Fab Friday Finds – Seeing Red

I saw red on that epic $20 yard sale day!

Fate brought us together.

After all, a gal with a red stove (that would be me! – see it here)

is destined to be matched with my fiery finds.

vintage art deco milk glass spice jars red lid

Did the former lady of the house let the fact that she hated poultry seasoning

stop her from using her pre-labeled jars?

No – she did what any inventive housewife would do, she broke out her trusty typewriter

and typed up a label for chili power then pasted it over the offending spice label.

Now that’s ingenuity for you.

She’s probably the same gal who burned her bra to fight for women’s lib 20 years later.

vintage milk glass spice jars red lid

My other fiery find was this Danish modern Dansk pot

(like my yellow find on my kitchen counter).

Who says blondes have all the fun?

I think it’s the red heads!

Check out the curves on that gal.

This next galΒ will cut you so watch out!

Her BFF is the blonde next to her.

Two pairs of old scissors – the yellow pair is marked Wiss.

wiss scissors vintage

I’m really seeing red and here’s a sneak peek at my next room tour.

Coming next week!

vintage aluminum chair

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eclectically vintage


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  1. I COVET that spice set!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW it is AWESOME!!!! I was just posting about you on Junkin Joe this morning and had to tell everyone how FABULOUS this find was! You really SCORED big time!!!! sending hugs jersey girl!

    1. I get the feeling you like the spice set!! Don’t hold back your feelings!! Thanks for sharing my finds on Junkin Joe’s post – after all, he is the king of cool finds! Believe it or not, I may put those spice jars in my etsy shop – gotta think about it. Can’t keep it all – unfortunately!!

  2. Finally…..finally….finally. We get to see the sun room. I am already in love with that chair with the woven red seats.


    Just like you:)

    πŸ™‚ me

  3. Get.
    Really… I cannot believe the fabulous things you find! Apparently I need to move to a much better city/neighborhood/state because I never find stuff like this! LOVE it all… that chair is amazing and I’ve been looking for a spice set like that for a number of years but usually they go for 50 or 60 dollars at the antiques stores around here…. never seen one at a sale!

    Lucky, lucky you!

  4. Fiery ladies all dressed in their homemade labels! I think this is what makes this set – someone actually left the original labels and glued over them! The red, strappy chair must be revealed next, please! Have you noticed you seem to gravitate to milk glass in your finds? Happy hunting this weekend!

    Distressed Donna Down Home

  5. I’ve got those same spice bottles, only mine don’t have the “new and improved” labels on them! πŸ˜‰

  6. Oh how I love this color red. I have much red in my home, and my favorite is the fiery vintage kind. I have so much that my husband tried to declare the living room a “no red zone”. Since we haven’t really done much with it to decorate, it is last on the to do list, he still has his way. Watch out though, when I get there, there will be some amazing shots of red. I once red a decorate said “every room should have some pops of red, it is like a woman with her lipstick”. Love your finds!

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