The Un-Window Treatment

7-Up:  The Un-Cola and the Un-Window Treatment.

peter max 7up sign

Remember my fabulous Peter Max 1970’s 7-Up sign I found at the rummage sale last week?

Well, it’s found a home – as my kitchen window treatment.

If you want to call it a window treatment.

I can hear the collective horrified gasps of interior designers everywhere!

Peter Max 7-Up Sign Vintage

Former life on a vending machine to it’s current life in my kitchen window.

Designers, avert your eyes cause this little gal is staying put (for now anyway)!

Want to see the whole kitchen shebang?  Click here.

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  1. I love the window treatment from the “uncola” 🙂

    The pop of color looks amazing in your kitchen.

    Have a great day rock star.

    🙂 me

  2. I was still hoping you had a Big Change of Heart and sell it to me, LOL….it looks fantastic!!!! Green With Envy right now, but the good kind!!!! Way to go Kelly! Love IT!!!!

    1. By the way Kelly, I read somewhere that you have an Etsy store? if that is true…how do I get to it? like a link or something? Thank you! your findings always make me feel like one day I’m going to make it big in the “rummage treasure finding world”

  3. I love it!! I bet anyone who sets foot in your gorgeous kitchen will love it too. What a really cool way to use something so fun from the past. That sign just makes me think of a happy childhood summers at our neighborhood pool, and what a treat it was when we had money and could buy a 7 up!

  4. I’ve heard them called ‘window mistreatments’ and that would be quite fitting for the “Un-cola” decaf curtain you created. FUN FIND!


  5. I love it! It really brightens up that window and adds a cute quirky touch. Very nice.

    Thanks for stopping by The Cozy Old Farmhouse and commenting on my kitchen updates!

  6. I had to bring my husband over last night to see the Peter Max Seven-Up sign. We used these as dorm decor over the windows to block the light! Chucks wants to know if that makes the two of us vintage! I told him better vintage than antique!

    Distressed Donna Down Home

  7. Who cares if designers everywhere gasp in horror…it’s because they didn’t think of it first!
    I personally like it…
    make 7-UP Your…WINDOW TREATMENT!

    very snazzy!

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