One Room – Three Ways


Update:  Check out my Living Room – Three Ways here.


I dove headfirst into my hoard stash – and survived!

Sweat poured off of me as I hauled, moved, carried, arranged, rearranged and then tweaked and fluffed and the results are amazing.


I’ll be sharing my living room with three completely different layouts and looks!

 Eclectic living room - love that vintage landscape gallery wall


I’ve shown you glimpses here and there but never the entire room.


Eclectic living room - love that vintage landscape gallery wall


Join me for three days next week:  June 25, 26 &27 – each day a completely new look.


I’m not alone because six other fabulously stylish gals will be doing the same thing to their favorite rooms.

One Room - Three Ways.  Join 7 fabulous bloggers as they show you how to style your room with 3 completely different looks!

And don’t forget to share your restyled rooms with us on June 28 – link here and be seen on all 7 blogs!


Gotta run before someone trips over the piles of tchotchkes scattered every which way!


Catch up on the rest of my house tour here.

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  1. Oh, Kelly…moving things around, hanging different things on the walls…..for THREE different looks….
    just the thought wears me totally out….but, remember…I am OLDEN. 🙂
    Have fun with it..

  2. Cant wait to see it! And that lamp with the blocks? That is fantastic! Please come and find at least one way for my living room, it seems to be the room that is always confused and can’t settle on even one standard look.

  3. Ooooh, what fun! I think I’ve done something similar to my Dining and Living room already, hope I could come up with a post for the party! can’t wait to see what you did with yours kelly!

  4. What a fun idea! I love seeing redesigned spaces. Also, KELLY. OMG. Those blue chairs!! I’m sorry, I realize you’re probably attached to them, but I NEED THEM! Where did you find those?!! Seriously – I will steal them. I”m having an emotional reaction to them.

    1. Now I’m afraid you will sneak into my house at night and run off with my chairs!

      They are mid century club chairs – original blue velvet upholstery! I got them at a consignment shop a couple of years ago – and I have a serious love affair going on with them too.

      But you can always come and visit them!

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