How to Make a Paint Chip Table Runner


How to Make a #Paint Chip Table Runner


Remember my eclectic table?

Mismatched dishes …

vintage clipboards as chargers …

an old wooden toolbox …

and my favorite paint chip crafts idea!

Eclectic #Tablescape - love how she mixed styles

Make a Paint Chip Table Runner

Paint Chip Crafts supply ideas - love this!

1) Gather up your favorite paint chips (I used them in order for an ombre effect)

2) Measure your table and subtract about one foot – this will be the length of your runner

Note:  you don’t want it to hang over the edge or you’ll see the gaps in the chips

3) Cut a piece of wrapping paper to a width of a couple of inches shorter than your paint chips and by the length you came up with in Step 2

4) Simply glue paint chips onto the long piece of wrapping paper with a glue stick

5) Place on your table and admire your colorful creation

How to Make a Paint Chip Table Runner

P.S. Check out my favorite table runner that I ever made!

P.P.S. Where do you stand on this hot topic?  Is using paint chips for crafts stealing?  I say no if used in moderation – meaning don’t clean out the paint chip aisle in one swoop (by the way, I used this from an old color wheel my painter gave me years ago).

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  1. Hi, I am glad you mentioned that you wanted feedback about whether using paint chips was stealing or not. Well I wouldn’t say it was stealing, the companies produce them for people to use in color selections and are there free with no posted restrictions. However, sooner or later the paint companies are going to start passing the cost on to paying consumers through rises in paint prices or charges for paint chips. At first it seemed perfectly harmless, but if people are going in and clearing out whole sections, this is not using them for the intended purpose obviously. I’m sure they have had problems with paint sticks in the past. That is why now some stores charge for them and almost all stores keep them behind the counter. Since there are no posted rules, you will have to use your conscience on this one. How does it feel to you? When you see a bowl of candy at someone’s desk or at a professional office, do you take one or two pieces and go happily on your way, or open your purse and empty the contents of the bowl? At casual restaurants, do you use the items such as sugar or cream on an as needed basis, or do you take all there is at your table and add to your collection at home? You can see where this is going. I am sure no one thought of taking paint chips for crafts as stealing when the idea first gained a following. But once you sit back and think about it, how do you feel about it now?

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