d buy some in a heartbeat. I usually have a little bit of paint leftover and it is too little to keep in the big can so I’ll put it in a jar. This with a brush in the lid…yes! Ok, I’m sold. Off to check out getting some. A big thank you!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing this and sending the great pictures. This will be an invaluable tool whenever I paint a wall or anything and have a little paint left over – well, don’t we always have a little paint left over and keep that gallon can in the cabinet?????? No more – what a great invention!

  3. Maybe if I had a Paint Saint, I wouldn’t have had to cover up a ding on our master bedroom wall with a strategically positioned piece of art! Not sure how I lost a whole can of paint… 😉

  4. How wonderful you’ve found this incredible invention to save us pulling out our hair. Not too long ago it was featured on another blog but darned if I can remember which one, This is truly an ingenious invention isn’t it?
    Will have to get at least one or two of those to keep in my laundry area for touch ups. Just don’t have room to be storing gallon cans of paint. If we put it outside it gets ruined in winter. Don’t we wish we’d thought of this?
    Happy week

  5. Love My Paint Saint! Bought 6 more so I am ready for our upcoming renovation. Wall & trim color neatly stored for the inevitable kid dings! Love the polka dots Kelly!

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