Eclectic Home Tour – Santa’s House

Have you ever wondered how Santa and Mrs. Claus live? Today’s Santa home tour gives you a peek into their cozy log cabin. Bundle up and hop into Santa’s sleigh to take a magical tour of Santa’s log cabin!

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Before we enter Santa’s house, Sushi wants you to know that she’s been framed and was mistakenly put on the naughty list!

Adorable Boston Terrier in her Christmas clothes - so naughty!

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Eclectic Home Tours #hometour #homes #interiordesign #interiors

Way up at the North Pole, live Santa, Mrs. Claus, dozens of elves, and nine reindeer.

Santa’s log cabin is rustic storybook cabin covered in freshly fallen snow.

Santa's Log Cabin - take the tour!

After a long day of toy making, Santa relaxes by a roaring fire …

Love the stone fireplace in this beautiful log cabin

as Mrs. Claus knits stockings for the elves.

Beautiful stone fireplace with a roaring fire

The scent of cookie dough fills the air ever since Santa left a red Kitchen Aid stand mixer under the tree for the lady of the house.

Cozy log cabin kitchen

Log cabin kitchen

Santa takes a break from the toy shop to get a tall glass of milk to go with those cookies …

Love this round window in this rustic log cabin

before he updates the naughty and nice list.

Love the window in this log cabin

Before you know it, it’s time to settle down for a long winter’s nap.

Log cabin bedroom

In the morning, Santa makes sure every reindeer gets a stocking filled with oats.

Wood burning stove

An early wake up call rouses Santa from his slumber as he dons his coat and hitches the reindeer to the sleigh to take it for a whirl around the world.

Santa's mudroom

It’s everything I ever thought it would be.

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Thanks Zillow for conjuring up a peek into Santa’s house.

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  1. Awsome!! Love everything about it…..except shouldnt it be a “sleigh”bed!!! In the bedroom…..when can I move in!!

  2. Hi hi!
    Just wondering where you got (what supplier) the small wood stove with the cute crawling plants on it. I am currently looking for one that will fit in a corner!
    Thanks so much for responding, sincerely,

  3. My favorite is the living room with the fireplace lit, the beautiful Christmas tree and the inviting rocking chair with the Morroccon designed rug. Gives me a warm feeling.

  4. Wow, in my mind this is exactly what Santa’s home would be like. This was truly magical and made me smile. I love the keepsakes on the fridge and the beautiful detail on the wood stove. Thank you for sharing this Kelly! 🎅🤶

  5. I just know it looks just like this, now I want one of those cookies, I know they are better than any other!!

  6. So cozy! River rock and natural stone really add to the ambiance. Thank you Kelly for adding to the season this year.

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