Vintage Rug – Everything Old is New Again

I’ve been on a purging mission.

This past weekend, I went on a rampage and decided to clear out my garage to make room for our second car.

A few trips to the dump, a few piles to donate and even more to consign but I couldn’t part with this red vintage rug I got for a steal on eBay around 12 years ago. It’s time for a family room refresh!

I’ve been wanting a rug in my family room for ages but haven’t found something I love so I decided to give this old rug a try.

It’s perfect for fall and really warms up the space.

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The black and white gallery wall was next and I love the way it disguises the black hole of a TV.

You can get links to all of my Gallery Wall Art HERE.

Redoing this room has been a slow process. It started the mid century style media cabinet, then came this sectional sofa that is a life changer! It’s comfy and perfect for lounging and Netflix binge watching (I just finished House of Cards).

I shopped my house and brought out lots of pillows from my stash and moved this leather pouf from another room.

We definitely prefer poufs or an ottoman in here instead of a coffee table so we can prop up our feet and chillax.

You can find my favorite little Frenchie pillow HERE.

Sushi has decorating anxiety but once everything was in place, she was thrilled to have a warm rug to rest her behind on instead of the cold, hard floor.

After some trial and error, I’ve finally discovered how to keep my fiddle leaf fig happy and I’ll share all of my tips soon.

I’m not sure I can commit to this long term because I don’t like to limit my accessory color choices but for now, it’s a fun refresh.

We gave the new space a test drive. My daughter didn’t like the low pouf (she preferred the slightly higher ottoman) but my husband liked it. I like the size in this small space.

I don’t like that I have no place to display accessories so I’ll be on the hunt for a replacement.

I’ve got so much more to purge but half the fun will be rediscovering little gems like this rug and making my old things new again.

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White kitchen

Sectional Sofa
Leather Pouf
Media console, blue chair, basket, copper side table, tassel throw, winking pumpkin – HomeGoods
Mexican Blanket
Rug – vintage
French Bulldog Pillow
Apple Art – Ikea

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  1. I love your rug and the room refresh. Pillows look great! Looking forward to fig tips. I want to use more plants in my home. Love your blog and your sensibility.

  2. I love it Kelly! The rug makes the rest of the red in the room really pop! I was thinking of doing the same the other day. Shopping my house that is.
    I have little treasures I’ve picked up over the summer, flea markets, salvation army and such that I need to refresh with! I just need a day to get my creative mojo going! Lol

  3. Your family room looks so cozy! I love chillaxing and binge watching Netflix – I just finished Rectify which I highly recommend!

  4. I like the rug – I’m always more drawn to spaces that have color rather than those that are completely neutral – the way many bloggers are going these days. Very nice!

  5. Love your room refresh! I too have a vintage Chinese rug that I have been thinking of switching out for a more current style but seeing what you did to you room has me reconsidering Looking forward to the fig tips!!

  6. Vintage Persian rugs are in such demand, even in the Midwest! It’s great seeing other female entrepreneurs inspired by all things vintage. <3

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