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The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Not only did I inherit my dad’s looks and his latin rhythm but it seems he also passed down the collecting bug.

From duck decoys and art (he loved to hunt) to beer steins (he loved a good cocktail) to $2 bills (he gave stacks of them to my girls) to pipes galore, my dad loved a good collection.

My dad passed away 11 months ago. Before he became too sick to leave his house, he would visit and bring me things he loved, worrying that they would be thrown away once he was gone.

Meerschaum pipe collection - what a fun way to display them


Yesterday, I unpacked the pipes from their bag and shed a few tears when the memories came flooding back.

The smell of pipe tobacco reminds me of my dad who would sit in his recliner in the den and puff away with our dog Rex sitting faithfully by his feet. He stopped smoking those pipes decades ago but still had them displayed in pipe racks.

Stored in their original boxes, complete with yellowed papers describing these Meerschaum pipes, I learned a thing or two.


Meerschaum (translates to sea foam) is a German word for this soft, porous stone. Artists have been hand carving these works of art for over 300 years.

Hand made by European or Turkish pipe makers, Meerschaum pipes absorb nicotine and tar and take on a golden brown color after years of use.

My dad had a brand new one in the box so you can see the difference.



My dad had lots of wood pipes too so I thought this would be a fun way to display them and really show them off. A few of his old leather bound books are mixed in.

Pipe collection

Vintage pipe collection displayed in an old dough bowl

Here’s to the collecting gene.

So glad it didn’t skip a generation.


You can read my tribute to my dad HERE.

See more of my collections HERE.

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  1. I love the pipes and your display and the tribute to your dad. He sounds like an amazing man. The image of poker in the bar car on the train is like a vintage movie still in my mind. All of the glamour of working in Manhattan and watching movies from the sixties comes to mind in that description. The pipes are so architectural, I could see one as part of a mantle of table vignette featuring the beautiful carving. Kind of like a mini bust, another favorite look of mine. He is your thrifting guardian angel. Mine is my mom, also gone, but her legacy of great finds lives on in my house. Have a great day and stay warm. Ohio is cold today!

  2. Wow, what a beautiful collection! But what I envy most is the beautiful relationship you had with your father~that comes through loud and clear. You are a fortunate woman indeed.

  3. My Dad also was a pipe smoker and my Grandpa before him. My Dad quit smoking them many moons ago. A few years ago my Dad passed his collection onto my son. (With a promise that he wouldn’t inhale. Lol.) My son treasures those pipes and on occasions that our extended family is together he gets them out for all the guys to have a puff. That has included my 85 year-old Dad a couple times. The sweet smell of pipe tobacco floods me with memories, mostly of my Grandmother’s farm where I haven’t been since I was about 9 years old.
    Thanks for sharing your story!

  4. What sweet memories. Those are really cool and a fun way to remember your dad. I have a few of my dad’s things as well. You’ve inspired me to figure out a way to display them.

  5. Kelly, What a beautiful way to display your father’s pipes. So sorry about your dad. My dad has been gone for years and I still miss him. I don’t have anything of his because he remarried and his wife didn’t honor any of his wishes She even kept all the photos of my dad and his family when he was young ( or threw them out) . I still have good memories of growing up and knowing my dad always loved me. I love all your fun collections. Pat S

  6. Kelly I just read the tribute to your father and I know we would have gotten along very, very well. I have things from my Mom who died 37 years ago December 18th. and I treasure them. I have been trying hard to downsize but I just can’t get rid of the things that were my Mom’s. I have sons and truthfully they don’t care not because they have no soul but because they are boys. I now watch people coming to my house. If they like something that was my Mom’s I make a note about it and when it is time to downsize, I will gift it to them. That way I know it will still be loved. Someone told me once that no one dies as long as one person remembers them.

  7. Amazing carvings! What a very special, handsome collection, Kelly!! I love it, and love how you’ve displayed the collection. So interesting to learn about them, too – thanks for sharing their story. Your dad was obviously very interesting with many passions. Cheers

  8. Love the collection. Thanks for sharing. I learned some new things. I love how you displayed with books. Pipes and books. Somehow so comforting. That’s also my hope for you as you continue to think about your dad.

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