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Nothing says Christmas like sipping a steaming cup of hot chocolate out of a Santa mug. I have a collection of both old and new mugs and I’m sharing where to find the most festive Santa mugs both vintage and new plus a little history on these nostalgic little guys.

I love piling my Santa mugs onto platters and under cloches.

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The best festive Santa mugs old and new / kellyelko.com

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Can you believe that these Christmas staples have been around since 1949 when Grant Holt, Robert Howard, and John Howard formed the Holt-Howard Company with the help of a $9,000 loan from their families. By the mid-1950s, they moved some of their production to Japan and you can often spot an original mug by the company name and copyright embossed on the bottom or look for a sticker that says “HH Japan.”

Gift Bag Framed Art - love this Santa and Mrs Claus mug art in this kitchen and the vintage Santa mug collection / kellyelko.com

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I had one lone vintage Santa mug for years but started collecting them last year when I spotted this adorable set of new Santa mugs that look pretty darn close to the vintage ones. My collection continued to grow when after Christmas last year, I found the white Santa mugs on clearance at Walmart (they sold out and are unfortunately no longer available). A few weeks ago, I even made the trek to Hobby Lobby in search of the elusive mint green Santa mugs that reminded me of Jadeite but alas, there were none in my store and they are sold out online.

Love this vintage Holt Howard winking Santa pitcher and she shares sources on where to find old and new Santa mugs / kellyelko.com

Can you separate the old from the new mugs hanging from my bottle drying rack? Eight are new and six are vintage (including my prize Holt Howard winking Santa pitcher and tiny little shot glass mug).

Love this display of Santa mugs hanging on a huge bottle drying rack / kellyelko.com

In the photo below, the left Santa is oldest (Japan is embossed into the bottom of the mug), the middle Santa is old and the Santa on the right is brand new but has the classic look of a vintage mug. Some are chipped and the paint is fading but I don’t mind and think it adds character to these charming little mugs.

Santa Mugs - how to tell Santa mugs age / kellyelko.com

I love their cute little expressions and if I find a bargain, I’ll scoop it up. Because I’m always on the lookout for vintage Christmas decor (the best prices can be had in the off season), I was excited with my summer finds. I was lucky to score the pitcher, three mugs and a tiny little shot glass mug for sale on Facebook Marketplace for a steal.

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I’ve included some vintage, some new and some that while not Santas, would look adorable tucked in among them.

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This Santa mug centerpiece is Santa approved! Hanging from small mug drying racks, they lend a merry touch to Hilary’s Prall’s table.

Santa Mug Centerpiece

Santa mug collection centerpiece / kellyelko.com

I love the way Amanda at Forest Knolls Vintage piled her Santa mugs in a bowl!

Santa Mug Bowl

Santa mugs in a bowl / kellyelko.com

Now this is a collection that I hope to have one day! I love the way she stacked the mugs on top of each other for a whimsical display.

Vintage Santa Mug Collection

Vintage Santa Mug Display  / kellyelko.com

If you love Santa mugs as much as I do, you may need my stacked Santa mug pillow!

Love this retro Santa mug pillow  / kellyelko.com

I also LOVE this Santa mug dishtowel!

Shop your favorite Santa mugs in the pics below …

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  1. What a wonderful collection Kelly! As always I love how you share the history behind the items you share. I love anything vintage so I really appreciate learning about things. I might have to be on the look out for a Santa mug!

  2. I love, love the vintage Santa mugs, probably because I’m old enough to remember seeing them in the shops as a child! Plus I love anything Santa 🎅.
    By the way, Hobby Lobby does offer solid white Santa mugs online, for those interested. I collect the vintage ones. So enjoyed your collection and story. Thank you

  3. I have one Santa mug, a gift from my babysitter. I’m guessing she gave it to me around 1965. I love it and carefully place it on my kitchen bookshelf each year. Your collection is so festive and it almost makes me want to collect more, though it might make my original less special to me.

  4. Love, Love, Love my own Vintage Santa Mug collection. I have about 9 and a whole set of the little shotglasses. I also have the Santa Mug Pillow Cover! Thanks for sharing your collection! I adore the winking pitcher!

  5. Well, thanks a lot Kelly! Now I’ve started another collection on top of the “much needed” collections I already have! I ordered a few Santa mugs today.
    It’s therapy, right??? You’ve become my favorite, fun blogger. I love Christmas!!

  6. I don’t have room for another collection, i have a small home but, they are so cute. Those faces would make you smile, they are such happy ones.

  7. I hate to admit it… but I have an addiction to Santa Heads… the old ones;)I display them in a old kinda rusty chicken layer box as well as other places in my kitchen. Doesn’t matter how many I have (over 60 so far)… when I see one… I get it!! That brings me to seeing the Mrs. Santa head mug you have and even though I know the answer… I was wondering if it was antique or new? I don’t have a Mrs . Claus mug but only want if vintage! Thank you so much and I love your decorating!! If you would like to see my collection of Santa Heads… please look me up on fb… I am under Junk-A-Tiques.

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