Falling for Vintage & Modern – Fall Living Room

There is nothing I love more than mixing old and new.

So get inspired to mix it up in your house because today five friends and I are sharing how we do the vintage/modern mix.

My friend Holli from Bees n Burlap is a pea in a vintage loving pod so when I jumped when she invited me to share my

FALL-ing for Vintage and Modern Decor 

Let’s kick things off in my living room then you can click on the pics at the end of this post to see everyone’s eclectic styles.

Love this vintage modern fall living room tour - the giant chalkboard art is fabulous! kellyelko.com

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Can you believe I found this giant old chalkboard at a garage sale last weekend for …

FREE (insert flamenco dancer emoji here)!

I tried to act all nonchalant and cool while she was secretly laughing at me for wanting this old and crusty cob web riddled thing. Well who got the last laugh judgmental garage sale lady!

My friends amazing daughter is so talented and I asked her to create a fall masterpiece and the star of the show is my dog Sushi! I’m going to have a hard time ever erasing this.

Tour this fall living room that is the perfect mix of old and new. Love the giant chalkboard art on the mantel kellyelko.com

Get the look kellyelko.com

I love the clean lines of my mid century modern style sofa and I added lots of wicker and rattan and a sea grass rug for texture.

Love the mid century style blue velvet sofa with colorful pillows kellyelko.com

Colorful boho style pillows brighten up a navy blue sofa kellyelko.com

I have so many vintage collections that I have to rotate them or my house would be a scene from Hoarders.

This wicker side table is a favorite.

Collection of vintage seltzer bottles on a rattan table kellyelko.com

A colorful box varies the height of a trio of old seltzer bottles.

Trio of vintage seltzer bottles kellyelko.com

Garden stools are great space savers and I love mixing in something unexpected like this outdoor rattan chair.

Eclectic living room with wicker, wood and sisal and a giant chalkboard kellyelko.com

How fun is this giant old chalkboard on the mantel for fall kellyelko.com

I performed a heroic rescue when I saved this old Whitman’s Chocolate crate from my neighbors trash.

My number one estate sale tip is make a bee line for garages and basements for amazing, cheap finds like this old milk crate.

P.S. Don’t miss my hydrangea growing tips so you can have armloads of spectacular hydrangeas.

Vintage milk crate filled with dried hydrangeas kellyelko.com

A huge Moroccan brass tray on my coffee table is the perfect place to display vintage Netcox mugs that make the perfect planters.

Love this trio of vintage metlox mugs filled with succulents kellyelko.com

Does having a collection of old hand mirrors mean I’m vain?

Collection of vintage hand mirrors displayed in a wire basket kellyelko.com

This braided wool stool does double duty as a little side table and an extra place to sit and the chair is a new version of the famous Teddy Bear Chair.

Love this updated take on the teddy bear chair and the woven black and white stool kellyelko.com

Click the pics below to shop the look

Open shelves are a fun way rotate my favorite things including a colorful collection of decanters.

Open shelves show off vintage collections including mid century modern decanters kellyelko.com

I love to layer artwork in the back of shelves for more interest.

Antique dough bowl for fall kellyelko.com

Can you believe this is the original velvet fabric on these mid century club chairs!

Vintage mid century modern blue club chairs kellyelko.com

I like tucking unexpected things in my planters. I replaced the summer seashells with these old wooden down spouts.

Architectural salvage adds interest to potted plants kellyelko.com

Every room needs a plant or two and pothos and snake plants are very low maintenance.

Pothos and snake plants are low maintenance and add life to this living room kellyelko.com

They say an elephant with it’s trunk raised is good luck. I was lucky to find him in a thrift store.

Vintage brass elephant kellyelko.com

I think that lucky elephant was responsible for my free chalkboard score!

Love this fall chalkboard art mantel in this eclectic fall living room kellyelko.com

Fall chalkboard art - how cute is the Boston Terrier kellyelko.com

Sushi loves her portrait!

Boston Terrier chalkboard art kellyelko.com

Here’s to mixing things up this fall!

P.S. My blue sofa is from Article and custom cut rug from Sisal Rugs. White pillows, fox pillow, faux palm, planter basket, rattan chair, wood stool, plaid throw, round silver table all from HomeGoods

Take My Home Tour HERE to see more of my eclectic style.

Scroll down to see 5 amazing bloggers and how they mix old and new!

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  1. Kelly love your home. Is there any trick to cutting the hydrangeas now like you have in the fireplace. Anything I should be aware of so I don’t ruin the blooming for next yr? How do you like walking on the sisal? Stiff? Shedding ? Thank you!

  2. Kelly, I can’t believe she gave that chalkboard away. I really like the way you have turned it into art. Pat S

  3. Kelly!!! I love your home and these treasures are all right up my alley! I may need to “borrow” some things especially those Netcox mugs that I’ve never seen but now NEED! Love you girl! So happy we got to Hop together!

  4. The chalkboard is amazing on so many levels. Any chance you save Suki on one side and change up the other side?

  5. … and you mix old and new like no one else! Loved your tour … always gorgeous … styled beautifully and so inspiring! Happy Fall, friend!

  6. ADORE.
    Sushi in chalk is too stinking fabulous. Love all your vintage touches, the images were all beautiful!!
    So fun touring with a Vintage Queen 😉 And my chalkboard was free too!!

    1. I love all the gorgeous fall colors throughout your home and way to go on scoring that awesome chalkboard…the art is incredible! ??

  7. Your friends daughter’s portrait is AMAZING!!! Perhaps ya’ll could turn that beautiful Sushi Scene into postcards?!?!

  8. Don’t erase the chalkboard! I buy large chalkboards at hobby lobby with the 40 percent off coupon or when they are on half price. The price is only $ 7.99. I made Fall and Christmas boards. I just rubbed some stain on the unfinished trim and they look great. I store them in a closet and just pull them out seasonally. This way I can afford to make as many as I want to.

    1. This is a vintage chalkboard Cristi so unfortunately, I will have to erase it (although I hate to do it)! Love your idea of storing smaller ones in the closet!

  9. I love your home Kelly! You do a modern vintGe mix perfectly! Those blue chairsare amazing. I’m in awe of the artwork on the chalkboard! That scene steals the show! Love how you mix things up!

  10. I’d take a picture of the dog chalk drawing and have it made into an enlargement, or poster size and then frame if to display in the future. It’s way to cute to just erase. Lovely home!

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