Old House Curb Appeal

Old House Curb Appeal - love the dormers on this classic black and white home kellyelko.com

There is a small window of opportunity during the year when I can take Sushi on long walks.

She can’t handle cold – she’s short haired and doesn’t have a thick fur coat to keep her snug. I bundle her up in knit sweaters (she’s partial to her hooded sock monkey sweater) and off we go until she’s shivering uncontrollably and we end up heading home.

She can’t handle heat – Boston Terriers have short snouts which makes it hard for them to breathe when things heat up. She’s often panting and huffing and puffing after only a few minutes of being outside on a hot summer day.

Sushi the Boston Terrier posing for the paparazzi kellyelko.com

So on a beautiful spring day, I jump at the chance to grab my walking buddy and head outside for long walks around my neighborhood.

With buds just starting to bloom, we can really appreciate the houses that aren’t hidden behind an abundance of leaves.

Grab your sneakers and let’s go …

Love the Belgian block driveway leading up to this beautiful old home kellyelko.com

Curb Appeal - love this old brick house with double chimneys and dormers kellyelko.com

Curb Appeal - love this charming old Tudor and the turret and sloped roofline kellyelko.com

Curb Appeal - love this old Dutch colonial and the paint colors kellyelko.com

Curb Appeal - love this black iron gate and the charming path kellyelko.com

Love this old house with the giant tree kellyelko.com

Curb Appeal - a planting of spring daffodils on this front lawn welcomes spring kellyelko.com

Curb Appeal - love the charming stone chimney in the front of this old house kellyelko.com

Curb Appeal - love the Spanish tile roof on this old home kellyelko.com  Curb Appeal - love the wrap around porch on this old farmhouse kellyelko.com

I’ll be enjoying the next few months with my walking buddy.

Once summer hits, I’ll be walking these streets alone as she lounges at home in air conditioned comfort.


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  1. Thanks for that walk what a great time. It is so relaxing to get out and walk with a friend and look at what is happening in everyone’s yards.

  2. Sushi? What an awesomely imaginative name!

    Lovely houses, I was partial to the simple(-ish) first one, perhaps because of the rounded boxwoods and the sunlit exterior. 🙂

  3. Old neighborhoods like this are the best! I wanted to live downtown or in an early 1900s neighborhood, but my husband got his way about living in the country 🙂 I love walking through my town’s older neighborhoods and giving myself a tour.

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