Vintage Step Ladder Bathroom Storage (and be my guest)


Bathroom Storage Ideas - love this old ladder towel holder!

Come on over and stay awhile.

This guest bathroom on the third floor is all yours – complete with unique bathroom storage ideas like this old wooden stepladder to hold your towel.

(you no I’ve got a thing for old ladders – my ladder Christmas tree and stepladder birdbath).

Cute towel storage in this fabulous bathroom!

I even picked a handful of my favorite flowers for you.

Love this vintage bathroom - and the old ladder storage!

Towels are fluffed …

there’s even an extra toothbrush in case you forgot yours.

Stepladder bathroom storage - the bathroom is gorgeous!

But we’ll have to keep your visit to just a few days because you know what they say about fish and house guests …

Vintage bathroom - love the floor and color (and that cute ladder)!

Just kidding – you can stay as long as you want (well, ok, let’s just keep it at three days to play it safe – oh, and bring wine).

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Sconce – Schoolhouse Electric
Metal Basket – HomeGoods
Barn Wood Mirror – Flea Market

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  1. Oh!!! I love step ladders! And I had missed the bird bath and Christmas tree ones, so this was a triple bonus! Step ladders, benches and stools. Cozy little nooks that say, “I’m old and unique. Sit by me for a while.” Very sweet vignettes, Kelly! I woke up early to see if you had anything cute posted. You did, so now I’m going back to bed! (Only 4 more days until teacher workshop begins, so I’m taking advantage of blog-peeking, a bite of cereal and back to bed! It’s 6:24 in Minnesota, so it’s not SOO decadent….;) )

  2. And to think I let my husband throw away a ladder like this. Sigh. Now I definitely need the wine. Be right over. 🙂 I love how you used yours.

  3. Oh so cute Kelly! Wine glasses are chilling…lol! My husband uses an old step ladder as a nightstand. Perfect for a reading lamp, his glasses and books! He’s used it for years! When I first met him and he showed me that. Honestly? I thought he just didn’t have any furniture. But like he told me…you always need a ladder. And you always know where this one is! Pretty funny huh? I always knew he was way too cool….

  4. Your guest bathroom is wonderful!! Anyone would be thrilled to be a guest in your home if they had luxury like that…the big fluffy towels look fabulous on the ladder.
    Debbie 🙂

  5. LOL- Got the wine chilling. What’s the old saying? Company is a lot like fish-after three days it starts to smell…lol What a GREAT bathroom. It is just gorgeous- good job- xo Diana

  6. So totally love this!! Might have to steal this one. 😉 The new bath is absolutely darling and I adore the mirror over the sink as well. Fabulous makeover!


  7. Hey love your bathroom! Is your tile floor put down in sections? I want a floor like that but aren’t sure how to get that look, thx!

  8. Love the ladder, and I keep clean tooth brushes in stock too! Seems every child that spends the night doesn’t have one (yuck). You know what they say…company is like fish, after 3 days you throw them out!

  9. My little step ladder is still outside for the bird bath. The birds have been especially busy getting clean right now. I can see if from my office window which makes for a great view, but when winter arrives and it is ready to snow I will drag it inside and use it to hold the towels in our upstairs bath, right now I have a painted magazine rack, but I like switching things around. Love the hydrangeas in the jar. Very inviting.

  10. I love your bathroom. I have the same set-up in a half bathroom. I see you have a detail decoration on the toilet, what is it? Any recommindations on other items that can be placed there?

  11. Hi Kelly,
    Would you share where you found the adorable sink? I’m remodeling my bathroom, and this would fit in perfectly!

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