What I’m Giving to Someone Special This Year & a Giveaway



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“You can kid the world, but not your sister.”
– Charlotte Gray


Remember when I indulged myself with a bottle of Wonderstruck perfume?

Well, it’s only fair to spread the sweet smelling love with a holiday gift for someone special.

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My sister is amazing.

Yes, I harbored deep feelings of resentment when she used to take my shoes, jewelry and makeup without permission …

returning everything wrinkled, ruined and broken.


But hey, I’m not bitter!

It’s been years since she’s swiped my shoes and sometimes I wish we could go back to those days of fighting over clothes.


She’s the only girl in a house full of testosterone and instead of watching Downtown Abbey, she’s usually watching whatever sport happens to be in season.  The girl needs something girly and what’s a better girly Christmas gift than perfume?

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So to show her my appreciation of all she does, I decided to give her a gift that she’d never buy for herself.

It’s something we all love but it always seems to be last on the list of things to buy.  Bonus – the sweet scent of Wonderstruck will bring the perfect amount of girliness to any soccer game.


For extra fun, she can download a free celebrity ringtone …

she’ll be feeling like a sweet smelling diva in no time flat.

Not only do the gift sets at Walmart make the perfect Christmas gift, but they also include a free ringtone code which you can redeem at http://ringintheholiday.com.

#ad Wonderstruck gift set - comes with fun free celebrity ringtones  #shop #cbias #ScentSavings kellyelko.com #shop


So now my sister and I can smell alike …

but that doesn’t mean I’ll let her borrow my shoes!


You deserve a treat too so I’m giving away a gift box of perfume or cologne to give to someone special.


Win a Surprise Gift Box of Perfume or Cologne

Follow the instructions in the Rafflecopter below to be entered to win your own perfume or cologne gift set – click the link below to enter.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


So forget practical this holiday season.

Think fun this year and head to Walmart where you can find an amazing selection of perfume any gal would love.


Want more ideas for sweet smelling gifts?  Check out http://www.scentsavings.net

Nitty Gritty:  Contents ends November 11, 2013.  Winner will be chosen randomly by Rafflecopter and contacted by email.  If no response with 3 days, another winner will be randomly chosen.  Open to continental United States residents only who must be 18 years or older.   Prize fulfilled by Collective Bias, Social Fabric.
This is a sponsored post but I only speak the truth – see my full disclosure policy here.

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  1. Summer vacations are my favorite childhood memories. BTW my daughter’s fave cologne is Wonderstruck. Hoping to win this for her.

  2. I had no one to steal clothes from or with. No one to to teach me how to blow dry my hair. If I couldn’t find my shoes it was always my own fault. But I always smelled good!

  3. My sister is 5 years older than I am. She was closest to my brother (only 3 yrs older than she). I didn’t get to wear her clothes because she was a lot bigger than I was. My favorite childhood memory was one Sunday when we played gin rummy (a card game) by the big picture window overlooking our street while my parents entertained our guests. She let me listen to her Carol King Album too! We weren’t close but we have made amends and God has done miraculous things in both of us and I treasure her now at 53/58! We shared a room and she would put me on the side of the room (with a big piece of tape down the middle) with the window to get in. : / She finally got her own room/bed in HS. We were both glad. Ha! I love my sister!

  4. I always wanted a sister. I was so happy when I had 2 daughters 22 months apart. They were always very close growing up and are still best friends as adults.
    I just saw Wonderstruck in the store. Love the scent. Would love to win it.

  5. My sister and I use to fight all the time! I would get so mad at her that I would throw all of her clothes from her drawer on the floor. And of course being the youngest sister she would run off and cry to Mom, what a baby, I miss that. And I love her so much.

  6. I just recently “got found” ny my sister!! After wanting a sister my whole life.. it is amazing to finally have one!! I am amazed by how alike we are!!

  7. I never had a sister but my mother was like my sister. I remember when her and I would make doll clothes she had the finest stitches. I would cut out the clothes and we would sit and sew all day until they were done. that was the most precious time of my life growing up.

  8. Reading your post made me smile. My sister and I have always been like oil and water, but in a good way if that’s possible 🙂 Despite our bickering if it came down to it we would do anything for each other. She is also in a house full of testosterone, so this would make a great “just because” girly gift for her. I don’t think she gets enough of those….

  9. I was the sister getting into my older sisters things! But I also had a little sister too and she paid me back, 10 fold!! Thank the Lord for my sweet sisters, for sweet smelling perfume, and for awesome giveaways!!! Thank you, Kelly!

  10. It wasn’t my favorite memory then but it is now. My little sister used to want to tag along everywhere I went. Of course because she was 7 years younger I didn’t want her to tag along. But looking back now I realize she just wanted to be like me and she looked up to me. That is why she wanted to tag along. I let her tag along a lot but there were times I didn’t. I wish I’d let her tag along every time now. We are still best friend sisters today. She loves Taylor Swift so I am sure she would love wonderstruck perfume. Thanks for doing this great giveaway!

  11. BooHoo! I never had a sister. I’m not sure if that was a blessing or a curse! There were many times I would have gladly traded my little brother for anything, including a sister or pet hamster. I can’t wait to smell Wonderstruck. What a fun giveaway! I bet my middle daughter would love it, it’s a good stocking stuffer idea!!! xoxo jules

  12. I am lucky enough to have a sister AND a best friend who is like a 2nd sister. We don’t always see eye to eye, and we definately have our own opinions, but when it comes down to it, we would al do anything for each other, and that’s really what family is all about

  13. It would be with my brother, going to the movies during the summers when Mom would be at work. That would be the only times that we wouldn’t fight with each other. He would tell me about our grandparents and the house on the river. He would talk to me about our Dad. He would treat me like he loved me, which I figured out much later that he does.

  14. My favorite childhood memory is getting off the school bus and racing down our driveway to get in the door to see my Mom. I always tried to beat my brothers and sisters into the house!

    1. My favorite childhood memories are of swinging on my swings or swinging on the swings at the playground. I still feel giddy when I swing on swings.

  15. We didn’t have much family, but my parents always made holidays and birthdays fun. My mom always made different foods each season. Yummy homemade treats!

  16. My favorite childhood memory was growing up on the military base and having punecone fights with all the neighborhood kids. It was so awesome!

  17. One of my favorite childhood memories was Christmas when I was 10 (1972) and my grandmother along with three of her six sisters joined us for the holiday. I enjoyed that magical feeling of being surrounded by the warmth and love of family.

  18. One of my favorite childhood memories…OK, I’ll include one about my sister since you were on the topic! One of my bedroom windows overlooked the roof of the addition built onto our house – which happened to be my sister’s bedroom. We would open my bedroom window and climb out onto the roof of the addition and sit out there and talk while listening to the Rolling Stones. It was our little private place to get away from our parents.

  19. I was the only girl at home with two brothers, but in college I had a houseful of sorority sisters that gave me lifelong memories and friendships

  20. Favorite childhood memory…wow, that was such a l-o-n-g time ago! One of my favorites is the way the first dog I ever had – she was part beagle and part chihuahua – would ride in my wicker bicycle basket when I went for a ride. It was a hoot – her eyes flapping in the wind!

  21. My favorite memories are of exploring in the woods with my twin brother, and usually “accidentally” falling in the creek.

  22. When I was a little girl, Santa left a child starter electric sewing machine with a kit to make an apron. It began a life-long love of sewing. I made many of my own clothing through my teen years and several quilts as an adult.

  23. I’m a twin, and as a child my twin and I left my older sisters Chatty Cathy doll outside in the rain and ruined it. I’m now 55 yrs. old and the wet/ruined doll still jokingly comes up in conversation! 🙂 This would be a great “Please forgive me for the wet doll” gift for her!

  24. Summer evenings with lightning bugs and the smell of honeysuckle. I can close my eyes and be back there, anytime I feel the need for peace and a gentle reminder of my place in the universe.

  25. I always made do with good girlfriends and turned them into sisters. I never had one of my own. My oldest niece is like my little sister and we do things together, so I would share this gift with her. Thank you for this sweet giveaway!

    [email protected]

  26. I have two older sisters and we’re all so different. Bookworm, diva, and tomboy. So? Growing up was challenging for my folks for sure. But we all loved to bake. Cookies, pies, some pretty lopsided cakes! But we had so much fun in that tiny farm house kitchen.

  27. My sister and I would play ‘magical train’ in her huge closet. We would visit exotic places and my mother would often accommodate our inventive imaginations. Once, we traveled to Italy, and my mom made the kitchen into an Italian bistro, with spaghetti on the menu! Oh, the joys of childhood.

  28. Not sure if this is where to write my favorite childhood memory, but here goes!
    My sister & I are 4 years apart but many times, we’d get similar gifts at Christmas time. One of my favorite Christmas memories was when our Grandma would buy all of us granddaughters (3 in all ) little perfume gift sets for girls. I thought I was in HEAVEN to have my own perfume. Usually came with a little ring, maybe a brush and a comb. Nowadays if it doesn’t plug in, they’re not interested – but we loved our perfume from our Grandma!!

  29. I’m blessed with lots of wonderful memories, but I always loved hunkering down under a shade tree with a good book or playing dolls under our weeping willow. It was like a house!
    Thanks for hosting, Kelly!
    xo Heidi

  30. My best childhood memory was when my mom would take us down the pond/park to feed the ducks. We went almost every day!!!

  31. Favorite memories were spending time with my Grandparents. They were special people, and they always made me feel special.

  32. Favorite memories – swimming in my grandparents pool. And riding my bike with my cousin on secret trails we found behind the subdivision.

  33. Christmas Eve up north with all my female cousins, they were more like sisters and Christmas Eve was always my favorite childhood memory and tradition!

  34. I got a Thumbelina doll when I was a little girl for Christmas one year back in the 60’s. You wound her up with a dial in her back and she moved her head. I got the german measles one year and held onto that baby doll for dear life. It was my favorite toy or maybe even possession of all time. Loved it. Loved her. smile. Thanks Mom and Dad. <3


  35. favorite childhood memory? I have so many… Going to the San Francisco aquarium with my Dad when my sister was born. It was just a special day, He and I. My dad passed away when I was 12, so everything I did with Him is so special!

  36. Oh yes, also too, the Thumbelina doll sucked her thumb, and so did I! LOL. Such wonderful memories though, really. It truly is the little things that mean a lot. Brings back floods of memories and so much joy. Merry Christmas. Nothing satisfies like a good vintage memory.

  37. I had a big stuffed monkey as a child. His name was, Toejoe and I dressed him in real clothes, took him every place with me and slept next to him every night! He was the sibling I never had and my best friend! I am fifty years old and I still have him, packed away in a cedar chest where no harm can come to him!

  38. I was the eldest of 6. I have many happy childhood memories, but my favorites usually involve “teaching” one of my younger sisters or brothers to do something – like color in the lines, print their name, tie their shoes, sing a song, read, decorate a cake, use a sewing machine, etc. I also remember sitting next to & watching (fascinated) my grandmother while she put on her face creams & make-up (noteworthy because I don’t believe her daughter, my mother, ever did that in her whole life — both of them were beautiful women, who didn’t need make-up; neither of them realized this, but for my grandmother it was what a woman did and for my mother, with 6 children, she didn’t have any time for herself).

  39. I love my sister. She is beautiful, feisty, strong, and there for me when I need her. My daughter would love this perfume. Great giveaway.

  40. Oh my…remembering a favorite time is really hard. We slept together our whole lives at home…so sharing our bed and telling secrets under the covers and giggling would be my favorite times.

  41. My favorite childhood memory is spending our summers Up North in Wisconsin at our Grandparents cabin on the lake. We had THE BEST time, played outside all day til they made us come in. I miss those days…

  42. We always got together at Thanksgiving at my grandmother’s home. She had a big old farmhouse and there was plenty of room for everyone. That house is gone now and our homes are much smaller, so it remains a beautiful memory.

  43. My favorite childhood memory is of my brother and I going to our granny’s house to eat dinner and she made the most delicious foods and desserts!

  44. I would love to spend time with my grandmother… she had a trunk full of old dresses and old costume jewelery. When I would stay with her she would let me go thru the trunk and I could play pretend with the dresses and jewelery. Sweet memories.. I’m trying to put together a trunk so when my granddaughter comes to visit me she will be able to play pretend.

  45. I lived with my aunt when I was a little girl. She used to have me dress up in her old gowns and my cousin would put out a spotlight and play music while I danced all over the back yard. The little girls next door would peek through the fence. I had a pretty tough childhood and had a bit of a hard time coming up with a memory. Thank you for helping remember.

  46. My favorite childhood memory is learning to sew with my mom and grandmother. My grandma is no longer with me and I now have her old sewing machine cabinet. It is refinished and has a place of honor in my sewing room and I think of her every time I sew.

  47. A favorite childhood memory is spending time with my grandmother when I was young. She would play records for my sister and me, sit on the floor and color with us, and let us style her hair!

  48. My father was on a business trip and could not attend my first piano recital when I was about 8 years old. He sent me a corsage to wear of yellow roses. I was so excited and I still have the little card that reads, “Good Luck on your recital tonight! Love, Daddy

  49. My favorite childhood moment was going to see Christmas Lights with my parents. We did this every year and continued the tradition until they passed away. I love Christmas Lights and take my grandboys with my daughters and hubby. I sure miss those sweet car rides and saying Oh they are ready when we saw a beautiful lit house. Thank you for letting me relive those days! Di@Cottage-wishes

  50. I have 2 sister’s one older and one younger. So I got to steal from the older and then the younger stole from me! 😉

  51. My favorite memory is definitely waiting for each Harry Potter book to arrive at my house! It was like Christmas! I grew up with those books. <3

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