Reclaimed Wood Monogram and a Giveaway!

Love this weathered wood monogram from Ava Berry Lane over the tv in this cozy family room

Today’s post is brought to you by the letter E.

E is for ecstatic.

That’s how I feel about this amazing reclaimed wood monogram that was custom made for me by Kathryn of Ava Berry Lane.

As soon as it arrived on my doorstep, I ripped open the package and carried the monogram all around the house, upstairs & downstairs (I burned 147 calories) trying to find the perfect place for it.

It looked great in my kitchen …

Love the texture of the old wood planks on this monogram

but I finally settled on giving it a prominent place in my family room.

Love this cozy family room and the wood monogram over the tv

Best part is that the monogram is completely customizable.

I looked at pics in the Ava Berry Lane gallery to get some ideas and told her I wanted a mix of weathered wood with some white.

She nailed it!

She’ll even paint a year on the piece – “est 1995” to commemorate a special date.

LOVE this rustic wood monogram - it's completely customizable - you can choose wood colors and more

E is for euphoria!

Love this wooden monogram over the tv

Update: Winner is Shirley S – congrats!

WIN a 24″ Reclaimed Wood Monogram from Ava Berry Lane

Winner chosen from my comments

1) Hop over to Ava Berry Lane and check out all of the amazing ways you can customize your own piece then come back here and leave me a comment letting me know what you would choose

Extra Entry

2) Follow Ava Berry Lane on Instagram (leave separate comment below)


Details: Giveaway ends at midnight EST June 20. Winner will be chosen by and notified by email. If no response within three days, a new winner will be chosen.  Monogram shipped by Ava Berry Lane within continental US only.

Thanks Ava Berry Lane for the E of my dreams!


tray on ottoman
Selfie mug and bunny – HomeGoods
Sofa, chair and ottoman – Ethan Allen

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  1. oh…those are so pretty. You picked a great spot for your ‘E’. I would love to have a J set amongst the various woods with maybe a thin color thrown in.. Great giveaway. Have a good week!
    PS- I think you only burned 117 calories.

  2. Beautiful! I would love to have the E in reclaimed with champagne
    metallic est 2005 … Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  3. Love this! These are beautiful! I would choose the 24″ circle, reclaimed with champagne and eat. 2011.

  4. “E” is my letter too! I would do a pallet size, it would look great in my living room. I love both the reclaimed wood or the weathered wood options.

  5. I would love a mix of gray, weathered and whitewashed wood with a hint of duck egg blue paint!

  6. Oh, these are gorgeous! I would customize mine in a medium wood tone (much like your buffet below the TV, Kelly) with just a simple “O”. That’s plenty for me! Thank you kindly!

  7. I never knew about Ava Berry Lane. Such beautiful work! I would choose an “S” with “est 1995” for my wedding year. I love the look of a mix of white washed & reclaimed wood. I would be thrilled to have one of her monograms hanging in my home!

  8. These are so beautiful!

    I would do a ‘C’ in aqua blue, white wash, and some natural wood, with ‘Est. 2009’ in teal.

    Happy to follow Available Berry Lane on IG under @mmuneca 🙂

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  9. Definitely just a big ol’ P :-). I love the weathered look with the robins egg blue in there. Every one I’ve seen is beautiful.

  10. I would get a white/blue “J” and put it in my newborn son’s room!! These are beautiful & what a great giveaway!!

  11. So hard to choose, they are all so beautiful! I would do the weathered wood with a thin strip of duck egg blue towards the bottom and the letter C!

  12. These are so unique and would look awesome in so many spaces. We are building a house right now so I can see myself trying out lots of spots to find a spot for the Large circle monogrammed one! I couldn’t decide which I liked more the white or reclaimed. Following on Instagram to get more ideas!!

  13. So pretty! My walls are pretty bare but I think a C in reclaimed with white would look great in my living room.

  14. Our 30th anniversary is June 22, so this would be an awesome gift to ourselves! I’d choose the 20 or 24 inch round with weathered reclaimed wood. Perfect for gallery wall or our porch. Thank you for a chance at this awesome giveaway! To Ava: beautiful work, SO original !

  15. There are so many great options that it is hard to choose! Any option would look great but I think I would do a 20″ round with the weathered or white washed wood and the letter “S”! It would look perfect in our house!!

  16. I love yours Kelly and would all but have to copy, except for the monogrammed initial of course! I love the round, although I would need the size smaller. I am in Love, Love with the reclaimed wood. I think it’s beautiful as is. What a fun new addition to your room

  17. I follow you on Instagram and noticed your wooden E monogram a while back! It looked great in your kitchen, but I like it even more as the focal piece above your TV! I love the look of the reclaimed wood monograms with a pop of blue. What a special decor piece that will last a lifetime!

  18. I’m following Ava Berry Lane on Instagram @deb635
    (Still trying to figure out exactly how Instagram works. Guess I’m an Internet social dinosaur)

  19. It’s beautiful! I would do a letter “R” and a 2002 date (for when our family began). Great choice with the weathered and white wood mix! Thanks for the chance!!

  20. Awesome piece for sure, so my finger and toes are crossed that you’ll pick me. (giggle) Love the reclaimed wood in the square or circle 😉

  21. Love these so much!
    I would customize a 20 inch round with gray stain and black paint with my letter “I”
    Thanks so much for the opportunity to win. Good luck to all

  22. Decisions, decisions!! I know I would want a C and some grey because I’m changing over my brown house to a grey house. I’m just not sure about any additional colors. I’ll have to think on that 🙂

  23. Oh I Would do a round monogram “B” adding 2015 so I could give it to my nephew to commemorate his wedding in July.

  24. Love, love, love the reclaimed wood monograms! I would get a “C” in whitewashed wood, with “est. 1992” for our 23rd wedding anniversary is this summer. Thanks! 🙂

  25. I love this!!!! So unique. I would love a reclaimed w maybe with a little champagne metallic paint!!! Thanks so much!!!!

  26. I would love to have one with an “M” for my new last name — coming in November. I think it would be gorgeous in a mix of white, weathered and gray woods. Est 2015 would make it extra special.
    My wedding decor is gray with pops of honey yellow and monograms. This would fit right in!

  27. I discovered Ava Berry Lane a few weeks ago on Instagram. She has amazing signs! I would love an H in the reclaimed wood with some espresso and white wash with est. 2001. Thanks!

  28. Love these! Just gorgeous! I would want a “C” with different woods and maybe a bit of deep red. Would look perfect in my entry for everyone to see as soon as they entered my home!

  29. I would choose M, my 14 year old daughter is redoing her room little by little- when she could afford it- and it would look perfect in her room. She is trying to collect M’s. Her name is Myah.

  30. I would love an “F” in the reclaimed wood but with white and duck egg blue pieces thrown in. I’d also have Est. 1987 put at the bottom. All of this in the 20″. These are beautiful!

  31. I’m getting married to the love of my life this September and would love a “B” monogram that says Est. 9.12.15

  32. This is beautiful! I love the round 24″ reclaimed wood monogrammed with the letter “B” with est 1988 in duck egg. I would hang it in our family room with our family pictures. We have been honeymooning for 27 years!

  33. These are simply awesome!!! I would love the letter “L” with a simple whitewash. Thanks for the opportunity to win!!

  34. This has the perfect feel for a TV room/den we are just finishing up in our home. I would also do a collage with it.

  35. I am in love with this I would run around the house too and find 10 different places for it before I could decide❤️❤️❤️ I would do a straight up G nice and simple

  36. I would LOVE an S for Schuler, Est. in 2000. These are great and if I don’t win, I’ll order!!

  37. I would love an ‘S’ with this year which would make a fabulouse gift for my son and his bride to be!

  38. Love this piece! The wood is absolutely beautiful and love the colors. I would love to have a B with shape and wood mix exactly as shown in post. You’ve inspired me to get working on my collage wall! Love your blog. Thanks!!!!!

  39. I would do the refurbished wood with a stripe of blue and a stripe of white! And a “B” of course!

  40. I LOVE these! I would do the refurbished wood with a stripe of white and a stripe of light blue. I saw one just like it on her Instagram and fell in love

  41. I would also do an “E”. Whitewashed, with blank paint stating “Est. 2005” since that is when we got married. Love it!

  42. An M would make my birthday fantastic!!! I just remodeled my home and this is the perfect piece for me!!!

  43. An M would make my birthday spectacular!!! This would go perfect in my newly remodeled home!!!

  44. I love the Wood color choices of the “Z” monogram sign on 24″ reclaimed wood – similar to yours! I would have a “T” for Taylor and our wedding date added: est. 2012

    I was already following her on IG!

    Woohoo! Thanks for the opportunity to beautify my home!

  45. I would do a combo of white, weathered, and a little of the beautiful blues she throws in. I just love all of her work so much the hardest part would be deciding what to pick! 🙂

    Thank you!

  46. I’d love to have a round one in reclaimed wood with some blue & grays added for my screened porch.

  47. I would have the letter “k” with the year 1984 in the colors like the one that has a letter B and year 2009 with the light mint on the wood.

  48. Wow I absolutely LOVE these monograms! I would get a P (est. 2014) with a mixture of espresso, medium, weathered, white washed, and duck egg. So many gorgeous examples on her Instagram!

  49. This is such a beautiful piece and I love the reclaimed wood with an S. Thanks for such an amazing giveaway.

  50. I have had my eye on an Ava Berry Lane monogram for several months and am so thankful for the chance to win one! There are so many fun combinations, but I think I would go with a W in a combo of weathered, gray and reclaimed wood with the year painted in duck egg for a splash of color.

  51. I would have to have a J to include my family. Love the whitewash and for some reason that pink was calling my name along with the natural wood. Really nice pieces.

  52. What a stunning sign…LOVE LOVE LOVE!
    I would choose an “H” with est. 2009
    Reclaimed wood…Crossing fingers!

  53. These are so awesome!!! I would love an L to go on my wall of L’s !! I would do a bunch of different slices of colored wood so it stands out on my wall!! Love it!!

  54. So many great options! I love the light blue against the tone of the wood on some of those. We would go with a “W” on one of the reclaimed wood signs with the light blue.

  55. I would just love an “A” out of very light whitewashed boards. All her works are so beautiful…

  56. Can’t wait to get one of these for our new home. 25″ will be perfect for over the fireplace. I love the multicolored ones!

  57. My first choice would be the first on n white with the letter “C:. Also love others as well. Great ideas, Thanks for sharing.,

  58. That’s gorgeous! I would choose a “W” with est 1987. White washed and reclaimed wood. So unique!

  59. E is for Everything….I loved everything!!…but when I saw the “S” that appears at the very beginning, I felt I did not need to go further, but of course I had to look at Each and Every beautiful thing…and then the “You are My Sunshine” got to me!…Extraordinary items!…Great giveaway!

  60. Every one of Kathryn’s creations is a beauty! I love them all….
    Like you, one of her monogram would be great in any room of my house!!! I think I would have to go with white that I would have flexibility of placement & it would always fit, regardless of room color. I’d prefer wide boards, reclaimed white wood, with a letter J. And if possible, maybe a laurel wreath encircling the monogram, similar to what is shown with her Prov 31 pallet board piece. That would look phenomenal~!!!!!

  61. I like the colors of the “B” but our last initial is “W”. I would love to have our last name behind the letter like “Logan” is behind the “L”. So creative!!

  62. The custom monogram sign made out of reclaimed wood is definitely my favorite item from her shop! Especially the ones with all the different finishes (like yours!).

  63. I love the unique finish of each piece. I would get a G using the Duck Egg and Champagne Metallic colors.

  64. These are all so beautiful! I would LOVE a whitish “W” on reclaimed wood, with “est 1985” to celebrate our 30th anniversary this summer.

  65. Letter “R” “est. 2010” circle reclaimed wood with a touch of duck egg. Thank you for the chance to win!

  66. Wow! How gorgeous!! I would love to have me a big pretty H, with reclaimed wood(what dreams are made of) and a splash of white! Ahhhhh! thanks for this sweet giveaway!!!

  67. I would love an “H” in a mix of reclaimed wood and whitewashed. I love all of the options!

  68. Love these! I would do J and I would include pieces of teal and white painted wood. Thanks for the fun!

  69. Absolutely love these monograms. I’ve been looking and looking for something different and I’ve finally found it. I wouldn’t change a thing about her sample “B” on her website, it’s just what would fit perfectly in my home. Your home is beautiful, the perfect retreat to unwind and to recharge. Thank you so much for sharing it.

  70. Gorgeous monogram! I would want one exactly like yours…except with a “C”, and established in 1974…about the time of the dinosaurs! Thanks for the opportunity! 😉

  71. These are fantastic!! I would want a round one – mostly different wood tones with a mix of blue – and the letter M.

  72. So many cool things but I would get exactly what you go with the same letter as that is the first initial of our last name. I have the perfect place for it on our back porch above our outdoor sectional!

  73. Oh my so many to choose from but I think a white washed circle with a B on it for my daughters anniversary would be great. Thank you for introducing us to her art and giving us a chance to win a piece.

  74. So pretty! I would choose the letter D in the reclaimed wood with some of the turquoise/aqua wood mixed in.

  75. I would adore anything, they’re all so beautiful! But most I would love having the letter “B” in the reclaimed wood!

  76. I would be happy with anything but if I could choose, I would love a “B” in the reclaimed wood!!

    I would hang it in my breakfast room for everyone to see and enjoy 🙂

  77. The letter S (established 2015). Just bought our dream home. Well almost. It’s a fixer upper, but the location is amazing. We will finally be on the lake. Granted it’s going to be a lot of work to up date it. But the end results will be worth it. I’m starting with a fresh pallet, and want to make our home bright, cheerful and relaxing.

  78. I LOVE her work!!! My favorite monogram that she does is the thin slat 24″ that is white and distressed! I would get an H and an est. 2011. I also love the idea of having a natural/ dark wood Sign with two strips of pink wood and the letter P with the name paisley spelt out through the P for my baby girls room. Her work is AH-mazing!

  79. I think I would choose a mixture of weathered wood with white as well. I would want a G and it to say est. 1991

  80. I love these!! I would choose the W just like the one on their Instagram with white/cream & light blue! It is gorgeous!!! I would absolutely love to win it!

  81. I love the reclaimed wood piece that has the stripe of blue. I would get a C. Also love the whitewash. Beautiful work!

  82. I would love to have one like yours but with “H”
    As the initial. I have a perfect place in our bedroom for it. It fits in perfectly with our farmhouse and existing decor!

  83. So beautiful! I would love an H with a mix of weathered wood in various tones mixed with some whitewash. Such beauty to choose from!!!

  84. I absolutely love these letters!! If I win, I would gift this to a close friend as a wedding gift. The striped painted is my fave!!

  85. I love that mixed weathered wood monogram! I can think if so many places in the house I could put it!!

  86. I love, love, love the monogram on reclaimed wood. I’d want one on the same wood as yours but with a little cream and white on it. Of course, i’d order the letter A for Avritt also.

  87. First, I have to start by saying “Thank You” for sharing this amazing artist with us! Her artwork is beautiful! It is so hard to even pick just one….but I do love the round custom monogram sign in I would describe in weathered wood beachy/pink/cream colors…with a W carved into it..Everything she does is breathtaking! Thank You again!

  88. Love her work! I would want our family initial with established 2014. We are a newly blended family 🙂

  89. Thanks for introducing me to Ava Berry Lane! Love her creations. I would do a whitewash and reclaimed wood with a little blue thrown in. Also like her music sheet signs!

  90. LOVE this! I would choose a letter H with a mix of wood tones, white,a dn blue I think. I don’t know…so many choices and all are equally gorgeous. Thanks and have a blessed day!

  91. THESE ARE TO DIE FOR!! Awesome work. I have the perfect spot in my house waiting for just this!
    I would love to have an ‘R’ in a combo of 1/3 reclaimed wood, 1/3 whitewash, 1/6 weathered and 1/6 duck egg blue! (oh, and maybe a thin strip of champagne metallic) <3
    Now following Ava Berry Lane on insta – thanks for turning me on to her – solid!

  92. Love, love!!!! Would love this for the peek of my vaulted ceiling in my family room. I never win anything though

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