Our Hangout Room Gets a Makeover … My Search is Over!


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Discover the Perfect Sofa Beds for Small Spaces (can fit up a tight staircase, through a narrow door) kellyelko.com

Have you ever read the book Flowers in the Attic?

The kids were locked high in grand mom’s attic so the mother could party like a childless rockstar.

She also had grandma sprinkle poison on their powdered doughnuts every morning but that’s a story for another time.

Fun teen room with a small space sofa bed kellyelko.com

My girls would lock themselves away in their attic hangout room if they could.

Except for one small problem …

it wasn’t a comfortable place to hang out …

Until now!

Our new sofa bed from Lamps Plus has changed their Wii playing, sleep over session, TV watching, book reading lives.

Love this fun room and the perfect sofa bed for a small space kellyelko.com

And since I am in the process of turning our guest room into my office, it’s also the perfect place for overnight guests.

It’s a cinch to fold down and voila …

Love this fold down sofa bed - perfect for small spaces kellyelko.com

instant full size bed!

Love this fold down sofa bed - so easy to go from sofa to bed kellyelko.com

The perfect sofa bed kellyelko.com

Can you believe the sofa came in this box!

Easy to get up a steep, narrow, third floor staircase.

The best part – it took only about 30 minutes to put it together – no tools needed!

It comes in a bunch of colors, including three pillows and the price can’t be beat.

Sofa bed in a box - perfect for tight spaces

So our next lucky guests will have all the bubble gum they can chew and a Nancy Drew book for late night reading.

Fun Teen Room kellyelko.com

Some things are definitely worth the wait.

Love this sofa bed - it's comfy & perfect for small spaces kellyelko.com
This sofa bed was one of them.

Now my girls have the hangout room of their dreams.


There will be more tweaking, painting and cool-ifying going on in this space so stay tuned for more.


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P.S.  Want to see how to get 8 different looks for one lamp – sharing on the Lamps Plus blog so head on over.

Thanks Lamps Plus for sending me the sofa bed of our dreams but I only speak the truth.  See my full disclosure policy here.

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  1. Kelly,
    The sofa IS perfect! I can’t believe how little room it takes up. What a wonderful treat for overnight guests. Your room looks lovely. : )

  2. What a great looking sofa. I need to get something like that for our guests bedroom. It would work perfect in there for me.

  3. I love Nancy Drew, bubble gum … and, of course, your new sofa/bed … too cool and the perfect find for the hangout room! Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. A sofa bed is the perfect solution I agree, my son has one too in his bedroom I got from Target on clearance, very useful for sleep overs and other guests if needed. Love their hang out space, those acrylic tables are just fabulous! I could hang out here too! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Kelly!

  5. I have been searching for something to accommodate both kids and guests in a playroom/guest room. This is perfect….and it comes in gray!!! Is is comfortable? Thanks for this post!

  6. Oh what a fun space! For the girls or adults! Love all the light and that lava lamp…so coooollll! Our little old farm house has an attic that husband and I use for a reading nook. We replaced windows for more light, added big cozy couches, and a small deck that’s right by a beautiful old oak. It’s like being in a tree house in the summer! Our rules for up there? No technology, bring the wine, and if the kitten goes up with you? Make sure she comes back down. By the way…she’s got her own Christmas tree. I found this totally cheesy 1950’s artificial one at the thrift store. $5.00! Kid’s sized and….purple! Purple! If she destroys it…it would probably be a blessing!
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Kelly!

  7. Thanks for sharing. I see your answer to an above comment about it being comfy for sleeping on but what about just sitting in? I’m looking for a sleeper sofa for the room my hubby and I watch movies in. Would it be comfy enough for 2+ hours?

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