New Thanksgiving Traditions – How to Make Thankful Pumpkins


Start a Thanksgiving Traditions - How to Make Thankful Pumpkins

I’m a lucky girl who has a lot to be thankful for.

My beautiful girls, my hot hubby, my family and friends, my health …

not to mention things like chocolate, wine and margaritas.


You know I’m all about creating simple projects …

How to make a thankful pumpkin - create fun memories for the whole family

and I’m a big believer in making memories and what better remembrance of all those family Thanksgiving dinners than a Thankful Pumpkin that I can gaze at lovingly when I’m an 87 year old woman in a rocking chair.

So I’m starting one of my own new Thanksgiving traditions this year.

I’ll remember that Vanessa is really thankful for pasta and Taylor Swift (don’t worry, she did write mom & dad on the other side) …

Make mini Thankful Pumpkins - the perfect Thanksgiving craft

and Olivia is thankful for candy and trips to the mall.

Fun idea for a new Thanksgiving tradition - make Thankful Pumpkins

Make a Thanks Pumpkin

Buy a funkin – aka, a fake pumpkin!

Spray paint it white or whatever other color catches your fancy

Write what you are thankful for with a Sharpie and put a mini pumpkin on your guests plates so they can join in the fun

Add a little gold gilding to the stem for some pizazz – every pumpkin needs pizazz

Pull the pumpkin out when you’re 87 years old and remember good times


So set out a big pumpkin – real or funkin – centerpiece and a mini at every place setting and let your guests tell you what they’re thankful for.

Make a Thanksgiving Thankful Pumpkin - start a new tradition the whole family will love!


These will look amazing with another tradition we started a few years ago – a fun Thanksgiving centerpiece that the kids can make while you’re cooking.


I’m also thankful to have made the most amazing friendships with this talented group of gals.

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  1. What a cute idea! My girls are thankful for Taylor Swift and a little bling, too! Perfect project for the Thanksgiving table! Thanks for sharing!

    Happy day!

  2. I absolutely love this idea. I think we are going to try this for this year. I will then put them away and save them for when my granddaughter (2 yrs.) gets older and can see what we were thankful for through the years.

  3. Lovely idea. I could see myself trying this with REAL pumpkins and then wondering what the smell was from the seasonal storage closet about mid December!

  4. Love this kelly! My kind of project, easy and sentimental and pretty!
    I usually just print out small tags and insert them in glass balls and add the year with glitter glue outside. So far, I’ve had 2 years of these ‘thankful” ornaments for our tree. Planning to do it again this year or maybe I just might ‘steal’ you pumpkin Idea!

  5. What a cute idea. Love it! We always go around the table and say one thing each person is thankful for. One year SweetCheeks said- I am glad no one is in jail. OMG-we about died laughing- xo Diana

  6. Oh Kelly I LOVE this idea! My girls pumpkin would read a lot like yours do…T.S., trips to the mall, candy & pasta. Too funny..r your girls 10 & 13 too? Thank you so much for being on this tour with us.

  7. Oh those are adorable!
    What a fun new tradition- glad you got a mention on the pumpkin lol-wonder if Taylor Swift will be replaced next year!

  8. Love it. If I hate the Dollar Tree fakes that I could paint and keep, I’ll go with the real deal, that unfortunately won’t.
    Unless you have a trick for that. I saw one somewhere………

  9. These are AWESOME Kelly!! I love this idea and I have been trying to find more white pumpkins but HobLob was sold out as of two weeks back so I am going to need to just paint some! So glad to hve been a part of this tour with you!
    Pinning, of course. Have a great weekend!

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