Road Trip – I’m Heading to Brimfield with my Flea Market Checklist!

If you love bargains, you love garage sales, flea markets and estate sales (check out my Estate Sales 101 – Tips for Snagging the Best Stuff).


Brimfield is the ultimate thrifters paradise!

2 miles…

5,000 dealers…

antiques as far as the eye can see.

Flea Market Checklist - everything you need for a successful day of thrifting!

Now that’s what I’m talking about!

Like the elusive Blue Footed Booby,

(no, I’m not making that up),

I’ve heard epic tales of Brimfield.

Flea Market Checklist - everything you need for a successful day of thrifting!

But I have a confession to make.

I’m a Brimfield virgin.

Well, at least I will be until tomorrow

when I road trip with a couple of friends for the 3 1/2 hour journey

to nirvana

(wait, do I hear angels singing)?


And of course, I’ll be bringing my dorky cart and making sure my flea market checklist is checked off.

Flea Market Checklist - everything you need for a successful day of thrifting!

A Cool Girl’s Flea Market Prep List

Dorky Cart – for carrying all of my finds
Cash & Checkbook – cash is king but have a backup
Water – a gal gets thirsty in those dusty fields
Snacks – carbo loading for maximum satisfaction
Sunscreen & Bug Spray – keep the elements at bay
Hat – it’s hot, it’s July!
Rain Jacket – you never know
Blankets – to lay in the car and wrap your finds
GPS – don’t get lost on the way!
Boxes – a place to store your breakables on the long journey home
Boots – be prepared for wet fields
Comfy Shoes – now’s not the time for a fashion show – comfort is key
Tote Bags – a place for all those smalls
Layers – mornings are cool, afternoons are hot, hot, hot
Pad/Pencil – jot down your favorite vendors and make sure you can find them when you pick up your goodies
Tape Measure – to find that perfectly sized mirror
Room Measurements – you don’t want to lug that giant armoire home only to find it’s 2″ too big
Cell Phone/Camera – document your fun
Pals – there’s nothing better than having gal pals with while shopping


So I’ll be tweeting my way through Brimfield if you want to follow along.

Follow Me on Twitter as I tweet my way through Brimfield!

Meeting people like this:

Brimfield Customers - Flea Market Checklist - everything you need for a successful day of thrifting!

Anything special you’re searching for?

Let me know and I’ll try to take pics!

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  1. i grew up down the road from there and went several times as a kid. the last time i went back there was when i was pregnant with sawyer- i need to get my butt up there! my mom has a good friend who is a dealer there and has been now for i guess maybe 8 years? anyhow, i have some great brimfield treasures and hope to get back one day! have fun!

  2. OMG, i’m super jealous!! I’m on a mission for interesting/vintage glass bottles for my dining room light fixture! Tweet me if you find some! @heidimilton
    xo Heidi

    PS– your list ROCKS! 🙂

  3. I’d never heard of that before… Looked it up and it’s just over 1 1/2 hours from me! My heart is banging I want to go searching for treasures so bad, I feel like a addict must feel when they are looking to get a fix!

  4. If I could choose my favorite destination spot it would be a gigantic flea market! How fun! Thanks for the list of things to bring — never thought of the measuring tape and room measurements or boxes! LOVE that pic of the couple in search of Mah Jongg games! I’d say ‘have fun’ but that’s pretty much unnecessary!

  5. oh how fun…brimfield is also on my bucket list and i’m about 3 1/2 hrs. away as well. if i didn’t have a 90th birthday party planning to do for the following weekend (among other things), i’d be there! i will just settle for the bouckville show in august that’s an hour away…and less people! can’t wait to see what you find. btw..i think your cart is perfect for antiquing!

  6. Have an awesome time! I’m not too far from there and went a couple of years ago and it was amazing. Even my boys loved it. I can’t wait to see what you get!


  7. That looks like a Massachusetts sign? I would need to take out a loan if I made one step towards that place…it sounds awesome!! Can’t wait to hear about all your finds. Have fun!

  8. Live in Mass. & go to Brimfield all the time. It is amazing! My best friend & I have done a girls weekend at Brimfield. & stayed overnite…so much fun…so much to see…enjoy…I’m going on Sunday 🙂

  9. Around the Ohio area, Rogers is the place to be. I have not been there yet, but look forward to it. (I have lupus and cannot be in the sun. :~( ) I think along with the (it is not dorky if you gotta haul stuff) dorky cart, I will attach an umbrella, adding sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, cooling rags, long sleeve white cotton shirt, and so on. Love your list!!

    1. Pamela,
      I lived in Columbus for 4 years and loved Scotts and there was another one I went to that was about an hour away (forget the name). Scotts is indoors – you should check it out. Never heard of Rogers but if I’m ever back in OH, you can bet I’ll be there with my dorky cart!

  10. OMG. I am sooooo envious. Not jealous mind you…. Just wish I was going. I dream of attending one of those GIANT sales. You are going to have, So. Much. Fun.

    Good hunting to you!!!!!!! Have a blast =)

  11. Cool! You’re going to have a blast! My Ottawa decorator friends are planning a trip to Brimfield in September, so I’m really anxious to hear about your experience there.

    If you see any glass fishing floats, I’d love to see some pictures 🙂

  12. Love the track suit tag team … the list of essentials to take along has me running for the hills! Hurts my head. So many things just to go … kinda like traveling with kids again!

    Have a fabulous time and I’m sure you’ll find amazing things to plant flowers in and hang on the wall or place over your fireplace! This is like going to Disney World for you thrift store maniac!


  13. Way beyond jealous! This is definitely on my bucket list, too. Right after they come up with some way for me to breathe outdoors in July or May or Sept.. Hey, if you see any used, working space suits….that’s what one doc said I needed, but he said new. I live in north central CT, if you come up I-91 you’ll come through my town! I’m awful with twitter, but I’ll try. This will literally be a first communication. If you’d like to meet for lunch or breakfast or dinner or something I’d love that! I have no idea what time (or if) you’d be coming through. If I don’t tweet back; that’ll just mean I can’t get it to work for me. Ya know, can’t teach an old dog….Email me & I’ll reply with my cell #.

    1. Janet,
      A space suit – maybe I can find a vintage one at Brimfield! I’d love to meet but I’m on a tight schedule. 2 pals and I are are heading down late tomorrow night and spending the night then hitting Brimfield early Thursday morning. Then we have a 3 1/2 hour ride home! So no detours this time unfortunately. Wish you could be there with us!

  14. Good list! Especially the part about the shoes. My MIL and I went flea marketing last weekend in triple digit heat, and I passed a girl in a little black dress and 6 inch heels. Whaaaaat? Even if she could deal with the blisters, she’s not hauling any sweet furniture around in those things. 😉

  15. I hope you are having a blast and I am so envious you made my pink hair turn green, and not because I have been swimming.

    If you are still there and see a ‘Fanta” sign, my son would flip for it.

    Can’t wait to see all your booty loot!

  16. I know you had the best time EVER! I cannot wait to see what you all got! And hear the stories! I know they are going to be amazing!

    🙂 me

  17. I have been to Brimfield a few times and loved it. I never bought big purchases – just cute things I thought were different. We always topped it off with a two-night stay at the Red Lion Inn located in nearby Stockbridge – my favorite town/village in the USA. It’s about 50 miles from Brimfield.

  18. I’m following on twitter because the last big sale I went to was Renninger’s in Mt. Dora, and and it pretty well kills me to miss the fun. Can’t wait to see pictures. I hope there’s a boatload!

  19. I have never been and want to go so bad, however thats a long drive from Missouri and none of my running buddies like flea markets ? where did I get these friends right ?????

    some day I will go by myself i’ll put it on my bucket list , I just need some good advice of where to sleep etc

    have a good time and take lots pictures , look for me some mother of pearl handled forks


    1. Bring a tent, camp locally. Parking available for a small fee in yards, open fields etc. Kids available with there bikes and carts to haul your bigger buys to your vehicle for a fee. Plenty of food places available, but most of all where comfortable loose clothing and shoes, and bring a bag on wheels.

  20. Let me know if you have advice about where to park & start your day and the “don’t miss” tents/areas, please. I went to Round Top last year with a seasoned veteran and I know I would have missed a ton if I didn’t have a good veteran to guide the way!

    1. Barb, I got there early (6am) so parking was a breeze (plus less crowded in July)! I parked in the middle (in the shade for $5) so it was easier to lug stuff back to the car. The areas I preferred for shopping were by the Church. One field was opening the day we were there and we paid to get in ($5) but didn’t buy anything there. People were lining up before the gates opened (I did not!) but that field had more high end stuff (fabulous barn doors, larger pieces of furniture). Hope that helps – bring your stamina, Brimfield is huge!!

      1. So you arrived, parked and didn’t need to move the car again? Good to know. (and just plain, old good!) Very different from Round Top, where we probably drove to 6 or 7 different areas over 2 days and I never would have known where to go without help. No wonder you’re toting that fabulous cart!

  21. There is no way you can do Brimfield in one day. With people bringing there stuff from far and wide plan on a least five days if you don’t want to miss anything! We combined camping at local campgrounds, shopping flea market, and local shops. Great way to spend vacation week great finds, great food, and good times with like friends and family!

  22. Always carry a strong magnet that is great for telling you the type of metal you have discovered plus a good magnifying instrument as well to see better details on items such as photos.

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