Rockin Robin Christmas Tree & a Glowing Snow Village

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Themed Christmas Trees - love this tree with a flock of red cardinals perched in the branches

She rocks in the treetops all day long

Rockin and a boppin and a singing this song

Rockin robin, tweet, tweet, tweet …

Snowberry cardinals and red plaid Christmas tree - this tree is gorgeous!

Well, technically a flock of cardinals have taken roost in my Christmas tree but I don’t know any songs about cardinals.

My living room tree is all about family ornaments we’ve collected over the years so that means I can do whatever my little heart desires on my dining room tree and this year I’m going with a bird theme (not the Tippy Hedron type birds).

You know I have collecting issues so while one red cardinal ornament is good, a flock of red cardinal ornaments is even better in my book.

The best part is they clip right onto the branches and they’re shatter resistant but look like glass so I won’t have to worry if my new puppy Sushi knocks over the tree!

Make a DIY lighted Christmas snow village - love it in the old wagon!

While the birds are chirping in the treetops, a little snow covered village complete with a red church and blue glittered house is nestled under the tree in a vintage wagon.  A blanket of snow glimmers thanks to these very cool ultra slim wire lights that I just tucked beneath the snow.  I love that they are battery operated – no ugly cords to get in the way – and they can be set to blink on and off or a steady glow.  The wires are so thin that they are almost invisible – perfect for wrapping around branches or nestling inside glass jars.

A vintage wagon holds the cutest Christmas snow village - see how to make your own that lights up

Why stop at lights on the tree?

My birdhouse gets the royal treatment with battery operated LED globe lights.  I love the vintage inspired shape of the bulbs that are set to stay on for six hours then turn themselves off then on again the next day.

Why stop at lights in the bird themed Christmas tree - love these globe lights on a birdhouse

Make a DIY Christmas village complete with snow that glows

I love this festive plaid and cardinal themed Christmas tree - and the cute snow village in a wagon

Here’s to rocking out this Christmas.


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Cardinal ornaments, snow village houses, ultra slim wire lights and globe lights



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  1. I love cardinals. When my father died and we were at the cemetery, there was 12 inches of snow on the ground. A cardinal swooped down over his open grave and landed on my grandfather’s grave stone. My dad always fed sunflower seeds to the cardinals and when I see one, I feel like he is watching over me. I have several ornamental ones that I keep out all year and more on the Christmas tree. Thanks for posting. I love the wagon with the snow in it and will try that as well this year.

  2. Love that you have a traditional Christmas tree. It’s gorgeous with the flock of cardinals. Love that wagon and bird house too. Very pretty , Kelly! Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Kelly,
    As always, you blow me away with your creative mind! Love the idea of the lights with timers on them. Ordering right now for some areas that I don’t want to have to worry about and that aren’t near plugs. Problem solved! : ) Beautiful tree with a great sentimental feel. Thanks for sharing.

  4. What a wonderful idea,love the birds on the tree,the bird houses,and that wonderful old wagon. It is so very beautiful. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

      1. Kelly , Thank you so much for reply ! My town just got a Michael’s store about 2 weeks ago . I will pop over and see if they have this beautiful ribbon . Thanks again , Leticia

  5. Love how you have decorated your home for the holidays, can you tell me where you got your tree? and which one it is?

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