My Very Vintage Christmas

Vintage Pepsi crate makes a fun tray for Christmas and I love the old galvanized cooler with mini tree

They say more is more when decorating for Christmas but I love the small, unexpected touches scattered throughout the house.

So light a pine scented candle, switch on the fairy lights and enjoy some quick and easy vintage Christmas decorations using old finds in unexpected ways (and if you missed my full Christmas home tour you can see it here).

When I was a kid, this gingerbread house cookie jar sat on to of our refrigerator. I had to pull up a chair, climb up then reach inside for my Oreo or Chips Ahoy fix.

Vintage gingerbread cookie jar

Everything looks better under a cloche or propped on books – even a thrift store snowman candle.

Vintage snowman candle

Garden clippings look like a million bucks in an old cooler …

Vintage Pelican cooler makes a great Christmas planter

a blue mason jar …

Vintage blue mason jar for Christmas

or even an old lantern.

Vintage red lantern filled with Christmas greens

I love this old squirrel nutcracker (you can find affiliate new versions here) feasting on vintage Christmas bulbs.

Vintage squirrel nutcracker and his stash of old Christmas bulbs

My favorite thing to do is add a little touch of greenery or garland to an every day item like my brass elephant.

Vintage brass elephant dressed up for Christmas

It doesn’t get easier than filling a tray with vintage Shiny Brites.

Vintage Shiny Brite ornaments in an old Coke crate

Here’s to having a very vintage Christmas.

See my full Christmas home tour here.

Cozy Christmas Home Tour

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  1. Always love seeing your home at Christmas!…I love how you incorporate your wonderful vintage items in your decor … you embellish them in the most creative ways …. Love that fire truck under the tree!
    Merry Christmas to you and your family Kelly!…and hugs to Sushi!

  2. I LOVE all of your vintage decor. I’ve decorated already but now I’m going to get out my mom’s stuff, the stuff I grew up with, and redecorate my kitchen. And I kept all of her old Xmas tree light bulbs because they were cool looking in a bowl also!

  3. Nice, nice, Nice! As a person born in , wait for it, 1950 I just love the nostalgia of all that vintage stuff. It brings back so many memories that it just makes my heart Sing! It also makes me happy to see that a lot of that old stuff still has a place and people still appreciate it. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. I’must going to feel all warm and fuzzy all day.?

  4. Thank You for sharing. IT is so nostalgic. I make me reminisce of my childhood. I love the vintage pieces incorporated with the holiday theme. Have a Merry Christmas.

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