Vintage Christmas Tree Toppers

No tree is complete without a tree topper. They come in all sizes and shapes and materials but my favorites are the mercury glass vintage Christmas tree toppers, or finials as they are also called. I’m sharing the most creative ways to display these beauties that may inspire you to start your own collection.

Huge collection of vintage Christmas tree toppers in a wire basket /

Wire Basket Filled with Tree Toppers

Felicia says, “A fun basket of tree toppers! I added several in the last couple of weeks for a grand total of 67. I have more in a box buried somewhere in the basement. Do I need this many? No. Am I still going to buy them whenever I see them? Of course!”

Vintage tree toppers displayed in a planter /

Tree Toppers in Planter

“Sometimes you just have to ‘go’ with it… and that is exactly what I did with my vintage tree toppers this year! At the last minute I decided to ‘plant’ them and I am so excited with the way it turned out!” says Emily.

Vintage Christmas tree finial centerpiece with mercury glass picks and sprays /

Vintage Tree Topper Centerpiece

This festive centerpiece of mercury glass picks and sprays surrounding a trio of glass tree toppers in a lime green vintage planter is a retro Christmas dream.

Huge collection of vintage Santa mugs and Christmas tree toppers /

Tree Toppers in Vintage Pottery

If you can tear your eyes away from this amazing Santa mug collection, you will see an equally amazing forest of colorful tree toppers tucked into vintage pottery.

See Festive Santa Mug Display Ideas Here

Collection of colorful vintage Christmas tree toppers displayed in vintage pottery /
Collection of beautiful Christmas tree finials on architectural salvage /

Architectural Salvage Tree Topper Stands

Sharon says, “the cabinet is filled with vintage Christmas treasures and my tree toppers are displayed on architectural salvage that my husband drilled and glued in different sized dowels!”

You can also buy these wooden tree topper stands.

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Vintage tree toppers on bottle brush trees /

Jennifer Perkins is the queen of vintage Christmas collections and she has such a unique way of displaying them.

Tree Topper Display Ideas

Says Jennifer, “News flash: vintage Christmas tree toppers do not in fact have to be placed on top of trees.  Crazy I know!  They look great displayed in vintage glass genie bottles, atop mini bottle brush trees or stuffed into seasonal mugs.  Don’t be afraid to mix old and new, plastic and glass and ALL the colors.”

Vintage tree toppers on glass decanters /
Vintage Christmas tree toppers on a jadeite cake stand /

Tree Topper Forest Cake Stand

Courtney used sticky putty to temporarily adhere her collection of tree toppers to a beautiful jadeite cake stand.

Vintage Christmas tree finials in an antique ironstone pitcher /

Tree Topper Pitcher

A chippy old ironstone pitcher takes on a new life as a vessel for showing off delicate tree toppers.

Santa mug with vintage tree toppers and bottle brush trees /

Santa Mug Tree Toppers

Santa gets a punk rock hairdo with the addition of a couple of pink and green tree toppers and bottle brush trees.

Vintage tree toppers displayed on brass candlesticks /

Tree Toppers in Brass Candlesticks

This collection of tree toppers were found at thrift stores and estate sales. Brass candlesticks prop them up in part of an old ornament box.

Antique mercury glass Christmas tree finials in original boxes /

Mercury Glass Tree Topper Collection

If you are lucky enough to have the original boxes for your tree toppers, show off your tree toppers inside the boxes.

Display vintage Christmas tree toppers on antique doorknobs /

Tree Toppers in Antique Doorknobs

If you have old doorknobs lying around, use them as the base for tree toppers then tuck them all into an old advertising tin.

Christmas tree toppers displayed in crystal and milk glass vases /

Tree Toppers in Vases

Colorful tree toppers pair perfectly with vintage crystal and milk glass vases.

Vintage red ornament display with one tree topper /

If you aren’t lucky enough to have a collection of tree toppers, do what I did and display one in a bowl of ornaments. The silver tree topper pops against all the vintage red ornaments.

If you’re ready to start your own collection, you can find a huge variety of vintage Christmas tree finials here.

Shop Vintage Glass Christmas Tree Finials Here

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  2. They are such pretty collections, enjoyed all the colors, thanks and Merry Christmas to you and Sushi.

  3. These are all so great! Definitely something I’d like to find. I love all the creative and clever ways these were displayed but the cake stand was my favorite!

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